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Great Wizard






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Eibon's wife (Spouse; Deceased)[1]

Special Abilities

Soul Bounding

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The Witches

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Head of Demon Tool Development, Guardian, Teacher

Former Team/Group

Death's Eight Guardians, Partnership with Arachne.

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Episode 34

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Eibon, known the Great Wizard, is a Wizard, a former member of Death's personal guard, Death's Eight Guardians, and a herald as the greatest inventor of all time. He was also a teacher within The Witches.[3]


Eibon is characterized as a formal and friendly individual who's goal was to have mankind benefit from his inventions to the point of being passionate. He's also a loving individual, having cherished his wife and willing to go through extreme means such as an attempt on immortality, severing his close friendship with Death, and aligning himself with Arachne from promises of helping out his dilemma. After losing his wife, however, he became much more stoic from the event and in the end, more wise.[2][1]


Although Eibon is depicted as a relatively tall humanoid figure, due to the presence of his ornamental clothing his exact physical proportions and even his facial features remain mostly obscured, making it difficult to discern his actual characteristics. This concealing attire is comprised from a simplistic steel mask, attached to a protruding hat with an additional visor that descends down the entirety of his face, and a full length robe, which covers the remainder of his body. Layered over this dark robe are numerous linear patterned panels, accented by metallic plating that is also found on Eibon's shoulders and running down his sides, and protruding from the ends of his sleeves are similarly constructed angular projections. Completing his typical dress is a long triple-wrapped scarf, which terminates in a spherical bead and various tassels at end, and an unusual triangular section that extends forth from his chest, featuring steel panels fashioned into the shape of a capital letter "E".

Special Abilities

Telekinesis: Eibon has displayed the ability to move objects without touching them. He seems to utilize this by moving his arm, surround the object being lifted in a blue aura. However, it is shown that he can also so without arm movement and can even use it to levitate himself, in which also surrounds him in a blue aura.[4]

Episode 46 - Eibon appearing from the Key

Eibon appearing from the Demon Tool Eibon.

Magic Tool Eibon: Eibon bound his soul to the Demon Tool called the Key. From that point on, it became known as "Demon Tool Eibon". He's capable of housing himself within the Demon Tool and can appear should he be called forth. Because of his connection to the Key after bounding his soul, he can allow or disallow the usage of "BREW" as he functions as the artifact capable of activating the dangerous Demon Tool.[1]

Soul Bounding: Eibon has the ability to bound his soul to an object. He bound himself to Key to ensure no one could use "BREW" without his presence to make sure it didn't fall into the wrong hands.[1]

Genius Level Intellect: Eibon's renown intellect and capability in making powerful Magic Tools labelled him as the world's greatest inventor in history.[5]


Magic Tools



Episode 47 - Eibon researching (Flashback)

Eibon conducting his research on Demon Tools.

A member of Death's personal guard, Eibon began creating Demon Tools and also married to an unknown woman. With intention of preserving the order within the world, he began building and creating Demon Tools. Despite knowing the dangers, he maintained faith in humanity and continued his research. However, he find his wife ill and since then his research began focusing on one area of study in particular: Immortality. He would grow obsessive overt this area as he desperate tried finding the method of transcending death for the sake of his loved one.[2]

Episode 47 - Death warns Eibon of the consequences (Flashback)

Eibon is warned by Death of the consequences of pursuing immortality.

However, despite his renown intellect and legendary status, he'd soon find that the ability to transcend death itself is an impossible feat. Becoming more and more desperate, the Witch Arachne would offer her assistance and comforting words to appeal to the Sorcerer.[2] Although Death himself converse with Eibon and attempt to explain that even If he succeeded he'd only find grief and sorrow, Eibon ignored his advice and betrayed the Death God's trust.[1]

Episode 47 - Eibon as he holds his deceased wife

Eibon holding his deceased wife.

Joining forces with Arachne, they combined his research on Immortality and her research on Demon Tools. From doing so, this created "BREW" as a result.[2] However, when the capabilities of "BREW" terrified him, he would create what was known as the Key and bounded his soul to it to make sure it could only be activated in his presence. However, he'd find not only failure in his endeavor but also that Arachne would betray him as she destroyed the Demon Tool Facility on Lost Island. This also led to his worse fears coming into fruitation: losing the one he loved.[1] Finding himself alone, a traitor to Death's friendship, and left with nothing,[1] he would seal himself away in what was later called the Sarcophagus, with the Mechanical Clowns acting as it's guardians.


Arachnophobia vs DWMA Arc

Episode 47 - Eibon tells Death to save the world

Activating "BREW", he tells Death to save the world.

Called upon by Death within the Key, he is ran up to speed by Death as he asks his assistance in using the Demon Tool to fight against Arachne and Asura, whom have join forces. He remains silent as Death explains to Kid and the rest of the group on their former friendship and his past, joined by Excalibur as they tell him his life backstory.[2] Activating "BREW", Eibon revealed his ill feelings towards what ended up happening, citing he understands what Death meant when he warned him for the first time and his goal to make amends. Telling him to save the world, he disappears within a blue flash with "BREW" fully activated.[1]


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