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Anime  Manga
Eibon as he appears in Soul Eater.
Name Eibon
Alternate Name(s)
Personal Data
Sex Male
Age 800+
Race/Species Sorcerer/weapon
Type of Soul
Classification Great Old One
Status Alive
Professional Data
Affiliation(s) None
Place of Origin
Team/Group The Eight Warlords(formerly)
Weapon Partner(s)
Meister Partner(s)
Relation(s) Unnamed Wife (deceased; anime-only)
Real World Data
Manga Debut(s) Chapter 16
Anime Debut(s) Episode 34
Game Debut(s)

Eibon (エイボン, Eibon), known as the Great Wizard in the English Dub, is an enigmatic and powerful Sorcerer, was once one of Death's comrades and friends as well as a former member of The Eight Warlords. He's also known as a Great Old One, whose existence drives people mad with his "wisdom" (知恵, chie). He's also the creator of BREW and the true individual who created blueprints for the Demon Weapons.


From his creation of the Demon Tools and the instructions that led to the development of Demon Weapons, as well as remarks made by numerous respected others and the confirmation provided by the Black Mass, it is obvious that Eibon's most defining trait is his intelligence, which far exceeds any other individual observed thus far.[1] This abundance of knowledge is as much of a gift as it is a curse, in that while it allows Eibon to understand and see through all things, it drives those around him to madness.

Not much can be told of Eibon's actual personality in regards to the Manga. He appears to be a rather formal man, speaking with sophisticated vocabulary and not expressing much emotion at all. He does seem to be slightly concerned about Kid when he comes to Lost Island, and also seems to have an interest in helping him find the answers he seeks. Unlike The Black Mass, Eibon does not present himself as an enemy of Kid's or Shinigami's, and does not emit a wavelength that is relatively dangerous at close range, possibly in order to keep others from falling into madness.

However, he is not without flaws. Shinigami has mentioned that Eibon is a very curious individual. He has expressed that even when they both agreed to never try to create the Demon Weapons, as the method was unjust, he still showed signs that he really wanted to do so. This side is shown to have him align with witches. He also is one that would go to great lengths to achieve a goal, even if the consequences would cause him and his friendship with Death to suffer. In the anime, for example, he sways from Shinigami's side by aligning with Arachne in an effort to save his wife.

In the anime, Eibon presents himself with the same characteristics as what has been shown so far in the manga but inclines to a much more friendly, good alignment. He speaks to Shinigami as if the two are personal friends, and it is explained that his original goal in creating Demon Tools was to benefit and help humanity. However, it is explained that his research soon turned to a search for the way to grant someone immortality in order to save his beloved wife from death. Unable to find such a way, he was manipulated by Arachne and created BREW. He himself then explains his tragic grief and sorrow for straying from Shinigami's side, explaining that he has suffered the death of friendship, betrayal, and involvement with Witches. Lastly, he states the loss of the one he loved most, his wife, not to the fatal illness she had, but to the explosion set on Lost Island by Arachne. He then makes amends for these misdeeds by lending BREW's power to Shinigami, and hopes that he will save the world with it.



Eibon as depicted in the anime

Although Eibon is depicted as a relatively tall humanoid figure, due to the presence of his ornamental clothing his exact physical proportions and even his facial features remain mostly obscured, making it difficult to discern his actual characteristics. This concealing attire is comprised from a simplistic steel mask, attached to a protruding hat with an additional visor that descends down the entirety of his face, and a full length robe, which covers the remainder of his body. Layered over this dark robe are numerous linear patterned panels, accented by metallic plating that is also found on Eibon's shoulders and running down his sides, and protruding from the ends of his sleeves are similarly constructed angular projections. Completing his typical dress is a long triple-wrapped scarf, which terminates in a spherical bead and various tassels at end, and an unusual triangular section that extends forth from his chest, featuring steel panels fashioned into the shape of a capital letter "E".[2]

He is shown to have very simple facial features behind his mask. (See left)

Magic & Abilities



Eibon displays telekinisis.

Eibon is known as the most powerful and greatest sorcerer in Soul Eater. As such, his prowess in Magic is almost god-like. As an incredibly intelligent individual, he's created many Demon Tools that are revered as the most dangerous ones. In addition to creating Demon Tools, one can also assume that Eibon is very knowledgable in different fields of magic. With his skill, he was able to create the Book of Eibon, giving it incredible powers and abilities and even created a dimension within the book. In the anime, it was shown he had the ability of telekinesis and levitation.

Genius-Level Intellect

Eibon is, perhaps, the most intelligent individual in Soul Eater. He's has been seen highly knowledgeable in various fields on science, soul studies, and magic. He is known as an expert in Demon Tools. As such, his Demon Tools are considered especially dangerous. He is also known as the true creator of the Demon Weapons due to his action in creating the process and creating their blueprints. In addition, he was also able to see what Kid's mind was preoccupied with concerning his questions and doubts, as if he was able to read his mind. Lastly, he created the Book of Eibon, capable of creating even artificial sorcerer constructs known as Icons, as well as creating the Index.


See also: Madness of Knowledge

As a Great Old One, Eibon is a tremendously powerful entity that presides over one of the pursuits that drives people towards madness, which in his particular case is the quest for "Wisdom" (知恵, Chie). His madness presents individuals who are under its influence with absolute knowledge, making them stop thinking altogether.

Demon Tools

Main Article: Demon Tools

These objects are magical artifacts that are capable of achieving specific individual feats that are regarded as being impossible to accomplish by scientific means alone. It is thanks solely to Eibon's expansive knowledge that such items were able to come into existence and even now, nearly 800 years after his disappearance, their continued creation is only made possible due to the various blueprints Eibon left behind within the confines of his collected works, The Book of Eibon


During the Grim Times, Eibon served directly under Shinigami as one of his Eight Powerful Warriors alongside the other Great Old Ones, where he partook in various confrontations as part of a long lasting battle against the Witches. During this time, he would consult with Death on how to better humanity. He would then create blueprints of the Demon Weapons, his inspiration from Excalibur. However, while he was extremely curious and wanted to create a Demon Weapon, Death and Eibon decided the process was too unjust and did their best to seal the information.

At an unknown time, he would later side with Arachne. In the Anime, it is explained that he would side with Arachne in an effort to save his wife. Their partnership would result in the creation of BREW. However, she would perish after the island explosion.[3]. Arachne also manages to steal the Book of Eibon and creates Demon Weapons, mass producing them.

Later, he would witness to the birth of the first Kishin. However, sometime after the events surrounding the devolution of Asura into the first Kishin, he disappeared from the world, leaving many questions surrounding the conditions of his existence.

A Eve's Fight to the Death

Eibon made a cameo along with the The Index from the Book of Eibon in a flashback about Asura.

'Brew' Tempest

Eibon's Interruption

Eibon's abrupt presence interrupts the conflict.

Engulfed by the swirling magnetic field located at the center of the Lost Island, which has resulted in an unusual temporal anomaly that manifests itself in a repeating holographic representation of the events occurring in the area over 800 years ago; Maka Albarn, Black☆Star, Death the Kid and their respective weapon partners encounter Mosquito, just after he had obtained their mutual objective of capturing the Demon Tool, "Brew". As the two opposing forces ready themselves for the inevitable confrontation, their preparations are abruptly interrupted by the sudden presence of a strange individual crossing the battlefield, whom Kid identifies as Eibon.[4] Due to this solitary apparition seemingly being entirely oblivious to the current situation, it is assumed that this Eibon is but an image resulting from the effects of the devastating explosion, indicating his presence on the island just over 800 years prior.[5]

DWMA vs Arachnophobia Arc

When the Anime diverges from the Manga after the conclusion of the battle for Brew, it is revealed how Eibon came to be the authority on the development of demon tools and that the research had originally been designed for preserving order in the world. At a certain point though, Eibon’s research began to become more focused upon the subject of immortality. It is then later explained by Excalibur that the reason for this was in order to save his sick wife, but he couldn’t make any progress and eventually turned to Arachne for assistance. The end product of the two’s combined research was the Demon Tool, Brew.

Just a Simple Murder Story

Ascertaining from the remarks of the Black Mass that Eibon is in fact still alive, Kid concludes that the suspected image he observed while on the Lost Island was likely the real Eibon, simply utilizing the unusual phenomenon to conceal his actual location from others. Returning to the interior of the magical magnetic field, Kid challenges the supposed apparition and Eibon admits that he is indeed correct. Aware of Kid's hidden misgivings about Kishin, Brew and whether his own father is the root of Madness, Eibon asks the child to follow him.[6]

The Hunt

Eibon guided Kid, giving him advice about what to do and states that only one of his friends can have the answer about the Kishin. (?)


The Great Old Ones

The five remaining Eight Powerful Warriors

  • Eibon's name alludes to a character of the same name from H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos. Eibon first appeared in Clark Ashton Smith's Hyperborea stories and referenced repeatedly in Lovecraft's own stories. Just as within the Soul Eater series, Smith's Eibon is accredited as the writer of the Book of Eibon, a tome that, among other things, chronicles Eibon's life and includes his magical formula.
  • The Black Mass describes the qualities of the five remaining warriors as "Order, Wisdom, Power, Anger, Fear". It is presumed that Eibon's respective property is "Wisdom".


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