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Great Old One of Knowledge[1]
Great Sorcerer[2]

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over 800+[3]


Great Old One[3]




Unnamed Wife (Deceased)[4]



Soul Wavelength

Madness Wavelength[6]


Madness of Knowledge[7]
Mind Reading[8]

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Eight Shinigami Legions[3]
Associate of Arachne and Death[10]

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Manga Debut

Chapter 16

Anime Debut

Episode 34

Eibon (エイボン, Eibon), known as the Great Sorcerer,[2] is one of the Great Old Ones whose existence presides over Knowledge.[11] He was part of the Eight Shinigami Legions, and was a former friend of Death himself.[5][12] After the wake of Asura's sealing, he later secluded himself onto Lost Island in isolation, using the island's Magnetic Field as a cover.[8]


From his creation of the Demon Tools and the instructions that led to the development of Demon Weapons, as well as remarks made by numerous respected others and the confirmation provided by The Great Old One of Power, it is obvious that Eibon's most defining trait is his intelligence, which far exceeds any other individual observed thus far.[13] This abundance of knowledge is as much of a gift as it is a curse, in that while it allows Eibon to understand and see through all things, it drives those around him to madness.

Not much can be told of Eibon's actual personality in regards to the Manga. He appears to be a rather formal man, speaking with sophisticated vocabulary and not expressing much emotion at all. He does seem to be slightly concerned about Kid when he comes to Lost Island, and also seems to have an interest in helping him find the answers he seeks. Unlike The Great Old One of Power, Eibon does not present himself as an enemy of Kid or Death, and does not emit a wavelength that is relatively dangerous at close range, possibly in order to keep others from falling into madness.

However, he is not without flaws. Shinigami has mentioned that Eibon is a very curious individual. He has expressed that even when they both agreed to never try to create the Demon Weapons, as the method was unjust, he still showed signs that he really wanted to do so. This side is shown to have him align with witches. He also is one that would go to great lengths to achieve a goal, even if the consequences would cause him and his friendship with Death to suffer. In the anime, for example, he sways from Shinigami's side by aligning with Arachne in an effort to save his wife.

In the anime, Eibon presents himself with the same characteristics as what has been shown so far in the manga but inclines to a much more friendly, good alignment. He speaks to Shinigami as if the two are personal friends, and it is explained that his original goal in creating Demon Tools was to benefit and help humanity. However, it is explained that his research soon turned to a search for the way to grant someone immortality in order to save his beloved wife from death. Unable to find such a way, he was manipulated by Arachne Gorgon and created "BREW". He himself then explains his tragic grief and sorrow for straying from Shinigami's side, explaining that he has suffered the death of friendship, betrayal, and involvement with Witches. Lastly, he states the loss of the one he loved most, his wife, not to the fatal illness she had, but to the explosion set on Lost Island by Arachne. He then makes amends for these misdeeds by lending BREW's power to Shinigami, and hopes that he will save the world with it.



Eibon as depicted in the anime

Although Eibon is depicted as a relatively tall humanoid figure, due to the presence of his ornamental clothing his exact physical proportions and even his facial features remain mostly obscured, making it difficult to discern his actual characteristics. This concealing attire is comprised from a simplistic steel mask, attached to a protruding hat with an additional visor that descends down the entirety of his face, and a full length robe, which covers the remainder of his body. Layered over this dark robe are numerous linear patterned panels, accented by metallic plating that is also found on Eibon's shoulders and running down his sides, and protruding from the ends of his sleeves are similarly constructed angular projections. Completing his typical dress is a long triple-wrapped scarf, which terminates in a spherical bead and various tassels at end, and an unusual triangular section that extends forth from his chest, featuring steel panels fashioned into the shape of a capital letter "E".[14]


Special Magic

Episode 47 - Eibon lifts the Key

Eibon displays telekinesis.

Telekinesis (Anime Only): In the anime, Eibon has displayed the ability to move objects without touching them. He seems to utilize this by moving his arm, surround the object being lifted in a blue aura. However, it is shown that he can also so without arm movement and can even use it to levitate himself, in which also surrounds him in a blue aura.[15]

Unknown Art

Madness of Knowledge (知識の狂気, Chishiki no kyōki):Like all of the Great Old Ones, Eibon possess an extremely godly Soul Wavelength dubbed a Madness Wavelength ((狂気の波長, Kyōki no hachō) in which his very existence drives men into Madness.[3] His Madness is dubbed the "Madness of Knowledge. This Madness has the ability to present a person with absolute knowledge, stopping their thoughts altogether.[7]

Other Skills and Abilities

Mind Reading

Eibon reading Kid's mind.

Mind Reading: Fitting for his status the a Great Old One of Knowledge, Death the Kid himself comments that Eibon has the ability to "see through everything". Not only was Eibon able to know Kid by his nickname despite not having met him but he was also able to see Kid's past experiences and even iterated his current thoughts in front of the God of Death.[8]

Magic Distortion:Per having a Soul Wavelength on a godly level that closely rivals Asura, Eibon's own Madness Wavelength itself can distort Magic such as Snake and Spatial Magic as well as items powered by Magic such as Demon Tools.[3]

Precognition: Also fitting for his status the a Great Old One of Knowledge, Eibon possess the ability to see into the future, having been aware that Maka Albarn herself would be the one out of Kid's "dear friends" to learn of the location of the Kishin himself despite having not happened yet during his conversation with Death the Kid on Asura's hidden locaton.[16]

Genius-Level Intellect: Eibon is known to be an extremely intelligent individual, with The Great Old One of Power's comments suggesting Eibon's most renowned trait is his intelligence.[11] He's even known as the true mastermind behind the blueprints of the Demon Weapons with inspiration coming from Excalibur, a Mystical Sword.[17] In addition, the Sorcerer himself is known to have created Demon Tools and Demon Books with immense capabilities as well as knowing his way around machinery.

Soul Bounding: In the anime, Eibon has the ability to bound his soul, a ability similar to that of Death. He bound himself to Key to ensure no one could use "BREW" without his presence to make sure it didn't fall into the wrong hands.[4]


Eight Centuries Ago

Earlier History

Not much is revealed about Eibon's history. He started out as some sort of association with both Death and the Spider Witch, Arachne Gorgon.[10] At some point with Death, both he and the God of Death would create the Demon Tool known as Eternal Spring. After it's creation, he would sign his signature along with Death.[18] He'd also create the Book of Eibon and within it's contents, store the blueprints for Demon Tools as well as create others.[19]

"BREW" & Demon Weapon Blueprints

Faced with the dilemma with the Witches' control spreading far and causing chaos, both him and Death proposed for a solution. With Excalibur's as inspiration much to his disgust, he along with Death draw up the blueprints for the Demon Weapons. However, both soon discover to make them propose to sacrifice Witches for their souls and although conflicted, he ultimately agreed in ending the tests and seal the information away.[20]

At some point in addition, he'd also create his masterpiece known as "BREW". However, he'd fine that both the blueprints on the Demon Weapon and his Demon Tool were stolen thanks to the likes of Arachne Gorgon, who intended to hide both the tool from Death to reclaim later and create the Demon Weapons from his research.[21] After his defeat, he came to reside within the Magnetic Field on Lost Island, using it as a cover.[22]

Wife's Illness and "BREW" (Anime)

This section contains an instance from an anime not present in the manga and/or a deviation

Time as a Warlord

Some point after the Demon Weapons were created,[23] Eibon was among it's ranks as one of the Eight Shinigami Legions and was present along with an unknown creature when one of the Warlords informed Death of Asura destroying the group known as the Witches in the East.[24] He'd also was one of the figures to play a role in Asura's defection from the Eight Shinigami Legions and rise to becoming a Kishin.[25]

Soul Eater

"BREW" - The Tempest Arc

As Mosquito prepares to battle some of the DWMA's forces(Black☆Star/Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, Maka Albarn/Soul Eater, and Death the Kid/Liz & Patty), he interrupts them and is identified as Eibon by Mosquito, much to Kid's surprise though are confused on whether or not he's an image. Although he is not an, he pretends to be.[26] He would walk on as they battle the Bloodsucker.[27]

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Arc

From afar, Eibon actives "BREW" when Death the Kid is nearly killed by Mosquito, having it amplify the power of his soul and Soul Wavelength.[28]

Arachnophobia vs DWMA Arc (Anime)

This section contains an instance from an anime not present in the manga and/or a deviation

Mad Blood Arc

Chapter 87 - Eibon and Kid meet again

Eibon and Kid meet once again.

When Kid goes back to the Magnetic Field on Lost Island, he's there to meet Kid. As Kid formulates he was, indeed, real during the battle for "BREW", Eibon is already aware of the various matters on his head: the Kishin, "BREW", and the question If his father was indeed the root cause of the Madness. He instructs on the young God of Death to follow.[29] As Kid asks for information on his location, Eibon reveals he doesn't know and further states that he chooses not to know. He would also cite that what Great Old Ones are, something even that a certain "fool" understands. Although seeing him desperate, he reassures that one of his "dear friends" will present the answer.[30]

He then tells him of the Magnetic Field's properties allowing an hour to repeat to no end and assumes Kid's love for order would allow him to value such a fact. But when the boy responds with it being unproductive to the point there was no point of it happening and states the things he found unbalanced and incomplete in the Book of Eibon was the ultimate "order", he then claims that not only will he learn If Death is the root of Madness but also says he's not a fragment but a worthy God of Death himself.[31]


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