The other 10% is the "EAT" (Especially Advanced Talent) Class, for agents who use their powers to battle evil.

—Sid Barrett, Soul Eater NOT!, Chapter 4

The Especially Advantaged Talent Class (a.k.a. E.A.T.) is the unique and advanced curriculum held within Death Weapon Meister Academy. They're the more powerful students within the school.[1]


In this general advancement cirriculum, agents (teacher and student) in this class use their power to fight against evil. The last 10% of the student body make up and follow this curriculum.[1]

Class Subjects

  • Soul Studies (魂学, Tamashii Gaku; FUNimation "Phasmology"): The class lessons teaches students knowledge of souls itself.[2]
  • Battle Arts: Lessons that pertain to that of battle such as learning the capability of Teamwise Soul Resonance. [3]
  • Remedial Classes: Remedial Classes are lessons in which failing students take if they've have not collected any souls and/or haven't complete their quests.[4] These lessons seem to be orchestrated by the headmaster of the school and some of the staff.[5]

Student life


Like the N.O.T. Class, there seems to be some sort of age requirement for joining the DWMA.[6] Although the minimum age limit is unknown, middle school-aged students are eligible to join the DWMA and[7] Prior to joining the academy, however, students must sign an academy agreement that specifies the rules each student must follow.[8]


Soul Eater NOT Episode 4 HD - DWMA uniforms

Preset, female uniforms proided by Death Weapon Meister Academy.

The DWMA is a academy in which has no set uniform. However, there are a variety of preset uniforms one can choose from, and one can match any top with any bottom. While a student within the academy can select the uniforms and switch around match to their liking, they're also allowed to wear their own clothes.[9]

Special Privileges & Roles

Those within the E.A.T Class enjoy more privileges such as being able to afford to live in actual custom apartments, enjoy special privileges like being able to ride on a moped illegally or without a license,[10] Additionally, they can be occasionally called to help out the N.O.T Class as a mentor similar to that of the faculty upon an instructor's choosing.[citation needed]


Soul Eater Episode 13 HD - Soul Evans and Maka resonate

Maka and Soul fighting against the "Wolf Man with the Demon Eye" as part of their Quest.

Quests are missions undertaken exclusively by the E.A.T. Class student and faculty body outside the academy and are dangerous. Many of their missions revolves around the execution of those on Shinigami's List[11] (Kishin Eggs in the anime[12]) as well as investigations of supernatural occurrences and assassinations.[11]

The quests are organized into different ranks; each student also has a rank. Depending on their corresponding rank, they're allowed to take on missions suited for them. These quests seem to be organized by the Receptionist as well as N.O.T Students in order by rank and posted on the mission board in the academy.[13]


Ox as he works for Death Shipping

An E.A.T Class student working a part-time job.

Death City has various part-time job shifts available for students. Jobs offered to the DWMA students are paid by the day due to the high job demand of penniless students seeking employment. Students seeking part-time work must submit an employment form to the DWMA.[14] Some examples of jobs include waitress at Deathbucks Café, delivery at Death Shipping, cleaning the city's community pool, and working at other positions at Death Records, Restaurant Munehisa, and miscellaneous drugstores.[15]

Housing and Living Expenses

While not in lessons, students live either in rented apartments or school dormitories (first year students are required to stay in dormitories as part of their joining the school). Each student receives a "weekly allowance" of $200. However, if for some reason, they spend all of it, they will not be able to get any more money until the next week.[16] Because of the large amount of students that end up penniless, many shops in Death City cater for students wanting to work part-time to earn money.[16]


Kilik posing for Sponsor posters

Kilik Rung being sponsored by Death Weapon Meister Academy.

Popularly known weapon and meisters are able to have sponsors with which they make deals with corporate sponsors to make money and get rich. Students who signs deals to do sponsors may use the money they earn towards donations.[17]

Stage names

Students are allowed to change their names upon entering into DWMA into a stage name. Once a student has changed their name, they are stuck with the same name for a minimum of two years. Some examples include Eternal Feather and Soul Eater.[18]


Death the Kid Student ID Card

DWMA I.D Cards for the E.A.T Class.

Students and staff members that also participate/are involved in various in E.A.T. course curriculum are ranked in a one to three star system.[4] Demon Weapons are ranked alongside their Meisters.[19]

One/Two-Stars are the rankings which the students are able to receive. Three-Stars is the highest ranking, obtained by E.A.T. Professor Sid Barrett.[19]

List of rankings

Star Ranking/Titles Privileges
Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Star
  • Access library materials at Level 1[20]
  • Perform 1 Star Ranked Missions
Soul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star
  • Access materials at both Level 1[20]
  • Perform 2 Star Ranked Missions
Soul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star
  • Access materials at Level 1 & 2[20]
  • Perform 3 Star Ranked Missions
  • Access materials at Level 1-3[20]
Death Weapon
Elite Meister
Death's Family
  • Access materials at Level 1-4[20]
  • Three-Star Ranking & Privileges


There's two special testing elusive to the DWMA in which students partake in:

  • Ultimate Written Exam: Atest given to both meisters and weapons within the academy every year which focuses on the Soul Studies subject.[21]
  • Athletics Test: A test of physical fitness, which is much more intense then that of normal athletics tests.[22] Required for E.A.T. and N.O.T. students alike.[23]


Within the DWMA, students are normally put into teams consisting of three Meisters and a varying number of Demon Weapons depending on the type of Meister. These teams are put together by the staff based on their capability of resonating with one another, with the staff members also picking the team's leader.[24] They're also special teams recognized at "elite units" of the EAT Class. Students may be put together specializing in dealing with specific situations by the staff members and headmaster.[25]

Additionally, instructors and elite Meister also may form a team with one another, undertaking some, if not, the most dangerous missions within the Academy.

List of teams

Team Name Team Leader Status
Maka's TeamMaka AlbarnInactive
Kilik's TeamKilik RungInactive
Kid's TeamDeath the KidInactive
DWMA EliteFranken SteinActive

Special Occurrences

Death Festival

Main article: Death Festival The Death Festival (also known as the Battle Festival or Shibusai) is a annual tournament held ever year on Halloween. It is the biggest and most popular event of the year. Only E.A.T. students may participate in the Death Festival.

Death Bazaar

  • Death Bazaar on Death Pain Square
  • Band at the Anniversary Eve Party

Main article: Death Bazaar Death Bazaar is a big event held in Death Pain Square in which people bring their used articles to the square and sell them on more mutual and cheaper price, much like that of a flea market.[26]

DWMA's Anniversary Eve Celebration

Main article: DWMA Anniversary Eve Celebration The DWMA Anniversary Eve Celebration is a event in which the entire school and student body celebrate the founding of the academy on the day before its actual day in which it was founded.[27] The celebration is held on April 1.[28]

List of E.A.T. Class Representatives



Meister Partner Weapon Partner(s) Rank
Maka AlbarnSoul "Eater" EvansSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star
Black☆StarTsubaki NakatsukasaSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star
Death the KidElizabeth Thompson
Patricia Thompson
Soul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star
Kilik RungFire
Soul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star
Kim DiehlJacqueline O'Lantern DupréSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star
Ox FordHarvar D. ÉclairSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star
HeroNoneSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star
TomNameless partnerSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star
Soul's proposerNoneSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star
Soul's admirerNoneSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star
Akane☆HoshiClay SizemoreUnknown


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