E3! (Extreme Element Effect)
Technique Data
English Title E3
Romaji Ee Suree
Katakana E3
Alternate Title(s)
Type Projectile, Collaborative,
Derived Magic
Element Fire, Lightning,
Class Attack
Real World Data
Manga Debut 67
Anime Debut
Looks like this battle is over...

Kilik Rung, Chapter 67

E3 (E3 Ee Suree in Japanese) which stands for Extreme Element Effect is an incredibly powerful long-range technique, that results in a hugely destructive and widespread blast, formed from the combined generation of enormous amounts of both fire and lightning.

In order to preform such a devastating attack, not only a great deal of energy but also the establishment and strict enactment of a rather long complex process is required. The ability can only be initiated after the successful completion of a Chain Resonance between both Kilik Rung and Kim Diehl, allowing her to infuse both Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder with some of her magical power, awakening the full extent of their Earth Shaman abilities. This results in the appearance of older versions of the twins, emerging directly from their respective Weapon forms, still attached to Kilik Rung's arms.

Both his arms and the pair become engulfed in the elements they are capable of generating, before each subsequently takes hold of one of the Thompson Sisters in their Weapon forms, producing visable manifestations of the powers involved from the barrels of the guns. Kilik Rung then proceeds to state the name of the attack, signaling the twins to take aim and fire. A large beam emanates from either gun, traveling rapidly towards the intended target, which upon impact intermingle and create a massive explosion.

Due to the significant recoil associated with the concluding blast, Kim must stand back to back with Kilik Rung, preparing to fire Jacqueline at the ground as an anchor the instance the attack is activated. Even this only has the effect of reducing the backlash felt, suggesting just how large the forces involved with this ability really are.

This attack us used against the fight against the Black Clown. Kilik Rung, Kim, Fire, Thunder, Liz and Patti all use E3 as a finishing move. Although it pretty much destroys all of the Black Clown (who is also constructed entirely of hardened Black Blood apart from its head, it manages to survive the blast. However, if it had not been made of Black Blood, there is a good chance it would have been completely destroyed.

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