Disembodied Form

Arachne's Disembodied Form is a form in which she becomes one with Madness. Before and during the Baba Yaga Castle invasion, Arachne undergoes Magic Training and unlocks this form. She planned to use this form to absorb Asura and harness his power.


Maka defeats Arachne

Arachne's Disembodied Form

In this new form, she takes on a much more monsterous appearence. Though part of her body appears to look much like her old one, she also gains a more mist-like appearance, sporting giant claws in the place of her previous hands. She also seems to have gained giant spider legs below the waist.


After going through Magic Training and gaining this form, Arachne's magical power increases significantly. Her curses become stronger and she is able to even launch webs offensively. Her Mind Attacks also become powerful, potent enough to even take down Medusa easily.

Arachne also gained an Insanity Wavelength in this form, in which it's usage is similar to Asura's own and is capable of absorbing him, as that was Arachne's objective after achieving this form. She is able to launch it offensively, using the madness to attack her opponent's mind.

Despite the form's power, Maka Albarn's abilities, along with Soul Evans's own, counteract her abilities, leading to her death in her disembodied form.

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