Devil (デビル, Debiru) is the owner of a casino in Death City.[1]


Devil is a man who is fond of money, hence why he owns a casino. He does not respond well to lucky customers.[1]


Devil is a lanky man whose head is barely broader than his neck and who has a broad nose, large front teeth, eerie pale blue eyes, pointy ears, no eyebrows, a heavy forehead, and short black hair and moustache. He goes dressed in a black and blue suit with black bow tie.



Traitors ArcEdit

Meme Tatane, in need for money to pay for some damage she has caused, is talked into trying her luck in the casino. She proceeds to walk away with the jackpot, leaving Devil in tears. The next morning, Meme has forgotten what happened and tries to retrace her steps to explain why, among other things, she has a bag full of cash. When she passes the casino, Devil spots her and approaches her, ignoring how he clearly frightens her. Getting in her personal space, he asks her to go easy on them today. In the anime he has security guards step out to enforce his request.[2] Meme runs off scared, having no clue what he's talking about.[1]


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