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"We're not like regular guns that shoot bullets!! We compress our Meister's Soul Wavelength and fire that."

Liz in Chapter 3[1]
Twin Demon Pistols official art
Weapon Form Data
English Title Demon Twin Guns
Romaji Ni-chō Makenjū
Katakana 二丁魔拳銃
Alternate Title(s) Demon Pistol
User(s) Death the Kid
Kilik Rung (Temporarily)
Human Form Elizabeth Thompson
Patricia Thompson
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 0.3
Anime Debut Episode 3

The Demon Twin Guns[2] (二丁魔拳銃, Ni-chō Makenjū) are the Demon Weapon forms of the Thompson Sisters, Elizabeth Thompson and Patricia Thompson. Their Meister partner is the Death God, Death the Kid.[3]


The Thompson Sisters take the form of a silver-themed Beretta M9 Pistol in their Demon Weapons forms. The handle-grip is coloured black and has a small Death mask on it. On the slide assembly are three darker silver triangles next to each other. It is known that Liz and Patty collect the souls of individuals by 'inhaling' them into the magazine of the pistol. The Demon Twin Guns fire pink 'bullets' of aura.[4]


  • The magazine can be used to collect souls
  • Kid shooting his wavelength into Soul.
  • Liz, Patty, and Kid's wavelengths in harmony.

The Demon Twin Guns are shown to be effective weapons of use as they are used by the Death God Death the Kid. Because they shoot out the Meister's Soul Wavelength, they can do internal damage which is very efficient. According to Maka, the pair and Meister have a strong bond,[5] in which enables them to create strong Soul Resonance techniques.

Soul Collecting

Because these pistols are still soul collecting weapons, their magazines contain not necessarily bullets but instead are removed and used to store collected souls.[6]


Death the Kid's Techniques
  • Sanzu River Shot(三途川撃, Sansu Ribaa Shotto):A attack in which the user shoots out a quick stream of bullets from each of the guns, with both weapons aimed symmetrically. This is also done by the user shooting three shots in quick succession.
Team Kilik's Techniques



  • The Thompsons' neutral weapon form resembles the Law-Abiding Silver Gun, a weapon that first appeared in Atsushi Ōkubo's manga before Soul Eater, B. Ichi. Like the Demon Twin Guns, the Silver Gun features a half-circle near the revolver to resemble an eye and triangular markings near the end of the barrel resembling teeth. The Silver Gun would later serve as the name of one of Justin Law's techniques.[7]


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