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Episode 28

A Demon Tool (魔道具, Madougu; FUNimation "Magic Tool") is a item that demonstrate supernatural powers from the magical power in which it has been infused with.[1]


In the anime, the earliest record of Demon Tool being created were from the likes of Eibon, the Greatest Sorcerer and Inventor of all time. Having begun development into the Demon Tools, his original goal was to produce tools in which would benefit not only mankind but the world order.[2]



Episode 47 - Death explaining the dangers of Demon Tools

The greater the power of the Demon Tool, the more danger it presents in forces wanting to use it for evil.

In the anime, Death explained that the Demon Tools were originally created for the benefit of mankind and the preservation of the world's order. However, as time passed by, the powerful capabilities of Demon Tools became known. The more good it can do, the more tempted were evil forces to utilize it for malicious and destructive purposes.[2] While factions like DWMA uses Demon Tools for transportation, gadgetry, and even perhaps battle[3], their usage differs from Arachnophobia, in which is more battle oriented, destructive, and malicious.[1]


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