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Demon Sword



Akuma no ken


Seed of a Kishin

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Chapter 5

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Episode 6

A Demon Sword (悪魔の剣, Akuma no ken), also referred as a "Seed of a Kishin", is a weapon created from the over-hunting of Human souls and are one step away from becoming a Kishin.[1]


Creation of the Demon Sword and Kishin

The meister, fearing death, look towards harvesting human souls for his weapon.

Long ago, meisters and weapons who served under Death himself were collecting souls, much like how DWMA currently does. During a great battle, a meister was so terrified of death he began secretly feeding his weapon pure human souls with the hope of attaining more power for himself. He inadvertedly created a Demon Sword and, eventually, a Kishin.[2]

This section contains an instance from an anime not present in the manga and/or a deviation


Demon Swords are by far one of the more powerful weapons, closely rivaling the prowess of that of a Death Weapon. They're much more powerful than ordinary Demon Weapons, certain Demon Swords like Ragnarok able to cause Soul Eater pain while even in his Demon Scythe form with his Screech Resonance with Crona.[4] Another Demon Sword, Vajra (when used by Asura), was even able to even cause severe and life-threatening damage to Death in the anime.[5]

However, it should be noted that though Demon Swords are powerful, like Death Weapons, there's a varying level of power in between individuals. While Ragnarok was melted in black blood despite being a demon sword, Asura commented that Vajra was unable to be melted.

List of Demon SwordsEdit


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