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A Demon Sword (魔剣, Maken) is a powerful type of sword-related Demon Weapons and weapon transformations.[1]


Demon Weapon TypeEdit

In the case of Demon Weapons, Demon Swords can be made from the result of over-hunting souls. Demon Weapons recognized as Demon Swords are often thought to be candidates for becoming a Kishin.[2] This is, however, later to be disproven by Franken Stein, as he later stated the likes of a Demon Sword like that of Crona and Ragnarok ended up not showing any signs of truly becoming a Kishin.[3]

Man-made Clown TypeEdit

For certain Man-made Clowns, they possess transformation powers to turn themselves into a Weapon not unlike that of a Demon Weapon and can also be recognized as a Demon Sword.[4] The very nature of a Man-made Clown being a Demon Sword has remained unrevealed.

List of Demon SwordsEdit


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