Maka and Soul
Weapon Form Data
English Title Soul Evans (Weapon Form)
Romaji Magama
Katakana 魔鎌
Alternate Title(s)
User(s) Maka Albarn
Human Form Soul Evans
Classification(s) Death Scythe
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 0.1
Anime Debut Episode 1

The Demon Scythe (魔鎌, Magama) is the transformation scythe weapon form of Soul Evans. In the manga, Soul is the most recent Death Scythe, and upon the treaty with the Witches, becomes known as the "Last Death Scythe".


Early in his admittance to the Death Weapon Meister Academy, Soul Evans partnered with Scythe-Meister Maka Albarn. After a number of changes, including the infection by Black Blood and the acquisition of Arachne's witch soul, his weapon form has changed in both appearance and abilities.


Initial AppearanceEdit

Maka Albarn - (1)

Soul's initial weapon form

The joint connecting the blade to the shaft has a circle upon it that resembles an eye—and which dilates and reacts as Soul's emotions change, including when he falls under madness. Below this "eye" is a collar of triangles, resembling teeth so that the weapon looks like the toothy face of Soul Evans himself. The blade is made of a row of black and red triangles, resembling the jagged appearance of Soul's teeth.

When he and Maka first tap into the Black Blood during their fight against Crona, the eye in Soul's blade dilates. This dilation occurs at other occurrences when assuming new powers, such as his initial use of the Demon-Hunt in the anime.

Death ScytheEdit

After consuming Arachne's witch soul, Soul's appearance changed. The "eye" on his blade was now a larger circle, with rectangular decorations coming from it. His blade grew longer and sharper as well, while retaining the same triangular pattern on the blade, albeit with fewer triangles.


Maka in Flight

Soul's eventual flight appearance

Through Soul Resonance with Maka's Grigori Soul, Soul manifests wings in his Weapon form, although it takes time for Soul's wings to assume a consistent appearance. At first, Soul makes sharp spiky wings, which, although achieving momentary flight, is rejected by Maka due to their unattractive appearances. After yielding to her wish for more 'fluffy' angel-like wings, Soul's wings take on the form of a tiny pair of feathery wings, which achieves flight, but with incredibly low speed. After settling their argument, Soul creates a pair of large strong feathery wings which allows them great speed and versatility in the air. These wings are retained for many of Soul's subsequent appearances.

Battle on the MoonEdit

After Asura attempted to execute Maka with a fist through her chest and out of her back, Soul drew upon the power of the Black Blood to heal the injury and form a revised version of the Black Blood dress armor that they had used in their battle against Arachne. As he was now a Death Scythe, however, the Black Blood also changed Soul's weapon form: he gained keys on his blade, which Maka could play.


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