Episode 4 - Akane holding the Demon Great Sword (Clay)
Weapon Form Data
English Title Demon Great Sword
Alternate Title(s) Demon Long Sword
User(s) Akane☆Hoshi
Human Form Clay Sizemore
Classification(s) Normal
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 92
Chapter 4 (NOT!)
Anime Debut Episode 3 (NOT!)

The Demon Great Sword is the weapon transformation of the Demon Weapon,Clay Sizemore.


The Demon Great Sword is an elegantly crafted and slender longsword that features a solid black blade, surrounded in its entirety by a narrow white cutting-edge. However, the most unusual portion of this weapon is its hilt, which consists of a completely smooth cylindrical handle, attached by an unconventional arrangement of two small diamonds that form its guard.[1]


The sword possess little extraordinary abilities. The blade itself, however, is extremely sharp, able to easily penetrate the human flesh with little pressure[2] as well as easily cut through some of Shaula Gorgon's magic scorpion tails.[3] When swung by an strong Meister, the Demon Great Sword can generate strong wings.[4]

However, the downside of possessing the weapon is that the Demon Great Sword. As White Rabbit alludes, a Great Sword is difficult to use in tight spaces.[5]


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