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Demon Cannon
Weapon Form Data
English Title Demon Cannon
Alternate Title(s)
User(s) Feodor
Human Form Tsar Pushka
Classification(s) Death Scythe
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 83
Anime Debut

The Demon Cannon (魔砲弾, Mahōdan) is the Demon Weapon transformation of the Death Scythe, Tsar Pushka.


The Demon Cannon appears as a large, weighted sphere with the word "Царь" inscribed on the front. The transformaiton also contains a cylinder device in which holds the retractable cable.[1]


Attached to the leg, the Demon Cannon has the ability to propel itself with a retractable cable to the target in which their Meister desire and deliver crushing blows. In addition, due to the Anti-Demon Wavelength of Tsar Pushka, a Meister could utilize this and can not only fight against the Black Blood[1] but also against those who practice magic and/or those who're evil due to the nature of the Anti-Demon Wavelength. The retractable cable can also be used to move the Meister upwards.[1]


  • The "Царь" on the weapon is "Tsar" in Crylic and means "Emperor".[2]


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