The Demon Belt (魔道ベルト Madō Beruto?) is a Demon Tool created by Noah. However, initially questioning on whether it would work, he tests it on Gopher, only for him to break the belt.


The Demon Belt is an ordinary looking belt strap but has an unusual contraption in the middle that looks like a small rotor.


It's a good thing I didn't decide to test it for myself...

Noah (Greed), Chapter 68

Apparently, attaching the belt to a Demon Tool will make its power and effectiveness increase by 10%. However, the belt has practical limits. It cannot fit anything wider than its strap can hold, and the rotor in the middle easily breaks under too much pressure, making the Demon Tool pretty much a failed invention.


During Spartoi's investigation of Medusa's old laboratories and her research, Noah created this Demon Belt in order to power up his Demon Tools.

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Abyss, Uncleanliness, DarknessEdit

Noah completes his Demon Belt, but is doubtful to try it out on himself. He then decides to call on Gopher as a guinea pig, to which he happily obliges to. Noah orders Gopher to wear the belt and then destroy a village to see if his powers increase. Gopher is about to do so, but his stomach cannon builds up too much pressure on the belt, breaking it. A tearful Gopher returns the broken belt to Noah, apologizing. Noah tells him to go, secretly relieved that he did not test it out himself.


  • As both Noah and Gopher seem able to gain effects from this Demon Tool, which apparently increases the power of Demon Tools attached to it, it implies that the Noahs and Gopher are not humans, but rather Demon Tools just like the Artifact Soldiers.

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