Demon Ballista
Weapon Form Data
English Title Demon Ballista
Romaji Madohō
Katakana 魔弩砲
Alternate Title(s) Magic Tank
User(s) Heming
Human Form Ahab
Classification(s) Normal Weapon
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter 88
Anime Debut

The Demon Ballista (魔弩砲, Madohō) is the Demon Weapon transformation of Ahab.


The Demon Ballista assumes the form of a large mechanical ballista that is mounted atop of a four-wheeled motorized vehicle, which seemingly draws influence from both a modern harpoon gun and all-terrain dune buggy respectively.[1]

The launcher component of this weapon is most similar to a crossbow, albeit on an enormous scale, featuring a horizontally mounted bow complete with a giant arrow-shaped projectile. Due to the enormity of this missile and the tremendous force with which it is fired, the ballista must be firstly locked into a stationary position using numerous hydraulic pistons, which are driven into the ground below the vehicle. This stable platform ensures the accuracy of the subsequent shot, while also minimizing the resultant recoil felt by the driver, which is usually enough to disturb any loose material surrounding the weapon itself.[1]

The vehicle portion, however, is constructed to be capable of traversing the majority of landscapes with relative ease, while maintaining high speeds regardless of how difficult the terrain is. To achieve this the weapon utilizes a combination of both large robust wheels and durable suspension, as well as a compact but powerful engine.[1]


The Demon Ballista is capable of traversing in high speeds on the ground much like that of a dune buggy and can also fire a powerful harpoon in which is able to kill a Sky Whale in one hit.[1]


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