Demon-Hunt (魔人狩り, Majingari) is one of the Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister and a more powerful version of the Witch-Hunt.[1]


Described by Soul Eater as a Witch-Hunt beyond the usual Witch-Hunt, this attack is a more powerful variant which changes the form of the Scythe and allows for new abilities depending on the Meister.[3] However, as the name implies, this technique is especially great against those such as Demons. It's also shown to be powerful against Clowns[4] and Bloodsuckers.[5]

Anti-Demon Wavelength UsersEdit

Under the user of the Anti-Demon Wavelength, this technique also carries it as well, making it even more extraordinarily powerful. This allows an individual to even exorcise any evil completely.



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