Deathbucks Café (デスバックスカフェ, Desu Bakkusu Kafe) is a café introduced in the Soul Eater NOT! series. DWMA students are known to go there as well as other residents of Death City. NOT students from the DWMA are also known to work there temporarily if they want to earn some extra money other than their weekly allowance. The shop is run by Master.


The building is in a popular spot of Death City, close enough to the Death Bazaar where the Halloween Death Festival takes place. Although the cafe has slow period with fewer customers, the location does bring a sizable number of customers to the restaurant throughout the day.

Supplies and TransportationEdit

Supply deliveries to Deathbucks are sometimes made by Death Shipping. In addition, some errands run by Deathbucks employees are performed on Master's moped.

Employees' AttireEdit

  • Employee's attires
  • Akane and Clay in uniforms

Deathbucks employees dress in white and black formal attire. Male employees typically wear white dress shirts with black slacks, black bowties, and black aprons. However, female employees wear white skull-shaped headpieces, white dress shirts, blue ties, and black short skirts, embarrassing to some employees. The female attire was designed by Master's associate, Spirit Albarn.


As a cafe, Deathbucks offers various beverages and meals:

Hot Coffee Rice Pilaf
Ice Coffee Ham Sandwich
Cafe au lait Bacon
Raspberry Juice Eggs
Iced lemon tea Mont Blac set
French Fries


  • Sign outside the cafe
  • Interior in the anime
  • Changing Room in the anime
  • Liz chats with Tsugumi and friends
  • Liz decorating exterior for Halloween
  • Interior at Halloween
  • Deathbucks is lined with posters
  • Tsugumi spies in locker room


The initial appearance of the cafe varied in its first appearance in the Soul Eater manga, when it was referred to as "Deathbucks Coffee."

The more familiar appearance of the restaurant in Soul Eater NOT! features large windows and a skull-shaped sign labeled with the establishment's name.


In the cafe itself, the seating area includes polished wooden furniture atop a checkerboard floor.

The building also includes an employees' break room, featuring lockers for employees to store their changes of clothes and personal belongings. The break room also includes a calendar and cleaning supplies.


Soul Eater NOT!Edit

Tsugumi Harudori, Anya Hepburn, and Meme Tatane arrive in order to increase their monetary holdings after losing their money to Kim Diehl, frivolous spending, and forgetfulness. On their first day at work, they are joined by Akane Hoshi and Clay Sizemore, on the pretense that Clay spent all his money at the arcade (but, more likely, so the undercover DWMA E.A.T. agents may continue their duties as Anya's bodyguards). Tsugumi finds the work enjoyable and elucidating on how to be a responsible Death City resident and employee. She as well admires the hard work of Master.

While Tsugumi and her friends frequently use Deathbucks for conversation and study sessions, they contend with new employees, Liz and Patty Thompson, whose sour demeanor and failure to adequately bring correct orders result in some strife with Anya, culminating in a duel that intimidates Anya and her friends. When Tsugumi learns of the difficult lives the Thompsons have faced, however, she refuses to leave Deathbucks despite her fear of the sisters. Instead, Tsugumi tells the sisters that she, as a weapon, wishes to be around Liz and Patty out of her admiration for their toughness as weapons. Upon Tsugumi's compliment as to the sisters' strength and beauty, Liz and Patty try harder to be more amenable employees, which in the anime eventually helps them to get along better with their new meister, Death the Kid.

When Death City was under attack by students possessed by Shaula Gorgon, Liz and Patty took Master's moped to leave work at Deathbucks in order to bring Tsugumi to Anya, who had been separated to be returned to her parents following Meme's possessed defection and killing of Sid Barett. In the manga, Liz handed the moped to Tsugumi and Anya to take to Patchwork Laboratory to acquire the antidote to Shaula's possession and hence to save Meme, whereas in the anime only Liz and Patty retained the moped to travel to the girls' dormitory and assist its residents in the fight against possessed students.

Liz and Patty eventually left work at Deathbucks to be Kid's weapons and to attend classes at the DWMA.

Soul EaterEdit

Deathbucks (originally referred to as Deathbucks Coffee) was a location in Death City where Soul Eater and Maka Albarn said goodbye to Crona before they departed for their homes after a day of classes at the DWMA. One of the color splash pages in the manga features the main characters, along with Crona and Blair, standing or seated on couches while reviewing the jukebox and sipping on paper cups.

Trivia Edit

  • Soul Eater Chapter 26 - Cover

    An earlier design of Deathbucks

    Deathbucks began in Soul Eater in Chapter 26 as a parody of Starbucks, the popular coffee shop chain based in the United States. Initial images of the shop's logo and coffee cups as they appeared in the Soul Eater manga closely resemble the circular logo for Starbucks. Coincidentally, the name Starbucks is another allusion to the United States author Herman Melville found in this manga: Starbucks was a character in Melville's Moby-Dick, and the whale-hunting Ahab is named after the captain from that same novel.
  • Although more closely associated with Soul Eater NOT, Deathbucks makes an appearance in Chapter 38, "Internal Investigation (Part 1), as the location where Maka and Crona separate before Crona gives a report to Eruka on progress spying at the DWMA. Although the cafe appears much as it does in Soul Eater NOT, it is named "Deathbucks Coffee." The restaurant also features a London-styled phone booth similar to ones that appear in Soul Eater NOT. Coincidentally, this chapter is the same as when Joe Buttataki makes more appearances in the manga, he himself closely associated with coffee in the manga and the anime yet never visiting Deathbucks in either.
  • Deathbucks waiters and waitresses do not accept tips.[1]

References Edit

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