Episode 22 - Death skins Asura alive
Participants Eight Shinigami Legions
Location what would later be known as Death City[1]
Outcome Asura is defeated & sealed away for the next 800 years.[1]
Previous "Death vs Arachne Gorgon"
Real World Data
Manga Involvement Chapter 16
Chapter 20
Anime Involvement Episode 1 - Episode 3
Episode 19
Episode 21
Other Involvement

"Death vs Asura I" is the first battle between Death and the newly made Kishin and former member of the Eight Shinigami Legion, Asura. This battle took place 800 years prior to the start of the series.[1]


Serving as a member of the Eight Shinigami Legions as Death's strongest personal guard, his paranoia and obsession with power inclined Asura to seek innocent Human souls despite the rules against this, consuming his Weapon partner during the process and as a result, became a Kishin.[2]


Very few details of the battle were show and seen. During the battle, Death would gain the upper-hand and defeat Asura. Due to being unable to kill the Kishin, Death opted to seal him away, by tearing off the skin of the Kishin and draining him of his blood. Turing his skin into a sealing bag, he stuffed the leftover remains of the withering bag to contain his soul and his Madness Wavelength. After, he would anchor his body and soul to the land to suppress the Kishin.[3][4]


Kishin sealed

Asura sealed in a a bag made of his own skin.

After sealing the Kishin away, Death founded Death Weapon Meister Academy a day after the defeat of the Kishin to act a deterrent to preventing the further resurrection of another Kishin with a dangerous Madness Wavelength like Asura. Due to the conditions of his sealing, Death not only no longer can travel beyond the vicinity of his soul but also has to periodically maintain the seal.[5]

Deathblows Used

Special Arts


  • The introductions present in the anime Episodes 1 through 3 do showcase details of their battle. However, the setting itself is rather different as well as the details compared to the actual description of the fight also being depicted differently.


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