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Because of his status as the son of the Shinigami, Death, and wealth, most people respect Death the Kid as a Shinigami. This is mostly demonstrated by DWMA staff, students, and supporters. Only a handful aren't influenced by this. However, many people do respect his causes, as they're similar to his father's. However, many of his enemies he has fought has mocked him for defending his father's ideals; many of his enemies see Death as a sort of higher up dictator.


Liz Edit

The eldest of the Thompson sisters. Kid picked her as one of his partners, due to the ability to become matching pistols with her sister, which fits perfectly with his symmetry obsession. Kid's biggest problem with her is that her human form doesn't match her sister's, with Patty being more endowed, shorter, and having short hair. Kid is very unsatisfied with the fact that her breasts aren't the same size as her sister, and thus asymmetrical.
Though she sometimes gets exasperated with Kid's obsession with symmetry, the two do seem to share a rather strong bond with each other. When Kid gets captured by Eibon (Noah), Kid throws Liz out of the way along with Patty so as not to allow them to be harmed. Liz attempts to force Eibon to give Kid back. When this attempt fails, she doesn't pursue Eibon, which causes Patty to call her a coward, to which Liz replies that she doesn't want to lose Kid, but she can't have Patty die on her as well. She also states that Kid was the reason for her reforming, for it she's grateful, and later she ends up crying over him after reflecting of what he has done for Patty and her and how she has never thanked him for it. In the beginning when Liz and Patty first joined Kid, she joined only because of his wealth and the power and status he could offer her. After being with him for so long, she begins to respect him and care for him, showing how much she has changed.

Patty Edit

The younger of the Thompson sisters. Kid picked her as one of his partners, due to the ability to become matching pistols with her sister, which fits perfectly with his symmetry obsession. Kid's biggest problem with her is that her human form doesn't match her sister's, with Patty being more endowed, shorter, and having short hair.
Patty is always seemingly carefree, and also seems to share a strong bond with Kid, as seen when Kid gets captured by Eibon (Noah), where Kid throws her and her sister to safety instead of saving himself and she uncharacteristically calls Liz (who Patty rather admires and looks up to) a coward for not trying to go after Kid. A running gag in the series is whenever Kid goes into a fit of depression related to symmetry, whereas Liz either berates or tries to cheer Kid up, Patty simply ends up into a fit of laughter as she watches, though she often comforts him alongside her sister.


Death Edit

Lord Death and Death the Kid

At times, Kid's trust in his father can be swayed when he suspects his father's plans to be sinister, only to be surprised when it's not

Shinigami created Kid from a fragment of his soul. With Shinigami as his father, Kid already has death god powers and doesn't need to train his weapons, but he does so anyway. Where Kid is generally serious and reserved, his father is not, unless the situation calls for it. Kid has commented on this but doesn't stress it.
He refers to Shinigami as 'honorable father' (父上, chichiue), who he seems to be named after as it has been shown that Shinigami's name was "Death" when he was younger. Shinigami cares for Kid, calling his stripes 'cute'[1] and telling him when Kid had apologized that he made his father worry that the only thing that matters is that he is safe. He also expresses his pride in Kid in recent chapters, saying he's a splendid Shinigami already. Likewise, Kid cares for Shinigami as well, expressing sorrow at his death. Also, Kid is not bothered at all by his father's asymmetrical cloak. This is most likely due to his immense respect for him.
When Kid finally fully assumes his status as Shinigami, his father dies, without Kid's knowledge.[2] When Kid returns to the DWMA, he is grieved to learn of his father's death, only to be disturbed by Excalibur. As Kid takes his father's place, he takes great pride in the role and speaks of how he will honor his father.

Asura Edit

Asura denies 'order' and balance, and also created the first kishin, eating his own weapon partner. Resurrected by Medusa Gorgon's Black Blood experiments, his insanity and power is now taking over the world, making him an ultimate enemy. Death the Kid has a strong hatred towards him in general, and his hatred grew further during fight on the Moon when Asura was revealed to be his older brother.


Maka Edit

Little interaction is shown between Maka and Kid, but it is established that they work well together as calm and strategic fighters. Their Soul Perception abilities are also similar (though Maka's are stronger). Kid showed strong disgust when Gopher attempted to assassinate Maka, and therefore highly values her friendship.
While fighting Asura on the moon, Kid was in a dilemma on whether or not he should connect all three Lines of Sanzu on his head. However after Maka assures him that he will be fine, he connects them as he stated that Maka's resolve was what kept him fighting. Maka is also shown to have deep trust in Kid, as she trusts he will not succumb to evil ways if he were to become a Shinigami. She defends Kid when Asura accuses him of becoming the same way he is, saying Kid is kind-hearted with good intentions, unlike Asura.

Black☆Star Edit

Just like everyone else, Kid finds Black☆Star's need to be loud and noticed highly annoying. Being the son of Shinigami, Kid is seen as a god, which frustrates Black☆Star at some points, as he is striving to become a person to surpass God, leading to conflicts between the two. Despite that, Kid seems to be the only person who took Black☆Star seriously instead of ignoring him, responding when Black☆Star angrily asked whether Kid was looking down on him that he was not, and he would take him on any time.
Death the Kid kicks Blackstar

Black Star and Kid duel

Kid is also shown to find Black☆Star an "interesting guy" when he claimed that he would surpass god, and an unusual change from students assuming they could never beat him. After Black☆Star battled Mifune for the second time, Kid shows concern for him, especially when he fails his Soul Menace.
When Black☆Star saves him from the Madness in the Book of Eibon, he smiles and claims that he owes Black☆Star, expressing surprise when Black☆Star admits he wishes to help Kid create the perfect world. After they escape the Book, they seem to be on good terms as they team up to fight Noah, all rivalry and tension in their relationship gone, and possibly starting a good friendship.

Soul Edit

Soul Eater Episode 31 HD - Kid and Soul chat 40

Kid and Soul talk as their friends play basketball

Kid has no obvious opinions shown toward Soul, but they are friends as at some points, Kid shows concern over Soul's wounds. In later chapters, it is shown that their friendship had slightly grown, as Soul tells Kid not to die on them, as his mission was much more dangerous. In return, they fist bump with their right hands, but Kid insists they do it with the left hands too. Soul then states that he would never change.

Tsubaki Edit

Other than confusion about how Tsubaki tolerates her partner, Black☆Star, Kid and Tsubaki get along fine. He also felt frustrated when Tsubaki didn't notice Free's illusion, yet the two of them don't interact very often.

Crona Edit

Despite fighting in the beginning of the anime, the two do not seem to have much interaction throughout the animated series but they do seem to be friends on some level.

Kim Edit

There is little to no interaction between these two characters until Kid is recalled from the battle on the Moon and returns to DWMA to prepare negotiations with the witches, to which he learns that Kim and the rest of the group are taking showers and getting ready. Kid fears Kim and Jacqueline will take too long, (Thus the possibility of losing the battle on the Moon or the Death Scythes), so he goes in the DWMA women's shower to help them bathe quicker, as he is seen holding a sponge, sleeves rolled up. Kim and Jacqueline are embarrassed; the former calls Kid a pervert, and he is dragged out of the showers by Liz.
Later, when Kid, Eruka, Free, Kim, Tabatha, and Taruho are captured by Maba (the leader of the witches) and are all sentenced to death, Kid mentions in his speech that he is, "in the middle of a physical relationship" with Kim, as Kim responds with embarrassment "It was only that one time." This is possibly referring to the shower incident, with Kid using it as an excuse to show that the prejudice between witches and Meisters can be overcome.

References Edit

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