Special AbilitiesEdit

Sane | Insane

Chapter 79 - Kid regains his sanity

Kid under Madness Takehold while sane.

Madness Takehold (発狂, Hakkyou): Being exposed to this capable from the Great Old One of Power, Kid has the ability to call upon his inner Madness (Madness of Order) and boost his own power to his full potential. When exposed the first time, it turns him insane, gaining a different mindset, and allowed for more brutal attacks. After regaining his sanity, he also gained the power for it the done while sane though normally done in small increments. The downside is using it for too long subjects him to going mad with Madness. He normally utilizes this when Maka Albarn and Soul Eater are around. When in this state, the "emotion required" is what he calls a "cool and deliberate intent to kill". Both forms give him a darker attire compared to his Spartoi outfit. While his insane mindset gives him lines down his mouth to appear as If sown shut, his sane mindset lacks that feature.[1][2][3]

  • Full Power: When using Madness Takehold, his power is upped to it's maximum capacity. When using this, it allowed him to physically contend with the likes of Black☆Star as well as enabled him to easily Clown within the decimate the Clown Army as well as overpower them.[4]

Lines of Sanzu (ザ ライン オブ サンズ, Za Rain obu Sanzu): is a special trait exclusive to a Death God represented by the either three white lines on the head around the individual,[5] white breaks within the hair,[6] or white halos surrounding the head.[7] They're the key to many of Kid's power. As he grows stronger and older, the more lines connect.[5]

Chapter 95 - Kid performing First Line of Sanzu Release

First Line of Sanzu: Release.

  • First Line of Sanzu: Release (第1ライン·オブ·サンズ·展開, Dai 1 Rain Obu Sanzu - Tenkai): A technique in which uses the Lines of Sanzu offensively. Expanding it, Kid then uses the technique to power himself up, resulting in a small, powerful wave around him capable of killing a Clown wrapped around his body.[8]
Episode 50 - Kid in his emergency Sanzu state

Kid in his Sanzu Emergency state.

  • Connection with Death & "Emergency State" (Anime-Exclusive): Due to possessing the Lines of Sanzu and being Death's son, Kid maintains a connection to Death. When in an life threatening situation and was nearly killed by Asura, Kid was able to tap into the power of the Lines of Sanzu (and as a result, his own father's own). When in this "emergency state", he gains unbelievable power in which his technique could decimate even Asura, a powerful Kishin with sufficient power to defeat Death, in his Giant Form.[9]
  • Death's Wavelength:Death the Kid had a special wavelength within his Lines of Sanzu in which seems to originate from his father. When he discarded it in his ultimate attack, he described himself as no longer needing to ride on his "Father's coattails", and the wavelength itself created a technique powerful enough to kill a Dragon.[10] (Formerly)
Death The Kidd Performing Death Call In The Anime

Kid using his Shinigami Powers to perform Death Call.

  • Shinigami Powers (死神の力, Shinigami no chikara): Due to the Lines of Sanzu, Death the Kid has a set of plethora of powers in which he can call upon. Many of the these powers are variations or the same abilities displayed by his father, Death.[11]
  • Collect (回収, Kaishū; also "Soul Collect"): A capability in which allows a Death God to collect the souls of the decease into their body.[12]
  • Materialization: Kid is capable of materializing a variety of items, namely both his skateboard and jets to assist him in battle.[13][6]
  • Death Call: After performing hand signs, Kid then creates a skull-shaped magic circle in which can allow conversation between himself and his father in a holographic form.[13]
Death Arm Blocking

Death Arm Blocking.

  • Death Arm Blocking (デスアームブロッキング, Desuāmu burokkingu): A technique in which Kid can manifest and create skull shields similar to his father's own Death Block to protect himself. He unlocked this after connecting one of the Lines of Sanzu.[5]
  • Death Claw (死神クロー, Shinigami Kurō): After connecting the first Line of Sanzu, Death the Kid gained access to one of his father's techniques in which he can use dark, skull-shaped tendrils to grip other objects. His variant, however, plays a supportive role and was only shown capable of using the technique to attach his previously cut off arms back in place.[5]
Soul Eater Chapter 110 - Kid is the new Shinigami

Death the Kid as a True Death God.

  • True Death God State: After having connected the Three Lines of Sanzu, Kid permanently attained a newer state, becoming a true Death God and replacing his father as the true Death God of the world. After attaining this state, he can switch between his normal form (with all three Lines simply connected) or a form in which shapes his eyes like that of his father's mask and a long cloak reminiscent of his father's own.[14]
  • Madness Wavelength (狂気の波長, Kyōki no hachō): After connecting all his Lines of Sanzu, Kid gained a Madness Wavelength capable of spreading in a specific area. It's unknown how powerful his Madness Wavelength truly is.[7]
  • Madness of Order (注文の狂気, Chūmon no kyōki): After gaining his complete form, he unlocked the ability of using the Madness of Order, in which is able to turn eclipse human emotion under its influence and suppress human emotion, leaving only a mechanical cycle of life and death.[15] However, like his father, he opts out use of this ability. With the Madness of Order, Asura's comments stated that this madness has the ability to counteract even his own Madness.[16]
  • Permanent Power Increase: After attaining this form, his power would skyrocket to god-like levels, his soul swelling to around his own father's level. The pinnacle of his power, however, is never seen though it is described as equally or being slightly worse than Black☆Star and also under that of Asura, though the latter comments that his attacks performed are better than when done before his ascension.[17]

Black Needle Wavelength: In the anime, Death the Kid has been described as possessing a Black Needle Wavelength in which allows the Demon Twin Guns into using Death Cannon, a technique utilized while in Execution Mode.[18] (Anime Only)

Multiple Resonance Stabilization: Death the Kid can match and stabilize his own Soul Wavelength with more then one Demon Weapon at a time.[19]

Episode 3 - Kid kills Pharoh animated

Death the Kid shows off his power of a Death God combined with his weapons, decimating the Pharoh.

Gun-Type Meister: Death the Kid is extremely skilled Gun-Type weapon, with the Demon Twin Guns as his standard weapons. When in usage of these weapons, the weapons shoot out compress bullets made out of his wavelength[20] Ordinary shots from these guns and his Wavelength are strong enough to cause pain even for Free, a Werewolf and Immortal[21] and destroy the Pyramid Anubis as well as utterly decimate the Wrath of the Pharaoh's entire body.[22] With his Death Eagle .42 transformation, his own shots can even deal damage to Mosquito in his 400 Years Ago form[23] as well as easily decimate the body of a Clown.[24] With his Death Cannon without assistance from Soul's Piano, Kid is powerful enough to defeat Black☆Star and Soul Eater with two shots[25] as well as break through Kaguya's Heavenly Raiment Wall despite it's constant healing.[26] In the anime, his Sanzu Death Cannon's shoots were powerful enough to descimate Asura in his giant form.[9]

  • Marksmanship: In terms of his ability in Marksmanship, Death the Kid's marksmanship skills are extremely accurate and sharp. He's being skilled enough to shoot down thousands of Mosquito's bats with a two powerful technique[23] as well as shoot at hilts of 4 blades at a rapid pace[27] and juggle Crona in the air with his own shots for several seconds.[28] In addition, he also possesses eye in which acts as a scope for locking onto targets. It's unknown If this trait exists outside Execution Mode, however.[29]

Soul Perception (魂感知, Tamashī kanchi): Kid possess the ability to skillfully perceive and sense the souls of other beings. While perceptive, it is not on Maka Albarn's level.[30]

Death God Physiology:Due to being a Death God, Death the Kid possess a physiology far more advance then most beings in the series, especially that of humans. He's stated himself that he's immune to toxins[31] and heals much faster then any normal human being can. Despite receiving moderate damage during his battle against Mosquito in his form from 400 years ago, he was able to heal quickly and move on.[32]

  • Regeneration:Despite having been beaten savagely and drilled by the Pharaoh, Death the Kid has an astounding healing factor in which heals him from normally fatal injuries in seconds.[33]

Enhanced Durability: Combined with his healing factor, Death the Kid is a resilient individual. He's been able to take punishment from the likes of Mosquito and Kaguya.

Enhanced Strength: Though not as strong as the likes of Black☆Star or Auntie, Kid still possesses above-average strength. Combined with his martial arts, he's capable of sending his opponents into the air and able to create craters with the use of his legs. He was also capable of lifting Fisher King and overpowered a strong Clown creature.[34]

Enhanced Speed: Additionally, Kid is by far one of the fastest characters seen in the series, quite possibly faster than even Black☆Star. His speed is so remarkable that even Crona wasn't able to see his movements. Professor Stein regards Kid as the most mobile of the group.

Episode 38 - Death the Kid defeats Black Star

Death the Kid defeats Black☆Star.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Death the Kid was already a master of martial arts by his inclusion into the DWMA[35], often combining his unarmed combat with the usage of his demon guns as tonfa objects. Early on in the series, he was a superior fighter to both Soul Eater and Black☆Star despite the latter specializing in martial arts in particular to the point Maka Albarn stated he was toying with both males.[36] Without the usage of his own weapons, he was able to gain the upper-hand on one occassion with Black☆Star during which the latter suffered from a blocked wavelength[37] and stalemated the assassin in their second altercation while under the influence of the Madness of Power, though it's unknown how much power the Great Old One of Power granted him..[38]

Episode 30 - Kid attacks Fisher King

Death the Kid attacks Fisher King with Death God Taijustsu.

  • Death God Taijutsu (死神武道, Shishin Taijutsu): Kid's signature martial art in which he mastered.[35] This martial art focuses on utlizing different "stances" in which the user's attacks or defense is augmented depending on the stance. This martial arts is also able to be used with Demon Weapons, as Kid has used some of these stances with Liz and Patty in their weapon forms like Tonfas.[39]
  • Death God Taijutsu: "Crime" Stance (死神体術「罪」の構え, Shishin Taijutsu "Tsumi" no Kamae; FUNimation "Reaper Combat Art: "Sin" Stance"): One of Kid's stances within his Death God Taijutsu. This particular stance has Kid's fighting style change, using the Demon Twin Guns as tonfas and moving at quick speeds. In terms of skill, it completely outclassed Crona though were unfazed by his attacks due to their Black Blood.[40]
Chapter 78 - Kid attacks Black Star with Mad Crime stance

Death God Taijutuse: "Mad Crime" Stance being utilized.

  • Death God Taijutsu: "Punishment" Stance (死神体術「罰」の構え, Shishin Taijutsu "Batsu" no Kamae): This stance of Kid's own admittance is more defensive then his Crime stance, with the focus in this stance being defense. While in this stance, he was capable of defending himself from Mosquito's attacks and was more inclined utilized defensive powers (Death Arm Blocking). However, his defense aren't inprentable, as he was unable to use this stance against Mosquito's Darkness Discord.[5]
  • Death God Taijutsu: "Mad Crime" Stance (死神体術「狂罪」の構え, Shishin Taijutsu: "Kyōzai" no Kamae): The most offensive, brutal stance that Kid can take. He used this style while under the effect of his own Madness. After connecting a single Sanzu line, Kid's attack become more powerful, taking advantages of exposed weakpoints and attacking them with brutal strength. It was capable of surprising Black☆Star, who was later blown away from his attacks.[41]

Skateboarder: Death the Kid's ability with a skateboard such as Beelzebub is immense, being skilled enough to ride it like that of a normal skateboard as well as even use it offensive in combat.[42] He was able to grind on Medusa Gorgon's Vector Arrow with extreme ease as he avoid the attack to get around her.[43]

Artist: Kid possess some skill in drawing, in which may have manifested thanks to his perfectionist tendencies.[44]


Due to suffering from perfectionist tendencies early on in the series, Death the Kid avoided destroying anything remotely symmetrical even If the said symmetrical subject was, in fact, the opponent.[45] He later overcame this weakness.


Kid KOed after noticing he's symmetrical.

In addition, he could easily be knocked out should he notice any part of his body asymmetrical to the point his body would cause him visible injury just from the realization of it that not only makes him spit up blood but also put him in bed for a week.[46] However, he would later overcome this weakness about some point after his fight with Black☆Star and Soul Eater, as witnessed when he fought against the Flying Dutchman. Without the appearance of BOTH Liz and Patty, Death the Kid also refuses to use just one of them due to his perfectionist tendencies and prefers to use both of them.[47]

Episode 50 - Kid is mortally wounded by Asura

Death the Kid is mortally injured by Asura.

Although powerful in his own right alone and competent in martial arts as well as godly powers, Death the Kid himself is not as powerful as when wielding the Demon Twin Guns. At most alone, Death the Kid was great enough to stalemate Black☆Star at the early stages of becoming a Warrior God in martial arts.[48] Having also been an Immature Death God for much duration of the series (and the anime), Death the Kid doesn't share the Immortality both his father and older brother possesses and is still able to be killed.[49] In the anime, due to this, Kid enters an emergency state whenever he faces a life threatening situation, in which takes power from Death via the Lines of Sanzu.[50] However, it is likely that in the end of the manga, having become a True Death God, Kid is now immortal just like his father and thus no longer possesses this weakness, although as he remains substantially inferior to both Asura and Death, it is likely he can still be killed but with more difficulty than before.

Chapter 111- Asura pins Kid Maka and Black Star

Asura pins all 3 DWMA students.

Despite being a god himself, his own power and capabilities has it's own limits and he is willing to admit them, as he openly admits he cannot take on the Bloodsucker, Mosquito, alone and required Maka Albarn and Black☆Star with their respective weapons as well as Free's assistance, though upon connecting his fist Lines of Sanzu, Kid became powerful enough to stalemate him.[51] In addition, Death the Kid, even as a True Death God, was considerably outclassed by Asura alone during the battle on the Moon along with Black☆Star and Maka Albarn, in which all three Meisters had admitted that individually they cannot take on Asura himself (even when Kid ascended to being a True Death God) and required a combination of teamwork as well as interference from other DWMA members, unknown party members, and Magic users to take down the Kishin[52]

According to Auntie, although Kid has the strength to overpower opponents like Kaguya, his "sensitive" and "delicate" way of fighting holds back his ability to do so.[53]



Death's Cloak: After his father's death, he took his cloak as his own. This cloak is capable of transforming it's shape to the wearer's own or desire. It can also self repair itself from damage.[54] (Unnamed)

Kid's Cloak: A outfit in which consists of a cloak and a mask that matches his father's own. Kid tends to wear this on his missions assigned to him by his father. According to him, he personally likes his cloak. It offers no advantages, however. At times, a mask may be absent.[55] (Unnamed)

via Shinigami Powers
Episode 16 - Kid calls Beelzebub

Kid materializes Beelzebub.

Beelzebub (ベルゼブブ, Beruzebubu): With his Shinigami Powers, Kid can manifest his flight-capable skateboard to traverse to locations.[56] His skateboard is capable of flying at 300 miles per hour, able to keep up the with the renown Runaway Express.[57]

  • Tornado Flip (トルネードフリップ, Torunēdo Furippu): A technique in which Kid launches his skateboard spinning at a target, capable of tearing off the Wrath of the Pharoh's wrappings.[58]
  • Death Slide (デススライド, Desu Raido): A technique of simply applying Kid's great agility and grinding on an enemy's attack. Kid displayed this capability of being able to grind on Medusa's Vector Arrow x3 attack, dodging her other incoming arrows.[59]

Shinigami Jets: After connecting the second Lines of Sanzu, Kid gained the same capability as his father in which he could create two, skull shaped jets behind him. The speed in which he flies is comparable to that of his Beelzebub skateboard, though the exact extent is unknown.[6] (Unnamed)

Partnered with Liz and Patty
Demon Twin Guns

Kid using the Demon Twin Guns.

Demon Twin Guns (二丁魔拳銃, Ni-chō Makenjū) : With use of the Demon Twin Guns, Death the Kid is capable of using their weapon form's ability to condense his soul wavelength and fire powerful bullets capable from stunning and injuring an individual to lethal levels capable of destroying bodies (such as the likes of the Wrath of the Pharaoh) depending on the situation.[60]

  • Sanzu River Shot (三途川撃, Sansu Ribaa Shotto; FUNimation "River Syx Shot"):Kid shoots out a quick stream of bullets from each of his partners, with both Weapons aimed symmetrically. In the anime, he shoots the three shots in quick succession.[61]
Death Eagle.42

Kid with the Death Eagle .42

  • Death Eagle .42 (DEATH EAGLE-.42(デス イーグル フォーティートゥー), Desu Īguru Fōtītoū): After connecting the first of the Lines of Sanzu and onward, Kid can resonate with both of his weapons to unlock a more powerful gun transformation. This form significantly upgrades the caliber of Kid's usual shots, and upgrades the "soul-width" that the guns can fire their Soul Wavelength from the norm .38 to .42. From this form, the shots and techniques in which he can utilize is capable of damaging the likes of Mosquito and the members of the Clown Army , in which some within the latter were killed in a single shot.[62]
  • Sanzu Falls Shot (サンズフォールショット, Sanzufōrushotto): Kid raises his arms and shots downward in a powerful steam of Soul Wavelength-powered bullets. This technique was capable of damaging Mosquito considerably and cancel out his Darkness Discord technique.[63]
Episode 6 - Kid's Execution Mode animated

Kid in Soul Resonance and activating Execution Mode.

  • Execution Mode (死刑執行モード, Shikei Shikkō Mōdo):With the use of his Demon Twin Guns, Death the Kid can enter a special "mode" and gain access to extremely powerful moves. This expands his Soul and Soul Wavelength and enables him to take various forms to execute his unique moveset. Part of this ability stems from his powers as a Shinigami.[64] In addition, this "mode"also grants him some sort of scoping vision, enabling him to "lock on" onto a target as If he was watching his targets on display.[65]
Episode 37 - Death Cannon

Death Cannon.

  • Death Cannon (デス・キャノン, Desu Kyanon): After entering Execution Mode, the Soul Resonance between Kid and the Demon Twin Guns allow them to enter a more powerful transformation known as Death Cannon. Operating similarly, the shots in which fired from the cannon is more heavier and powerful then the ordinary gun form. It was sufficient enough to defeat Black☆Star and Soul Eater with ease[64] as well as destroy the Mechanical Clowns.[66]
  • First and Last Certain Kill Attack: A category of techniques in which Kid can perform. While extremely powerful, the technique used require the use of Death's Wavelength and as such, cannot be again performed once done.[10]
Chapter 81 - Parents Seven Ray kills Horror Dragon.

Parent's Seven Rays killing the Horror Dragon.

  • Parent's Seven Rays (親の七光, Pearentsu Sebunn Reizu): Using Death's Wavelength, Kid can send a powerful attack of extreme power. It is, perhaps, Kid's most powerful move witnessed. After entering Execution Mode, resonate resonate with his weapons, connect one of the Lines of Sanzu, and transform them to their Death Eagle .42 transformation, their "Wavelength circuits" connect. The next stage, known as Coffin Construction (棺桶構築, Koffinn Kouchiku), is when Kid fabricates five small coffins that are in the shape of cannons, which subsequently proceed to float in a symmetrical formation behind him. These coffins have triggers attached to them that look like Death's mask. Connecting the second Line of Sanzu, the next stage is known as Commencing Rotation (回転開始, Kaiten Kaishi) in which Death the Kid apparently makes the air in the immediate vicinity spin into a tornado, through the use of his Lines of Sanzu. The final stage, known as Coffin Release (棺桶開放, Koffinn Kaihou), then has Kid point his weapons upward and release the coffin's covering, spreading ,multiple, powerful rays of light capable of killing the Horror Dragon and Noah (Greed), decimating the former's body.[10]
Episode 50 - Sanzu Death Cannon in use

Sanzu Death Cannon.

  • Sanzu Death Cannon: While within a near-death state in which he uses power from his father, Death, Kid can access his most powerful weapon transformation. After establishing a temporary three Lines of Sanzu connection, he can create a large, golden cannon in which raises the Soul Resonance rate at 2000%, far higher then any of his previous transformations. The cannon fire shoots out a green and red-colored stream in which mixes together to create a larger stream. This stream was capable of injuring Asura, knocking the latter's state from his giant form to his normal, humane form.[9]


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