Chapter 52 - Mosquito drags both Kid and Free through walls
Participants DWMA
Medusa's Amry
Location Baba Yaga Castle
Outcome Mosquito seemingly cripples both Free and Kid.
Next Death the Kid and Thompson Sisters vs Mosquito
Real World Data
Manga Involvement Chapter 52
Anime Involvement Other Involvement

Death the Kid, Thompson Sisters, & Free vs Mosquito is a battle fought during the DWMA's invasion of Arachnophobia in Operation: Capture Baba Yaga.[1]


Chapter 52 - Free has the wrong tower

Free arrives at the wrong tower.

Assigned by Medusa to take out Tower 8 within Baba Yaga Castle, Kid and the Thompson Sisters begrudgily take under the order. Meanwhile, as Mosquito finds the towers attacked, he orders his men to guard the remaining while guarding Tower 8 personally. As Kid arrives at the tower, he meets Mosquito. As they remember one another, Free also arrives, having been assigned Tower 2 but gets mixed up and traveled to Tower 8 instead. Meeting Death the Kid once more, both enemies put aside their differences to fight the greater enemy: Mosquito.[2]


Chapter 52 - Free lands a hit on Mosquito

Free overpowers Mosquito with his strength, magic, and speed.

Both Free and Kid go on the offensive at Mosquito, who had transformed to his 100 Years Ago form, with Kid attacking first before Free. Combining his physical prowess with his A Vasili, Free is able to push back Mosquito easily in his present form. Realizing who he is up against, Mosquito realizes his current form s not equipped to deal with both a Werewolf and a Death God at the same time, prompting him to transform to his 200 Years Ago form.[3]

Chapter 52 - Kid gains the upperhand with Mosquito in close combat.

Kid decimates Mosquito's current form in close quarters combat.

In his new form, he takes advantage of his great speed and slams both Kid and Free through concrete walls. Free stops Mosquito, throwing him through a wall and into an unknown room. Landing on his feet, Mosquito attacks Kid with a punch, only for the Death God to redirect his attacks and push him downward with his heel. As Kid tries shooting the down individual, he finds that Mosquito is too fast for him to catch with his shots, with the Thompson Sisters remarking his incredible speed much to their chargin. Using Ice Pillars he restricts Mosquito's movement and is shot down. Kid then attacks Mosquito as he recovers and despite his retaliation, Kid takes the lead in close quarters. With Mosquito attempted to pull back, he his bound by Free's Ice Bind and is pushed back. He is promptly frozen by Free's Frigid Jailhouse, with both of them executing Death Cannon and Demon Eye Cannon.[4]

Chapter 52 - Mosquito bisects Free

Mosquito cuts Free in half.

Mosquito survives the onslaught with a shrivel of his body still remaining. Citing that he had underestimated them both, he swears that he will still give then "true" hell, his soul and wavelength expanding as he then transforms to his 400 Years Ago form, in which both Patty and Liz criticize for it's appearance being "lame" and not looking quite as strong as the others. Despite this, he tells them to try and keep with him for at least four seconds. In blinding speed however, he bisects Free's torso, cutting him in half as well as cuts off Kid's arm. Licking the blood off his fingers, he claims they didn't even last one second.[5]


Having his hand cut off and Free unable to assist, Mosquito nearly kills Kid as he reveals Arachnophobia's goal of replacing the world order from DWMA to his respective organization. With Kid denying such an act to happen, he awakens "BREW" on his persons, connecting one of the Lines of Sanzu and prepares to do battle after recovering his arm with Death Claw.[6]

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