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Death the Kid

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Kid as a Shinigami

alias = Kid, Kid-kun, Kiddo, "Death the Kidd"(Vol. 1 only) "Kidd"(Vol. 1 only)

Death the Kid

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Meister, Marksman, Shinigami Combat Arts, Skate-boarder, Artist



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Death God Martial Arts

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Death the Kid (デス·ザ·キッド, Desu za Kiddo) or commonly refereed to as "Kid" is a powerful Shingami and the son of Death himself born from a fragment of Death's soul as well as being one of if not, the most popular character in the entire series. He is also one of the main Meisters that the original Soul Eater follows. Along with wielding the Double Team Demon Guns, Liz and Patty, Kid's other trademarks include his 3 white hair stripes, gold eyes, and of course his iconic obsession with "symmetry".


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Though most of Kid's upbringing is unknown, many other students at Shibusen didn't want to get close to Kid because of the fact that he is Death's son and they think if they get too close to him, they'll get hurt. Kid was singled out until he met Liz and Patti, with the three of them becoming good comrades who help each other out. Kid truly experienced friendship when he met the other meisters.


While Kid is normally a force to be reckoned with, he has one major flaw that psychologically tortures him as well as physically handicapping him on occasions. He is a sufferer of a disorder which has become a trademark character quirk of his, called obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, or OCPD, which is manifested as an obsession over perfection. Objects and surroundings that are symmetrical can distract him from missions and Kid will often start to break down and undergo fits if he notices asymmetrical objects in the vicinity. Thus if anything is wrong by even the most minute of measurements (a crooked picture frame, not folding his toilet paper, for example), he will try to correct it right away, even at the expense of the mission at hand. His favorite number is 8, not only for its symmetrical appearance, but for the fact it divides out evenly. His obsession with symmetry is so profound such that he will refuse to fight in a battle unless everything is symmetrical, as he would be asymmetrical holding only one gun. On the other hand, if an enemy is symmetrical in appearance, he will refuse to fight it regardless less it upset its symmetry. The fact that the left half of his bangs is marked with three white stripes causes him much stress. As a result of his OCPD, Kid can be very hard on himself if the asymmetry of the stripes in his hair are pointed out by someone, calling himself "useless asymmetrical garbage". The Index of the Book of Eibon referred to this obsession as Madness of Order. He is usually very mature and precise in his ways. Additionaly, he is naturally calm and collected, and as such is perfectly fine with other people making their own decisions when it comes to symmetry or otherwise, even if he disagrees with their choices. However, there are times when his obsession with symmetry can greatly affect his calm personality and cause him to break down into childish fits. He doesn't appear to have any problem socializing and genuinely cares for his friends. He is seen expressing concern about Soul's scar at one point, and also threatens Gopher that he will never forgive him if he hurts Maka after Gopher threatens to hurt her in revenge for their original fight. He also threw Patti and Liz away from him before being sucked into the Book of Eibon, not wanting them to be taken with him.

Kid generally seems to be somewhat introverted, often working on missions on his own and not having as close of a friendship with Maka or Black☆Star as Maka and Black☆Star have with each other. It is mentioned by Maka that it is normally hard to match soul wavelengths with more than one weapon, but Kid as a highly skilled Meister is able to do so since Liz and Patti have a strong connection with each other and admiration for Kid who gave them a better life. His father, Death, has mentioned that Kid is a Shinigami ("death god") and does not need to collect souls, but Kid says he wants to make a weapon of his own specifications. His father also says that since he uses two weapons and the guns do not count as a set, he will have to collect twice as many souls: 198 evil human souls and two Witch souls instead of 99 souls and one witch soul. However, he seems perfectly fine with this.

Kid shares a side rivalry with Black☆Star, and seems to be stronger, however it is possible that he is more susceptible to madness than Black☆Star or Maka, for both were able to pull themselves from madness while he quickly succumbed to the Madness of Order in the Book of Eibon, while Black☆Star is able to quickly snap himself out of it. This may be because of his OCPD, or simply because of his strong drive to create a perfect world. Although Kid's obsession with symmetry often hinders his performance and focus on missions, he still has good intentions. He wants to follow in his father's footsteps and help make the world a more peaceful place that is safe from evil. However, Kid has somewhats contradicted himself in this matter at times. Because of his obsession with symmetry, he stated aboard the Flying Dutchman that he actually believes the world should have a maintained balance of good and evil to keep it more 'symmetrical.' As such, he is not fully against evil.

In the English dub version of the anime, there have been instances where Kid spoke sarcastically even though this has only occured a couple of times, which include when he saw the way Black Star was dressed for Shibusen's Anniversary Party and was slightly revolted with it. One other instance is when he asked his father why Eibon started making Demon Tools, since Death's answers didn't help and weren't even explanations at all, he sarcastically responded how helpful the explanations were.


Death the Kid Full Body 1

Death the Kid's Appearance

Death the Kid is a tall and thin Shinigami boy of the appearance of a teenage boy. He is always dressed in a refined manner, mostly because of his status as a Shinigami. He limits his main wardrobe to a standard black suit with white rectangles, until later on in the manga series when he is seen wearing a white coat instead of a black one. The rectangles are placed in a manner that is completely symmetrical. There are at least six small rectangles along the seam where the sleeves attach to the jacket, and four small rectangles run along the front of his jacket. It is possible that these shapes could be replacements for buttons. His undershirt is a formal white dress shirt, and a metallic skull rests under his collar, and could be used as a tie. His color scheme is meant to copy his father's, where the only color variation between black and white is the color of his eyes. When going out on missions, Kid will typically cover himself in a cloak and mask that makes him look like a smaller version of his father. The reason behind this is unknown, but it could be speculated that it is to show his rank as the son of Death. Another speculation is that upon donning the mask on the opposite side of his Sanzu lines, it causes his hair to be perfectly symmetrical.

In the manga, Kid's suit has now been replaced with the Spartoi uniform consisting of a white dress shirt, black tie, a white sports jacket, like that of Liz and Patti's, with a white dress or suit jacket over it with the Spartoi symbol on the left sleeve, navy pants and white shoes. Kid's most notable feature is the three white lines that cut across the left side of his hair, stopping in a completely straight line along the front and back of his head. They are the Sanzu Lines and they act as limiters to his power. When one or more line connects, his power increases exponentially and he becomes far stronger, and more dangerous. The lines, however, only connect when Kid is under the influence of Madness or determined enough. Kid greatly despises these lines because they throw off his physical symmetry. Mentioning these lines will send him into a fit, during which he curses his own existence, calling himself garbage. Kid also has a cowlick on the right side of his hair, but it appears he has not yet noticed it as he has made no effort to correct it. In the third episode of the anime, Kid's soul is shown as a red color and has the three white Sanzu lines, representing his asymmetrical bangs. Later in the show, however, his soul is shown to be blue with a skull shape and the three Sanzu lines marking him as a Shinigami. When under the influence of madness, five black lines appear over Kid's mouth. These give the appearance of his mouth being sewn shut. They also make Kid's face look like that of a skull. Another noticeable feature would be his eyes. Kid's eyes are two different shades of yellow, ringing around his pupil. The outside ring is a bright yellow while the inner ring is a dark yellow, similar to the color of gold. The reason behind this double-coloring is unknown, though many simply attribute it to the fact that he is a Shinigami. Also shown later in the series, it would seem to be like a scope, able to select out enemies and lock onto them.

In chapter 110, Kid's Sanzu lines connect and his appearance again changes. Kid is shown wearing a black cape similar to his father's, though he keeps his skull brooch. His pupils change to skull shapes, though they remain golden. His Sanzu lines are fully connected and are "floating" around his head. These changes are due to him becoming a full Shinigami. As soon as he has returned from the fight on the moon, the Sanzu lines settle on his hair once more, making him fully symmetrical.


Main Article: Death the Kid's Relationships

Because of his status as the son of the Shinigami and wealth, most people respect Kid as a Shinigami. This is mostly seen by Shibusen staff, students, and supporters. Only a handful aren't influence by this. However, many people do respect his causes, as they're much similar to his fathers. However, many of his enemies he has fought has mocked him for defending his father's ideals, who many of his enemies see as a sort of higher up dictator.

Powers And Abilities

Main Article: Death the Kid's Powers and Abilities

Nals vs DTK 2

Death the Kid has considerable close combat skills.

Death the Kid is arguably one of the most powerful characters in Soul Eater. Due to his natural talent and being a Shinigami, his skills outclasses most students in Shibusen. He's taken on many powerful enemies such as Mosquito and Kaguya and held his own. He's defeated the like of Fisher King and in skill, is shown to outclass Crona. He often uses strategy in conjunction with his skill and agility to fight his opponents, in which contrast to a more "Gorilla-like" style Black Star and Granny possess. In the manga, he manages to connect 3 Sanzu Lines, his power nearly rivaling his father's own by the size of his wavelength.

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Introduction Not! Arc

While Tsugumi is at Master's cafe one day, Kid enters, coming to inspect and make sure Liz and Patti aren't causing trouble, as they are on probation and it is his job to watch over the sisters. Upon seeing Tsugumi, though, Kid impulsively goes to fix her pigtails so they are symmetrical, albeit being so close to her face makes her noticeably embarrassed.

Soul Eater

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Prologues Arc

Death the Kid

Death the Kid is first introduced while in the process of conducting a mission. After failing the mission to capture Lupin the thief due to his obsession with symmetry, he speaks to his father, Shinigami, and decides to go after the witch, Samantha, who is controlling mummies at the pyramid of Anubis. Upon arriving, Kid begins to worry about the symmetry of a picture hanging in his room back home. Kid leaves his weapons, Patti and Liz Thompson, alone in the pyramid, along with all the mummies, by themselves. The sisters manage to defeat the mummies but are later captured by the Pharaoh. When Kid eventually returns, he finds that his partners are being held captive. After successfully releasing them, Liz and Patti transform but Kid doesn't fight as he realizes that the Pharaoh's coffin is in perfect symmetry. The Pharaoh beats the unwilling Kid down. Kid then lays on the ground as the Pharaoh prepares for the final blow. The Pharaoh comes out of his coffin to end it, but Kid notices nothing symmetrical about it anymore but the smiley face jewel on his forehead. Kid then gets up and shoots everything down but the smiley face, defeating the Pharaoh, however, in the process he destroyed the pyramid of Anubis and as punishment, Shinigami takes all the souls he's collected.[1][2]

Remedial Lessons Arc

Part 1

Shinigami and Death the Kid are both seen watching the battle between Black☆Star, Maka and their weapons against Sid. They soon discuss who it was that killed Sid and turned him into a zombie. With the culprit now revealed to be Dr. Stein, Shinigami then explains that not only was the current Death Scythe Spirit first partner and that he was the strongest student to ever graduate from Shibusen.[3][4]\

Part 2

Kid is later seen watching the battle between Stein and the Shibusen children. He is shocked at the revelation and personally believes that they will all die at the hands of Stein. As the battle proceeds, Kid is astonished by Stein's masterful use of wavelength without the use of a weapon. Kid is soon unable to watch the onslaught brought on by Stein and wishes to aid them, but is stopped by his father, who states that this is for Shibusen students. Kid then decides that, henceforth, he, Liz, and Patti will be Shibusen students.On his way out of his father's room, Kid is seen stumbling as he believes he forgot to fold the edge of his toilet paper into a triangle. Patti and Liz try to help him but all their attempts are in vain.[5][6]

Chapter 3 - New Student and Soul Observation

There is constant talk regarding Kid enrolling at Shibusen. Black☆Star, being the person that he is, is angered that there is someone who is talked about more than he is. He then proceeds to go outside and wait for Kid to appear. Kid, however, is three hours late, as he spent the entire time making certain that everything was perfectly symmetrical before his departure. When Kid finally does arrive, he immediately begins to admire the supreme symmetry of the school building; however, he is quickly devastated when Black☆Star ruins the symmetry by standing on and breaking one of the spikes protruding out the main skull structure. This greatly angers Kid and he prepares to do battle with Black☆Star and Soul.During battle, Kid uses his twin pistols with great dexterity and handles both Soul and Black☆Star with extreme ease. The fight soon attracts the attention of the students inside the school; leading to Maka, Tsubaki and Stein having to go outside to observe it.During the battle, Black☆Star and Soul decide to attempt to actually work together as a Weapon and Meister pairing. Despite their attempt, it fails horribly with Soul landing on Black☆Star's head in scythe form and Black☆Star being unable to lift Soul due to the horrible connection they have between their souls. Angered by their failed attempts, Soul and Black☆Star choose to break up as partners but to stay as friends. While they are hugging, Kid shoots them both in the head. As the two get back up, they decide to renew their attacks on Kid, but separately this time. Black☆Star manages to grab Kid’s leg and pulls him onto the ground, and Soul seizes the opportunity to slash at Kid. Kid narrowly avoids this and breaks free from Black☆Star's grasp, all the while pulling Black☆Star into an embarrassing blow to his head. Kid responds to this barrage by performing a soul resonance with Liz and Patti. He then gets into Execution Mode and performs Death Cannon. This creates a large explosion that knocks both boys out.Kid, surprisingly, loses consciousness too for seemingly unknown reasons. It is then revealed by Maka that, when Soul attempted to slash at Kid, he had cut some of Kid’s bangs, with Kid not noticing the broken symmetry until after the explosion. Soul and Black☆Star both agree that this was their "win from behind", even though Kid technically won the fight. Shinigami later appears to pick up and attend to Kid, who is still unconscious from the broken symmetry.[7][8]


As punishment for not gathering any souls from the extra lesson, Black☆Star is tasked with cleaning up the entirety of a library. However, instead of completing the task, he starts reading manga, and proceeds to make noise while doing so. It is at this moment that Death the Kid finds him there. Kid is at the library to borrow books, with his main purpose being to read about the holy sword Excalibur. Kid is fascinated by its possible symmetry, while Black☆Star is by the fame it entails. Their interest is piqued further after they hear from Stein that Excalibur was impossible even for himself. With that, they go search for the sword.

Eventually, they reach the northern part of Priten Island. Their first obstacle is to climb a large cliff. Kid easily does so by riding on his Beelzebub. Black☆Star is forced to climb it bare-handed. After Black☆Star climbs it, he soon reaches the cave and sees Kid hanging off of an obstacle. Kid begs Black☆Star to carry him, because he does not want to step in water. Eventually Black☆Star gives in and carries Kid. While walking through the cave, they pass by a fairy. They inquire her about Excalibur. She instantly makes a disgusted face after she hears them say the name. The two soon reach the sword’s cavern and are impressed at the sight it. Kid is especially fascinated by its beauty. When both try to pull it out, they are surprised at how easily they were able to. Excalibur then begins talking to them and changes into his human-like form.

Kid and Black☆Star are amazed over how ridiculous Excalibur’s human form looks. Excalibur quickly begins to ask the boys trivial questions, while at the same time not giving them time to respond. On top of that the manner in which Excalibur waves his cane around and referring to his own legend quickly angers Black☆Star. It is even revealed that the book of Excalibur was written by Excalibur himself. Excalibur then gives them a large amount of sheets, delineating all the things one must do to be able to wield him. After giving them the stack of papers, Excalibur finally declares them his Meisters. However, immediately after they hold him, the two put him back into the ground and leave in disgust.

The following day, Black☆Star and Kid meet each other while walking down the hallway in the school. The two shake hands because of their good partnership. Kid then notices that some of the other students are laughing at them. The reason is because Excalibur has sent a pair of giant gifts to them, with the message “I’ll always be waiting for you".

The Soul That Persisted

Kid is with his two partners, along with Black☆Star and Tsubaki, in Maka and Soul's apartment. They had all just finished eating Maka's food. Kid then compliments Soul for having a nice, clean apartment. He then asks if just Maka and Soul lives here. This question was answered when Blair makes an appearance, in a towel, and asks if anyone would like to take a bath with her. Blair's towel then falls off; Kid is astonished and Soul suffers the typical nose bleed. However notice that, in contrary to most anime characters, Death the Kid does not suffer from a nose bleed. This is because (unlike most anime boys) he is not a pervert. He is actually a very (overly) matured person for his age.

Super Written Exam

Stein issues a very important written exam for the class, with rumors being spread that whoever passes with the greatest score will make or become a Death Scythe. This being Kid's first test in the school, Patti tells Kid to do his best. Kid, however, replies that because he is a Shinigami, he already knows all he needs to about the subject of souls.

At his house, instead of studying, and while checking up on Patti and Liz, Kid notices that Liz is plucking her eyebrows. He asks if he should be the one who plucks them, so her right and left eyebrows match perfectly. Liz rejects his offer, because it took Kid a month last time. Kid then begs Liz, until she accepts. Before Kid even works on them, he begins to draw a design.

The day of the test arrives and several moments after the test begins, Kid is seen stuck writing his full name believing it is not beautifully written. Even after the hour had almost passed, he is still trying to write his name. This time, the "K" in "Death the Kid" is spaced wrong and has to rub out the letter lots of times, after numerous failed attempts. It is at this point that he starts to cry, stating that he is garbage and that the letter "K" has abandoned him. However; as he is viciously rubbing his mistake out, he mistakenly rips the test paper; horrified by this, he coughs out blood then propels off his chair, onto the floor and passes out (symmetrically).

In the end, Kid failed the test with zero points for not completing it, although as a Shinigami, he most likely would have gotten a perfect score if did complete it.

Black dragon

Kid arrives, by boat, to the Babuto Seashore, reported to have had its entire town swallowed. The information was released by the villagers who survived the event. Kid then points to a fog, sensing a large amount of souls in that location. Immediately, a large ship emerges from the fog — the Nidhogg. After crashing into the large ship, Kid and his two partners board it. While on board, Kid begins to canvass the ship and soon discovers a room crowded by souls. Kid decides to save the souls using his Shinigami powers but is stopped when the Flying Dutchman emerges from underneath Kid and shoots at him. Kid narrowly dodges this shot, and in the same instance, Liz falls and is swallowed by the ship. The Dutchman explains that the ship and he are the same and that they walked into his stomach. Kid inquires the Dutchman on the large amount of souls. Dutchman replies that they are for the Kishin. He then shoots at Kid, who dodges it. Patti tells Kid she will transform but is rejected by Kid. The two are then chased outside the room where they meet Liz. He finally tells the two to transform and begins to do battle with the Dutchman. But, before he can do anything, the Dutchman is attacked by Crona, who then proceeds to cut him in half. After that, he/she immediately begins to draw out the souls from within the ship and allows Ragnarok to consume them. Kid is astonished and positions himself into his Stance of "Crime" form, with the intention of executing Crona.

Kid and Crona begin battle. Kid easily overwhelms Crona, delivering countless shots to him/her. The Dutchman, still alive after being attacked by Crona, interrupts the battle by attacking Crona and Kid with cannons. When the smoke clears, Kid notices that Crona's spirit wavelength is expanding. Crona then proceeds to perform Screech Alpha, destroying the ship. Crona then uses the chance to escape. Kid withdraws his Beelzebub and gives chase. Halfway through the chase, Kid is distracted by the symmetrical view of the sun and sky, letting Crona escape.

Kid eventually reaches Shibusen and tells Liz and Patti to go back to the mansion. Kid visits his father and inquires him on the Kishin, wanting a full explanation from his father.

Foundation Commemoration

Kid is seen with a depressed look on his face when Maka and the others enter the room. When Maka asks what was wrong, Kid changes his expression and soon notices that Black☆Star completely neglected his outfit. Kid then welcomes everyone to the commemoration. After Shinigami's short speech, Kid begins his own speech, but is constantly interrupted by Black☆Star's obnoxiousness. It gets to the point where Kid kicks Black☆Star in the face and thus the two begin fighting, with Kid ending up in his depressed state for his ruined speech.

Soon the party is ruined by Medusa, who escapes, and with Free while trapping everyone in a cube that separates them from the rest of the world.

It was due to Sid performing his Compulsive Burial that Kid and his partners, along with Maka and Soul, Black☆Star and Tsubaki, and Stein through the ground and away from the imprisonment. Once the group reaches the bottom, Stein informs them of Medusa's goal. Afterward, he asks if anyone wishes to leave, as the battle ahead will be dangerous everyone prepares to fight.

Fight To The Death

On their way to stop the revival of Asura, they are interrupted by a visit from Maka's father, Spirit and, after some speaking, join the group. Eventually, Medusa appears, with the intent of being a hindrance. Stein tells the children to go on ahead, while he faces Medusa. After some trouble, Kid, along with Black☆Star and Maka, manage to pass by Medusa's attacks.

While Kid is on his way to the Kishin's chamber, he is slowed down by the bombs of Eruka along with his OCD having an effect on him. After being galvanized by Patti, Kid forces himself past the explosives.

Once again, when he reaches closer to the Kishin's chamber, he begins to sense the insanity of the Kishin. Liz asks Kid about the Kishin. Kid then explains that the Kishin was defeated by Shinigami, who then proceeded to rip off Asura's skin and seal his soul within in, though had forgotten about Asura's blood. The conversation, however, is interrupted by a blast from Free. The two then begin to battle, though midway into it, Kid is distraught by the asymmetrical ruins surrounding him. Thankfully, Black☆Star makes an amicable appearance and brings Kid back to reality; the two then work together to defeat Free.

While Black☆Star is attacking Free, he begins to take notice of Black☆Star's futile attacks. This eventually ends up with Kid concluding that the Free they see is a mere illusion. After lecturing Black☆Star for not realizing this after being so close to Free, the two leave.

Eventually, Kid makes it inside the Kishin's room. His first sight is the Black Blood Eruka is carrying. He goes to attack, but is blocked by Free. Before Kid could retaliate, he is stopped by the Kishin's insanity forcing him to hallucinate. He eventually returns to reality by recognizing that the hallucination is caused by the Kishin's insanity, He then goes to attack Eruka once again, but is again blocked by Free. Black☆Star then appears. Kid tells him to stop the Black Blood from being injected while he keeps Free in one place.

Black☆Star's efforts proved to be fruitless, though, as the Black Blood was injected. Kid explains to Black☆Star that, while proceeding to slice the needle, his concentration was so high that he used the sixth sense of sensing wavelengths. This facilitated the illusion.

Kid is now forced to witness the awaking of the first Kishin. He begins to shoot the sack of skin, though his efforts were futile. Kid also witnesses Black☆Star's fruitless attempts at defeating the Kishin. With the simple swipe of a hand, Black☆Star is blown away. Kid then tries his luck again, but he, too, is defeated by a simple tap on the head and knocked unconscious.

Patti and Liz are seen carrying Kid after the Kishin escapes from Death City.

Daily Life

The children are seen preparing to play basketball. Due to a shortage of one player, they force Maka into joining the game. Soul brings up the idea of a bet, for each of the teams' respective captain to follow if they lose. If Kid's team loses, they will put the paintings on Kid's walls in his mansion off by 2 cm; if Maka's team loses, she has to go shopping with her father. Ultimately, Kid's team wins, and Maka has to go shopping with her father, to Kid's obvious relief.


Kid is seen in class with the other students. He painfully watches the training session between Stein and the students he selected, with Black☆Star — one of the selected students — being repeatedly electrocuted by Ox.

Reunion Express

Kid and the others are at a large party. Kid notices Crona and comforts him/her about the hectic company. He tells Crona that she/he could open up and get used to everyone at her/his own pace.

Later on, he retrieves Patti and Liz for a mission, commissioned by Shinigami himself. The mission is about an express train thought to have infinite energy, as it has not stopped for over 100 years. Kid then says that a demon tool is located within it. They then head to the Sahara Desert and to the train station. They notice a passenger waiting, but pass it off as someone sightseeing. After a while, Kid becomes disappointed that the train doesn't appear and will most likely be late. Immediately, the train bursts from the ground like a large snake, passing by the abandoned station right on time. On the train is an Arachnophobia assassin, named Fisher King. Immediately, the person they'd believed was sightseeing reveals to be the youngest Mizune sister as she releases her soul protect and pursues the train, but not before leaving a bomb to hinder Kid's movements. Kid releases his Beelzebub and gives chase.

After a brief scuffle and a few skateboard tricks, Kid manages to board the train. Fisher King tries persistently to stop Kid from advancing, such as separating the cars. This proves to be useless, as Fisher King to avoid an attack from the Mizune Sister jumps onto the wrong car, separating himself from the Demon Tool in the process. When he swings over to the proper car, Kid uses Patti and Liz to grab Fisher and board the car as well. The two then begin to battle, with Kid easily dominating him. The battle soon reaches the room housing the demon tool as Kid eventually finishes him off. As Kid is about to open the box containing the tool, the injured Fisher King explains that the demon tool was created by Eibon, and then states that both Eibon and Shinigami are the same. He tells Kid to open the box containing the demon tool. Kid is astonished as he opens the box that within the vase is both Shinigami's and Eibon's signature on it. When Kid inquires what all this means, Fisher King is struck and killed by a knife thrown by Sid before he receives any response. The African branch tells Kid that they can rest at the camp. Kid, however, is left perturbed.

The Corner of The Room

Kid is in the Shibusen library researching all he can on Eibon. When he fails, he asks the receptionist for a level 4 book relating to Eibon. The receptionist, however, is unable to get the book as it was already borrowed by a person who only left the letter "M" as their signature. Kid thinks that it was Medusa.

Duel Arts

Kid is with the other students being taught by Stein to perform a team resonance. Stein explains how important it is and that he'll drop any team who fails to perform it. When they finally begin, the team began experiencing trouble. Soon, Maka begins to blame Black☆Star. Ultimately, Kid had to end the argument before it erupts. However, he is unable to stop them once they argue again, as Soul stops Kid, telling him to let them settle things themselves.

When Maka cools off, the teams begin again, and are successful. Later on, Maka confronts Black☆Star and tells him to punch her as penitence for her outburst. Black☆Star happily agrees and does so, much to Kid's surprise.


Kid, Maka, Black☆Star, Ox, Kilik, and Kim and their respective weapons is the group of children chosen for fighting to obtain Brew before Arachnophobia.

When the grownups take too long to appear, the group begins to worry. Ox, Kilik, and Kim decide to stay behind and take care of the forces opposing them. With that, Kid, Black☆Star, and Maka enter the vortex. The first thing they notice is Shinigami.

Kid explains that what they see is Shinigami from the grim times, before he built Shibusen. The group then hurries to the pyramid. When they reach, they notice a large mass of witches--one of them being Arachne. The group proceeds and soon meet Marie and Stein. Because Marie and Stein are overstaying, the children decide that they will take on the mission of retrieving Brew.

They eventually bump into Mosquito, who is carrying Brew. He then reverts to his form from 100 years ago and prepares to battle them. Before the battle can start, however, a hologram of Eibon appears. Black☆Star decides not to waste time and attacks Mosquito, ignoring the presence of Eibon. Eventually, Kid brings himself to ignore Eibon and attacks Mosquito too. However, none of their attacks are penetrating Mosquito's tough hide. Mosquito then uses his immense strength to overpower the children. Luckily, Soul comes up with the idea of team resonance and augmenting it with his music.

Soul plays the piano, giving the children a rush of power, enabling them to maneuver flawlessly around each other without saying a word. They are easily able to overcome Mosquito with both their synchronized speed and strength. Kid manages to connect a Death Cannon, which destroys both of Mosquito's arms. However, before they can finish him off, Soul stops playing, advising them to leave as their time limit for staying on the island is almost up.

They leave and watch how the Pyramid is destroyed by an explosion, though that, too, was a hologram from years past. When they exit the vortex they are greeted by a distraught Marie, who hugs them all for making it out safe, but soon threatens that they will all have a talking with her back at Shibusen.

Internal Investigation

Kid is outside the Shibusen Infirmary with Liz and Patti, waiting for Black☆Star. When Black☆Star exits the room, he asks if there were any lasting effects from being within the field for too long. Black☆Star replies that he is fine. Kid says that he, himself, has a Shinigami body, so he does not need an examination. Upon hearing this, Black☆Star jumps outside and breaks one of Shibusen's pillars, with the intent of galvanizing Kid into a duel — though at first Kid shows some concern for Black☆Star thinking he is going to hurt himself by jumping off the balcony of Shibusen. Kid agrees to this, with the intention of punishing Black☆Star for ruining the symmetry of the school.

During battle, Kid notices a difference in Black☆Star, stating he has become weaker. As the battle continues, Kid tells him to stop fighting, though Black☆Star refuses, retorting that Kid should kill him. Hearing this, Kid quickly goes in and delivers brutal hits onto Black☆Star, eventually knocking him out. After this Kid wonders what happened to him.


Kid is teamed with Maka for an extracurricular activity. When they reach the location of the mission, Kid refuses to use the entrance Maka plans to use and instead leaves Maka so he can find a proper entrance. While searching for an entrance, Kid begins to worry that he hadn't folded his toilet paper back home into triangles, the pictures frames being crooked, and the height of his candles being asymmetrical. This prevents him from catching up with Maka and all hopes of it ultimately gone when Liz decides to go back home when she becomes frightened by the scene of the place.


Kid is with other officials outside Chupa♡Cabra's to prevent the witches from escaping the grasp of Spirit and Sid.


Kid is there to reveal to everyone that Kim was a Witch. When Maka asks where he received the information regarding Kim, Kid replies that it was from Medusa. Kim, later on leaves Shibusen to work for Arachnophobia.

Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's Castle

Kid and his two partners are chosen to be Medusa's bodyguards for the operation, while Maka, Killik, Ox, and their respective weapons were chosen for the assault squad. After the operation details are discussed, they proceed with the mission, towards South America Amazon River Basin. When they finally head into the castle, the group camps out. The next day, they continue and soon meet Eruka, who gives them Arachnophobia uniforms to disguise themselves with. When the group makes it into the center of the castle, they find that everyone is dressed exactly as they are. Soon, they all become confused and eventually lose each other each getting into their own trouble. Kid and Soul are given the unfortunate act of amusing the witch Angela, while being forced to pretend that they can't see her, as she strikes them below the belt, so to speak. They soon meet up with Medusa and are thrilled.

Medusa begins to discuss the plan: Taking down all eight locks preventing people from entering Arachne's room. After performing Vector Conduct on them, Medusa leaves them to follow the arrows pointing to their lock. Kid is given lock 8 (which is best considering his OCD).

On his way to Lock 8, Kid meets up with Mosquito, and soon Free ends up there too. Free asks if this is the location of lock 2. Kid replies that it is not. Free is distraught by this. Mosquito interrupts by stating he won't allow them to succeed. With that, Free and Kid decide to work together to defeat the common enemy at hand, with the condition that if one was able to go attack the lock, leave the other behind to do it. Mosquito turns into his form of 100 years past and the three begin battle.

Kid and Free easily overwhelm Mosquito, who then reverts to his form of 200 years past. Though this, too, only turns the tides towards Mosquito's favor for only a moment, as Kid and Free manage to overwhelm him in this form, too, with a combination of Free's ice attacks and Kid's gun style. To finish him off, Free freezes Mosquito and Kid and Free perform Death Cannon and Demon Eye Cannon, respectively. This combination leaves Mosquito gravely injured. Recognizing their strength, Mosquito reverts to his 400-years' past form. In this form, he manages to cut Free in half and cut Kid's arm off under a second.

Mosquito begins to insult Kid, his father and Shibusen for their incompetence. Kid is angered by the repeated diatribes toward his father and Shibusen. Somehow, in the midst of the conversation, the Brew Kid held is activated connecting one of Kid's Sanzu Lines and unlocking Kid's dormant shinigami powers. Immediately, during Kid’s battle with Mosquito, Kid uses this new power to upgrade his pistols from .38 to .42--increasing their caliber.

Mosquito performs his Darkness Discord, though that proves effective for only a moment, as Kid manages to shoot each and every one of the eight-thousand bats, but not without gravely injuring himself. Once this scene is over, Kid reverts back to his normal unsymmetrical self and, upon hearing the explosion caused by Free destroying the lock, Mosquito quickly goes to protect Arachne. Kid goes to follow him. When Kid reaches Mosquito's location, he finds that Mosquito is about to do battle with a mysterious man.

Kid hides behind a wall and listens in on the conversation between Mosquito and the man, the revelation of the man calling himself Eibon was actually Noah, and the death of Mosquito at his hands. Upon seeing how easily Noah defeated Mosquito, Kid tries to escape but is easily found by Noah. Noah prepares to suck Kid within his book. Liz and Patti are thrown from Kid's hands and onto the floor. Both of them watch Kid get captured by Noah.

Kid is next seen within Noah's book as Noah is leaving the area. Kid senses the insanity being spread by Arachne and says that he will have to believe in the others.


Kid hears the conversation among Noah and his group--specifically on them planning to assassinate Maka. Kid is disgusted by this.

I'm Going to be an Angel

Kid is seen being assaulted by Gopher for rearranging the bookmarks of Noah's book. When Kid makes a comment about Noah's disorganized way of placing bookmarks, Gopher once again attacks Kid for talking back. Upon hearing Noah giving Gopher the orders to prepare for the assassination, Kid threatens that they will regret it if they ever hurt Maka.

Black Wings vs. White Wings

Gopher barges into the room where Kid is being held after he fails to kill Maka. Kid proceeds to make a snide comment on Gopher's failure. This results in Gopher kicking Kid and continuing to assault him off-screen.

Love Triangle

Kid is shown being punched by Gopher, who asks him why he doesn't beg for his life. Kid laughs and asks why he should beg for such a dismal effort. Gopher makes his 'pouty face' and Kid laughs and says he enjoys Gopher's frustration. He then realizes that Gopher's expression isn't symmetrical, and begins to scream for somebody to save him.

Business Trip

When Gopher realizes Kid's weakness, he begins to take advantage of it by ripping off one of Kid's sleeves and finally drawing on only half of Kid's face. Kid is clearly distraught by this.

The Former Ruler

Gopher continues his torturing of Kid, taking special care as to do so on only one side. Before he could continue, Noah appears, reprimands Gopher before sending him off to retrieve some tea and sucking Kid back into the Book of Eibon. Inside the book, Kid quickly wipes off the drawings on his face and rips off the untouched sleeve to regain his symmetry. It's not long before Kid discovers a large mass of darkness. He is astonished that Noah had hid that in his book and grows anxious for someone to save him.


Kid is face to face with The Black Mass. Kid recognizes the wavelength and likens it to Asura. The mass speaks to Kid, calling him a fragment of Shinigami, and reveals that he is a member of the Eight Powerful Warriors as are Shinigami and Asura. He reveals that three of the warriors were eaten by Asura and those that now remain, himself, Asura, Shinigami, Eibon, and one other of whom Kid knows, which is rumored to be Excalibur. In light of the revelation, Kid inquires about the whereabouts of Asura in as much as he is a warrior. The mass is not pleased by Kid's hasty questioning and responds by asserting the fact that he is not Kid's ally, nor anything else. As he utters these words, he says that the existence of the 8 Warriors drive men to madness whilst drenching Kid with a black, liquid-like substance. Quickly, Kid is consumed by darkness. He musters a smile and remarks on this new feeling.

He seen floating in darkness, commenting on the darkness and likens it to nothingness, and in as much as there is no left nor right, is a unity that exceeds symmetry insofar that it is the zenith of order. The nothingness, shared amongst all living things is death. In light of this, he concludes that he must eliminate everything to create the "order".

He then speaks to the Mass telling him his goal to create the ultimate symmetry, the ultimate unity: nothingness. The black mass then tells him to try out his new-found power of madness, and Kid agrees. It is here he is confronted by his friends and appears ready to do battle with Black☆Star. Kid invites him and the two confront each other with Black☆Star saying that he will bring Kid back even if he's got to drag him back.

Finally, he and Black☆Star face off in an underwater-like landscape. The two fight, and Kid admits to him that he is "big" and must be destroyed in order for Kid to make "nothingness." Just as Kid prepares a counter, the Black Mass gets in the way of Kid, to his disapproval. The Mass then turns to Black☆Star and asks him, "What is the 'power' you seek?"

Black☆Star seems to have gained a new power from the black mass, and finally Kid and Black☆Star begin to fight. Several physical attacks are thrown, and then Kid activates one of the Lines of Sanzu. Then he blasts Black☆Star in the stomach and continues beating him. After Black☆Star gives him a few words, he punches Kid and sends him flying upwards. The both continue to kick and throw punches at each other and Black☆Star tries snapping Kid out of his insanity, saying that trying to make nothingness is the same as saying that balance is too hard for Kid to deal with, so he's trying to take the easy way out. He also argues that he does not have to be insane in order to be powerful.

Elsewhere, Liz, Patti, Tsubaki, and the others await Black☆Star's return. During this time Liz remembers how she and Patti first met Kid, and how he saved them by thugs and how he had them be his new partners. She and Patti had been planning on using Kid's Shinigami status to gain the money and power they craved. However, the more time they spent with Kid, the more they grew to care for him, a fact Liz realizes after watching Patti laugh herself to tears. She thinks of how she and her sister hadn't cared about anyone but themselves before then, and if 'they had been killed by this shinigami'. It begins to rain money down on the group, and Liz thinks to herself that she doesn't care about money; all she wants is for Kid and Black☆Star to return safely. Patti and Tsubaki ask if she's ok, and she begins to cry, saying that she hadn't thanked him yet. Patti and Tsubaki simply smile and pull her into a hug.

Back to the huge battle, where Black☆Star is talking to Kid once more, saying that while he may be using the power of insanity to become more powerful, losing himself to the insanity is nothing but a joke. "I figured it out," he says. "What I want to do once I get ultimate power in my hands." The scene quickly ends after the Black Mass appears, saying that he will no longer listen to their definitions of power.

Kid begins to think of the answer to power. He begins to go through what death gods are supposed to do, and realizes that Black☆Star is right, and thanks him. Black☆Star waves it off, saying that it was expected of him, since they were friends, and says that friendship is the only part of life not controlled by symmetry. Black☆Star then tells the black mass that, while his answer was "power" and "strength", but he was going to use his ultimate power to help Kid create the ultimate world.

The Black Mass quickly said that what they were talking about was political terror. Since Black☆Star had lived through the seven deadly sins, he asks what it would be called if you add one more to the sins. That is the answer to their question, it says. Kid replies that those with power are those who create order, those with power are those who make the standards for justice.

"The 'justice' that is too old is evil. And with time it drives people mad... Shinigami and us gave birth to Asura." The Black Mass replied.

Black☆Star makes fun of the Black Mass. He instead says that they weren't alone, that there were Tsubaki, Liz, Patti, and many others especially Maka and Soul. Kid says that Maka and Soul can do things that they cannot do. The Black Mass reveals that he can help them all escape the book.

The scene changes to outside Noah's base, where Stein, Marie, Sid, Tezca Tlipoca, and Nygus are about to enter the building. As Tezca opens the door, however, one of Noah's worm creatures attack and eats his left arm and half of his torso. Another attacks Stein, and Sid gives up his arm to save Marie from a third worm. Noah attacks them again, talking about how they weren't worth adding to his collection. Justin appears and attacks Marie, talking to his god. After knocking Marie and Nygus unconscious, he looks up to the sky and cries out, "Hey God!"

Noah quickly traps Stein and summons a new creature he calls The Manticore, which looks like a cross between a scorpion, a dog, and a human. When he summons it, however, it helps those trapped in the book escape. The children are, at first, oblivious to their surroundings, but are quickly horrified by the states of their teachers, who tell them to run. Kid demands to know who attacked them and he, along with Black☆Star, attacks the Manticore. The scene ends with Kid stating, "In the world that I imagined you do not exist. I'll enforce your death penalty," with a murderous glare aimed at Noah.

Using the power of Madness to gain an edge over Noah and his powers, Kid, Black☆Star, Kilik, along with Maka and Soul, battled Noah together. Soon overpowered by Noah's most powerful beast, Kid realizes that his powers alone would not be enough to defeat Noah. Noah soon goes off about ruling everything when Kid proclaims that his way of ruling everything isn't beautiful but that the balance of things is beautiful. Thanking Liz and Patti for helping him and hoping to continue helping him in the future, Kid unleashes the power of the Sanzu Lines and utilizes the power of the Coffin Construction and the power of the Parent's Seven Rays to defeat Noah's most powerful beast he kept in his book. Kid finally destroys Noah, though Gopher manages to escape with the Book of Eibon.


Kid returned to the Death Room apologizing to his father for making him worry. Death did not mind it and was proud that Kid had connected two of the three Sanzu Lines telling him his true powers would awaken with time. Kid proceeded to explain what he believed Noah to be and described him as a Collecting Machine. Eventually, Death makes a reference to the Book of Eibon and causes Kid to believe he knew more than what he was letting on. After discussing the "Madness of Knowledge," Stein checks the body bag to confirm whether or not Tezca Tlipoca was really dead. Looking in the bag, everyone realized that Tezca Tlipoca tricked everyone and was still alive. Kid then comments on how he is a Death Scythe and that he doesn't believe that Tezca would go mad like Justin has. Kid later returns to the Lost Island, believing the real Eibon to be there. He does find the real Eibon who seems to know exactly what is bothering Kid: the Kishin, Brew, and his father's connection to madness. Eibon then tells Kid to follow him.

There is Someone to Admire

Kid just came back and they heard what had happened. Kim asked him if he could change his father's mind about Crona as she/he was controlled by Medusa and that to ask Maka and the others to kill her/him was a hasty decision. Kid said what Crona did was unforgivable. With all that happened, her/his disposal was inevitable. Black☆Star grabbed Kid and said that was he here to just say this boring stuff and Kid told him to let him finish. There isn't really an thing called an absolute "order". In his mind he was thinking about what Eibon has said. Harvar agreed with Kid. Even a cool-headed and rational guy like him (Harvard) can agree with this matter as everyone here has different ways of seeing things, but not everyone will agree together however in order to bring everyone together was "order". Even if this symbol is not followed, a Shinigami like Kid, doesn't side with this "order", humanity will be broken apart. However, not everyone agreed on this order to kill Crona, but his father wanted them to find an way to comfort someone who is not tied this "order" like her/him. No matter how low it is, they will have to move forward with this "order". Liz was proud of how much Kid has grown.

Stein asked Shinigami to remove Kid from the Spartoi's mission and to have him on the mission to suppress the Kishin. Death agreed, because since they were going to the Moon it would probably become a mid-air battle, and Kid's skateboard skills would come in handy. He also mentioned another reason Kid should go was because the battle was a battle to regain "order". Kid told Soul and Maka that those were the orders, so he couldn't go with them to save Crona. He told them that his father couldn't go to the Moon so he, as a Shinigami, had to fight in his father's place. Kid also said that it may be irresponsible of him, but he hoped that Maka would be able to stop Crona and that he was leaving her/him to her. Maka understood. Soul told Kid not to die on them as the mission to suppress the Kishin was much more dangerous than theirs. Kid replied that he wouldn't, because Black☆Star would hold a grudge against him if he did. Kid then went to tell Soul that he knew that Black☆Star was getting stronger and was the strongest in Shibusen, and that it was frustrating but Black☆Star had always had this feelings about him in the past. Kid mentioned that he, however, would not stop there and would surpass Black☆Star once again. Kid then told Soul to not tell Black☆Star, as that would make him cocky. Soul agreed, and he and Kid bumped fists. Kid paused and asked to do this with the left hand, and right. Soul sighed and said that Kid would never change.

The Moon

Kid and the Thompson sisters go up on to the Moon to fight the Kishin, but are overpowered by the Clowns. Later, Kid was ordered to take part in the negotiation of the Witches.

Kid returns to Death City to fill in his father's request. He, Kim, Eruka, Free, Alisa and Lisa head to Witch City, only to be caught and put on trial. Kid pleas Mabaa to help Shibusen against Asura and his Clown army. When things didn't go as plan, he put his dignity on the line and begged her to help.

Sometime later, Kid returned alone to Death City and told his father he did what he could do. It's up to the Witches to decide. He then leaves to head back to the Moon to continue the battle.

While flying to the Moon, Azusa doubts the witches will help them given their history and pointed out that Kid is still a kid. He replied by saying if that the adult thinks, and then he rather be a "kid" forever. He told Azusa that if she doesn't have faith in the witches then have faith in him.

While then Kid goes back to earth to talk with his father and he tells him about how they need the witches help So he goes in to the witches realm and the great witch Maba after Kid begs finally decides to help. While when they go back up to the Moon Kid called for the witches help but then they didn't show up at first. Then a few moments later he thought they were not going to show up but believed they would and then they finally arrived to help them get to the Moon once again, escaping from the impending doom of the crashing ship, cause by Moonlight.

Dark Side of the Moon

When Free teleports everyone apart from the trio, Stein and Spirit to earth; the madness wavelength Crona is giving off is driving the weak minded insane. When people, like the other death scythes protest, Kid says he can't guarantee their safety and they are teleported from the moon.

Kid then discovers he was teleported, as well as Stein, by accident. After blaming Free he then jumps on his skateboard and begins to fly back to the moon, hoping they won't die before he gets there.

Versus Asura

Death the Kid landed on the moon just in time, as the Kishin appeared. Kid stated that it is the ultimate battle between order and madness. During the battle, Asura reveals he is Kid's older brother. The Shinigami doesn't believe Asura at first and further attacks him. Asura explains how they both came from a fragment of Shinigami's soul and how Kid was born incomplete (The three Lines of Sanzu aren't connected) because he was afraid he would turn out like him. Later, Kid decides he won't connect them because, as Asura states, a Kishin and a Shinigami would become an unstoppable force of madness. The trio look like they are going to be defeated by the Kishin. This is until Maka convinces him it won't happen as Kid has a heart of kindness and everyone else trusts him, like he trusted the witches. Kid then connects his third line as a test to see if he will turn out like his older brother. Shinigami's mask then cracks.

As Kid is about to connect his third line, a triple halo appears above Death. This halo closely resembles the lines on Kid's head. Once Kid connects all of his lines, Death falls to the ground only with a pile of his robe seen. After Kid awakens, his soul wavelength swells up to an enormous size that is about the size of Death's. In his true Shinigami form, he is seen in a black cape, with eye pupils and a collar resembling Death's mask. Kid's Lines of Sanzu remain visible above his head.

Afterwards, Kid feels an unnatural potential within him that he didn't feel before, and realizes it's a form of Madness that is the opposite of Asura's "Madness of Terror" called the "Madness of Order". While the Madness of Terror in Asura has is the power to make people lose their sense of humanity, the Madness of Order blocks senses altogether, and Kid smiles, realizing that his father didn't use that ability because he believed in humans, just as Kid himself did so with the Witches. He goes to finish the fight, with newfound faith, and newfound purpose. He aids Black Star in restraining Asura, which allows Maka to enter Asura's madness and save Crona from it. Crona then ultimately seals himself and Asura away in the black blood in the moon, defeating Asura.


After Kid helped Maka and Black Star defeat Asura, the trio return to Death City. Kid discovers that because of his transformation into a Shinigami, his father had passed away. Kid is told by Spirit to take up the new mantle of Death, and Kid holds a ceremony a few weeks after the news of Death's passing announcing his desire to make the world a better place for humans. He takes up the mantle, and then requests Soul to join him as his new Death Scythe because Maka had turned him into one. Soul agrees, and the series ends.


  • As stated by Mosquito, Kid has type D blood.[sourcing needed]
  • It has never been revealed what age Kid truly is, as his father must be at the very least 800 years old. However, it is most likely that Kid's biological and chronological ages are equivalent, which would put him in his mid to late teens.
  • Despite Death wearing a completely asymmetrical cloak, Kid is not bothered by it all.
  • It is mentioned that Kid has tried to dye his hair to make himself completely symmetrical, but the lines of Sanzu keep coming back. This is because his Shinigami body rejects all forms of toxins and chemicals, including artificial coloring like hair dye. [sourcing needed]
  • While most Meisters choose their own weapon partners, only in the anime version, Kid's father and Death Scythe sat him down and offered him a long list of pre-chosen weapon partners (all of whom were women), in a fashion similar to that of arranged marriages. He refused all of them due to them all being asymmetrical weapons, and later found Liz and Patty, who once tried to rob him and later rescuing them from a mob. During their run-in from the mob, Kid noticed Liz's weapon form was exactly like Patti's, which he'd witnessed during their attempt to mug him earlier, and thus, perfectly symmetrical.
  • Kid's obsession with symmetry, appears to carry over into numbers as well, in episode 3 of the anime, Liz mentions that she and Patti collected an odd number of souls, with her having one more then her sister, much to Kid's dislike.
  • Despite his obsession with symmetry, Kid's Death God Martial Art - Stance of "Sin", requires him to hold his arms in two completely asymmetrical positions, which he apparently doesn't mind.
  • Despite his obsession with symmetry, his Parent's Seven Rays technique is based on the number seven, which creates seven "coffin-like" laser guns hovering behind him. Though, it is notable that they were arranged in a symmetrical position.
  • When in battle, Kid, Patti and Liz will often go into a symmetrical formation in which Kid will be on his knees with his arms low to the ground, Patti will be standing over him with her hands behind her head and Liz above both of them with her arms outstretched like wings. A running gag is that whenever this formation is less symmetrical (such as when Patti was off to one side) Kid gets mad and shouts at them. This is shown at the start of episode 3 when, chasing Master thief Lupin, Kid, Liz, and Patti, attempted the formation, but they messed up, and Kid was distracted long enough for Lupin to escape.
  • Kid is very displeased that school starts at 7 o'clock since 7 is an asymmetrical number. He can't change this so he tries to plan his morning routine in such a way that he will arrive at precisely 7am.
  • His name is a reference to "Billy the Kid", a gunfighter of the old west.[sourcing needed]
  • His theme song is "So crazy" and "Bang!Bang!Bang!Bang!Have a Nice Dream". His character song with Liz and Patti is "Sore ga Bokura no Michishirube".[sourcing needed]
  • In the correct font and written in all capital letters, every letter of Death the Kid's name has at least one line of symmetry.[sourcing needed]
  • Kid is known for his phrase "kicchiri kacchiri" (きっちりかっちり) ("absolutely perfect!/." in the dub), which means "precise and neat" in English.
  • Kid is also known for another phrase "watashi wa shine ni ataisuru" (私は死ぬに値する) ("I deserve to die!" in the dub)
  • Kid's technique Sanzu River Shot is a reference to the Sanzu River.[sourcing needed]
  • In both official popularity polls, Kid was voted the most popular character.
  • Kid has Liz or Patti carry his things because if he carries any of his things himself, his balance will be ruined and he won't move.[sourcing needed]
  • Throughout his prologue in the manga, Kid was shown to have five white quadrilaterals down the center of his suit as opposed to his usual four throughout the rest of the series.
  • Kid's favorite number 8 is not only symmetrical, but it divides evenly and effectively. In other words, you can halve eight down to the lowest whole number possible.
  • Kid is shown to be disgusted by Excalibur, despite its symmetrical weapon form, due to the Holy Sword's excessively obnoxious personality.[sourcing needed]
  • Kid's Lines of Sanzu appears differently in manga and anime. In anime, it's perfectly aligned only at the left side of his head whereas the Lines of Sanzu appears shorter in the manga. However, it would seem that in manga, the Lines of Sanzu grow longer as Kid is getting stronger. The difference is visible between the prologue and the late chapters.
  • Nothing is known about Kid's mother except for a vague statement by Shinigami in earlier chapters.
  • In accordance with his personality, when Death the Kid's three Sanzu lines meet and he reaches full power, he becomes fully symmetrical, meaning that Kid only reaches full power when his body is completely symmetrical.
  • Kid, for some reason, holds his pistols upside down when fighting.
  • It can also be noted that when Kid comes out from the book of Eibon, he is wearing his shirt with both sleeves stripped. However, it suddenly changes back to the outfit that the Black Mass gave him, consisting of a black shirt, black pants and some white ruffles in front. He changes into this outfit every time he initiates his madness. (This only appears in the manga)
  • When connected, Kid's Sanzu lines have a quite resemblance of a Halo
  • Due to his serious personality, Kid is unaffected by nudity. During a battle with a female "madness clown" who was trying to distract Kid with her nearly naked body, Patti says "Kid-kun is one of those perverts that gets distracted only when you make him rub your breasts! This won't affect him!" Kid had no issues walking into the girl's bathrooms while Kim and Jackie were showering in order to help them so they could get back to the fight on the Moon sooner, the following scene in the Death Room shows Kid with blood coming from his nose though he is otherwise his normal calm self.
  • In Episode 2 of the anime, Kid's Lines of Sanzu are shown to be on the right side of his head, however, in later episodes, they are on the left side.
  • It's stated as of chapter 108, that Kishin Asura and Death the Kid are actually brothers; Asura the eldest and Kid the youngest, due to the fact they are both fragments of Shinigami's soul; Making them brothers. It's also revealed that Shinigami purposely restricted Kid's power by intentionally leaving his Lines of Sanzu incomplete, so that he could unlock them slowly and use their power in moderation. He did this out of the fear that unrestricted access to their power would cause him to abuse them, and that he would end up falling into madness, like Asura.
  • During the end credits of the anime, Kid is seen with tears in his eyes, accompanied by drifting roses, after seeing the asymmetrical state of Death City.
  • It is revealed in the Desert Train episode that because he's a Shinigami, he doesn't get sunburned, because his Shinigami body is incredibly more advanced than a regular human's. It is possible he is immune to all other human ailments, such as frostbite, scars, blisters, or fire burns.
  • In the anime, Kid had the most absences of all the main characters. He was absent in episodes 1, 7, 8, 13, 20, 26, 27, 44, and 45. This is likely the reason he had two episodes featuring only him where Maka and Black Star were absent. In episode 42, Kid only appears in a brief cameo at the end with no dialogue.


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