Death the Kid (デス・ザ・キッド, Desu za Kiddo), commonly referred to as simply Kid (キッド, Kiddo), is the second[7] son of Death himself and the Meister of the Demon Twin Guns, Liz Thompson and Patty Thompson.[8] Created from a piece of Death himself,[6] Death the Kid is known to be one of the top 3 EAT-level fighters in the DWMA.[9] After his father's death at the connection of the Lines of Sanzu and Asura's defeat on the Moon, he inherits his late father's position as leader and headmaster of Death Weapon Meister Academy as well as his name, Shinigami (死神) with the "-sama" suffix as a term of respect.[3] He is one of the main protagonists in Soul Eater.


Described as possessing an "uptight personality" by Franken Stein,[10] Death the Kid is known to be a normally calm and mature individual compared to those like Black☆Star and Soul Eater.[11] Throughout the series, he's shown to be prideful of his status as a Shinigami, wanting to become the next full-fledged Shinigami and inheriting his father's responsibilities [8] However, he also wants to do so in his own unique way, even telling his own father he wants to makes his own weapons to his specifications despite Death informing him that as a Shinigami, he doesn't really need to collect souls.[8] According to Black☆Star's testament of his view on Death the Kid, despite being a Shinigami he is also capable of being humane and not displaying the typical arrogance of someone who has the status of a god.[12] This is true, so much so that he even see's himself partly as a human and expressed this fact to Asura.[13]

Kid also has a great sense of morality and order, having expressed to the Flying Dutchman that despite being a god, he doesn't deny evil and that there's no one person without some evil within them. However, he believes that everything is about balance instead and strives to keep the balance between "good" and "evil" in equilibrium.[14] When expressing this, he also informed the Flying Dutchman that cares little for other's view on the subject and strives for a "absolutely" perfect world, granting no one freedom to kill.[14] Kid's view on balance is partly due to his father's teachings to him on order as a child.[15] Despite favoring order, he also aware of not following it blindly. He's quick to question his own father's actions when he had the DWMA storm into Baghdad when searching for Asura and explained that it's wrong to impose their will on others, though was understanding and sympathetic of his father when he realized that due to the threat of Asura, his father doesn't have the luxury of "playing it safe" and may be reckless in his decisions.[16] When the majority of Spartoi was ordered to execute Crona, Kid was the only one who supported the action, citing that Crona's actions were unforgivable and even alluded that the reason why they were ordered to do so by his father was for them to decide how to face Crona but said that both them and "order" must move forward to take care of the threat Crona possessed.[17]

Kid is also extremely humble, shown when he pleaded to the Witch Order, the Witch Judge, and the Witch Queen to assist the DWMA in stopping The Clowns and pushed for both Humans, Witches, the DWMA, and the Witch Order to have better relations.[18] He also put good faith and trust into the Witch Order, despite the protests of Azusa Yumi.[19] He also explained to Azusa that merely holding ideals means nothing and one must realize that people must make an effort to make things better and that If being an adult means "stapling out ideals" because of experience, he doesn't mind being called "Kid".[19] Because of his views, Azusa comments that he is also pushy, much like his father.[19]

Like his father, he also has a fierce and much darker side in his personality. While normally calm and collective, Kid is still susceptible to being angered, such as when Mosquito insulted his father[20] and when Noah's Group announced their plan to assassinate Maka Albarn, he showed a considerable amount of anger.[21] When he later faced Noah (Greed) on his plans of "replacing the gods", Kid even gave him a death threat, in which was guaranteed when he used the Parent's Seven Rays attack on the Sorcerer, killing him.[22]

Despite his great capabilities, Kid also possesses some flaws, most notable him being a perfectionist to the point of having OCD/OD-esque qualities. Described as being "too much of a perfectionist",[23] he initially was very obsessed and concerned with orderliness and paying excessively close attention to detail so much so he complained about Liz and Patty's breast size being irregular, chose them as weapons due to their twin appearance in their weapon forms, and even refused to attack the Wrath of the Pharaoh due to symmetry. As well as this, he dislikes the fact that his Lines of Sanzu were incomplete and upon Liz pointing it out, he called himself an ugly pig and worthless piece of garbage until he was quickly cheered up by his fellow weapon partners.[8] He is even physically repulsed by asymmetrical arrangements to the point he almost vomited at the sight.[24] Due to his wanting to be precise in detail, it even took him over a month to help Liz pluck her eyebrows;[25] in addition, he fails an entire test due to being unable to correctly write his name symmetrically and accidentally ripping the paper while erasing, before being reduced to tears, causing him to cough up blood and faint.[25] He also let Crona and Ragnarok get away to admire the sky and it's symmetry.[26] Despite being enrolled in counseling, it remained as a fatal and dangerous flaw.[11] Even the mere sight of something asymmetrical causes him to become more aggressive, not only killing the Wrath of the Pharaoh in a fit of rage, but also destroying the Pyramid Anubis due to his recklessness.[8] In actuality, this part of his personality is a manifestation of the Madness of Order due to being a part of Death himself, a fact he himself is unaware of.[27]

Despite this flaw, he is noticeable not unaffected by his father's appearance despite it being asymmetrical possibly due to his immense respect for him. This is a bit more evident when Kid was shown to even willingly sport the same robes of what his father wears on missions.[14][28] As time passes throughout the series (and the anime), he becomes less affected of his perfectionist nature and matures enough to accept it, though will still occasionally bicker over small details.[29] This remains true even when he became a true Shinigami.[3] One of the earliest examples of this improvement is displayed when he claims not to care about the DWMA's broken spike as Black☆Star begins to descend into madness during their second duel.[30]

Kid has his own, odd quirks. His favorite number is eight due to its symmetry[11] and, according to Liz, was willing to try and place himself in exactly eight seconds during a 100 meter dash test and end up not meeting the time.[31] He can also be somewhat overconfident in his ability, feeling the need to not study Soul Studies just because he was a Shinigami.[14] Due to his perfectionist personality, he is the type of person to recall and correct people on the small of detail, pointing out even when infected by the Madness of Power to Black☆Star he never punched him and instead used his heel during their fight when Black☆Star erroneously stated he punched him into submission, something the assassin noted to be unique to Kid.[12]

Influence by Madness

While under the influence of the Madness of Power, Kid's personality changes dramatically due to his yearning for the perfect world. However, instead of balance, he strives to achieve "nothingness".[12] He is willing to even kill an individual by using the power of "nothingness" to send a person to "nothingness", a flawed and somewhat absurd logic as pointed out by Black☆Star.[12] In addition, unlike his typical personality, he also becomes arrogant, seeing himself as above others due to being a Shinigami.[12]



  • Kid as he appears in the anime.
  • Kid's manga appearance in Soul Eater NOT!
  • Kid's model sheet for Soul Eater NOT!
  • Death the Kid's debut appearance in the manga.
  • Death the Kid's colored appearance later in the manga.
  • Kid's appearance in Soul Eater NOT!
  • Kid and his weapons in party attire
  • Kid wearing a cloak similar to his father's
  • Kid's soul when observed.
  • Kid's soul when expanding.
  • Kid's soul later in the manga.

Death the Kid appeared as a thin, teenaged young man who is a bit shorter than Liz and Patty and reaches only up a little past the latter's shoulder. At this point, he is 158 centimeters tall (about 5 feet, 2 inches).[32]

Kid's eyes have two shades of yellow ringing around his pupil. The outside ring is a bright yellow while the inner ring is a dark yellow, similar to the color of gold. He typically sports a standard black suit with white rectangles. The rectangles are placed in a manner that is completely symmetrical. There are at least six small rectangles along the seam where the sleeves attach to the jacket, and four small rectangles run along the front of his jacket. His undershirt is a formal white dress shirt, and a metallic skull rests under his collar, and could be used as a tie. His color scheme is meant to copy his father's. He also sports black hair with three white stripes, known as the Lines of Sanzu, along the left side of his hairline.[33]

When observed by an individual with Soul Perception in account of his personality, his soul appears in a orange-red color with white stripes representing the Lines of Sanzu. When expanding, however, the color of his soul changes to that of blue hue with white lines, along with dark, Death Claws surrounding the soul.[34] Later in the manga, his soul expands, gaining a large skull mask on the surface of his soul along with black skull masks surrounding the soul. They resemble Death's current mask.[35]

On some missions, Kid dons a cloak and mask that resemble his father's current wear out of pure enjoyment of liking it.[28] Kid also wore a similar cloak during his mission to infiltrate Baba Yaga Castle, although this cloak resembled not his father's Shinigami robe but his usual dress jacket, except as a longcoat.[36] Kid also will don different clothing during other activities, such as as a white dress suit for the Death Weapon Meister Academy Eve Anniversary party, looser (and even asymmetrical) clothing for playing basketball, warmer attire for the battle for Brew on Lost Island, and formal-casual clothing for parties at Gallows Mansion or Maka and Soul's apartment.


Death the Kid Render

Kid's post-time skip attire.

  • Kid's Spartoi uniform.
  • Kid's second attire post-timeskip.
  • Kid post timeskip in his old attire.
  • Kid's appearance while under the influence of Madness.

After the time-skip and being rescued by Spartoi and joining, he appears slightly more aged and taller, enough to almost reach to his father's shoulder.[18] His attire changed to that of alater attire that consists of white dress shirt, black tie, a white sports jacket similar to that of Liz and Patty, a white suit jacket with the Spartoi symbol on its left sleeve, navy pants, and white shoes.[37]

He later wears a simple black shirt with a black jacket along with black shoes when acting independently. His color scheme have further seem to mimic his father, the only variation in color now from his face.[38] Upon his departure from the Moon to negotiate with the witches, Kid returns to his previous look before the timeskip.[29]

During his time under the influence of the Madness of Power inside the Book of Eibon, Kid sports a black suit with white stripes and a white cravat along with black pants and black shoes. He also appears to have 5 black lines on the area of the mouth and lips, appears as if his mouth is sewed shut.[15]

According to both Liz and Patty, Kid shares a resemblance to Asura.[7]

True Form

  • Kid as a full Shinigami.
  • Kid's soul after his ascension.

Upon connecting the Lines of Sanzu during his battle against Asura on the Moon, Kid's appearance changes for the remainder of the series. Kid is shown wearing a black cape similar to his father's, though he keeps his skull brooch. His pupils change to skull shapes, though they remain golden. His Sanzu lines are fully connected and are "floating" around his head. These changes are due to him becoming a full Shinigami.[13] As soon as Kid returned from the fight on the Moon, the Lines of Sanzu settled on his hair once more, making him fully symmetrical.[3]

His soul takes on a different appearance, the size being about the size of The Moon in the Soul Eater world. In addition, his soul looks exactly like his own late father's soul, with 3 spikes protuding that makes the entire soul resemble like that of one of his skull masks.[7]



At the start of the series, Death the Kid's inclusion within the DWMA quickly made him the most likely most powerful student within the Academy, surpassing that of even Black☆Star as well as owing a comment from Hero of him being one of the top 3 students, with Franken Stein saying his power is on a diffrent level compared to his fellow classmates. This level of power was Kid's capability prior to him connecting one of the Lines of Sanzu.[39][40] The higher ups of the DWMA were also seen to be confident in having Kid (with the Thompson Sisters) monitor the Witch, Medusa Gorgon, to foil her should they detect any sinister actions.[41]

Chapter 95 - Jester Clown attacking Kid with Needles

Kid fighting against multiple Clowns.

After connecting one of the Lines of Sanzu, his power rose to the point of being on par with that of Mosquito in his second most powerful form (400 Years Ago), a impressive power up whearas he (and Free in his Werewolf form) was unable to contend with the Bloodsucker prior.[42] Not much has been seen of Death the Kid's lone power with the second Lines of Sanzu connected, although he was able to stalemate a much stronger Black☆Star who was on the way of becoming a Warrior God as well as fight off a large number of the Clown Army.

After connecting the third Lines of Sanzu, his power increases exponentially, with a soul in which was close to the size of his own father as well as granting him his powers and status as a true god and was able to better contend with Asura, who noted that his power is greater than before, while still rivaling/being slightly lesser then the now Warrior God Black☆Star.[43]


It is assumed that Death the Kid's overall power in the anime is the same period as he was prior to the first connection of the Lines of Sanzu, making him most likely the most powerful student Meister within the Academy and one of the most powerful DWMA members overall.

When channeling his own father's power from the Lines of Sanzu and their unique connection whenever Kid is on the verge of imminent death, his power skyrockets to more higher, potent levels as well as grant him access to extremely powerful forms. In his Emergency State, he is capable of reducing Asura from his Giant form to his normal, humanoid form with one, charged shot.[44]

DWMA Ranking

This is taken as of his inclusion in Spartoi.[45] Although he has since became DWMA's headmaster, it is unknown how much his ranking has changed.

Type Class Star #
Student (Level 1, Death's Family exception)E.A.T. ClassSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - Star



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