Students in a classroom

Students in a classroom.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, while a military organization, also functions as its own separate school, with unique curricula and structure. Part of the Academy's purpose is to teach and supervise young Meisters and Demon Weapons to prevent the uprising of another Kishin.[1]


In the Academy, there are two general advancement curriculum:

NOT ClassEdit

Main article: NOT Class The N.O.T (しない, Shinai) curriculum standing for Normally Overcome Target, is the curriculum for non-combatants. Ninety percent of the students in the DWMA make up and follow this curriculum.[2]

EAT ClassEdit

Main article: EAT Class The E.A.T. (Īto) curriculum, standing for Especially Advantaged Talent, which is the curriculum that involves the student to use their power to fight against evil. The last 10% of the student body make up and follow this curriculum.[3]

Staff & FacultyEdit

Main article: DWMA Staff and Faculty


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