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Death Weapon Meister Academy (死神武器職人専門学校, Shinigami Buki Shokunin Senmon Gakkō)
Death Military Industries



Base of Operations

Death City, Nevada




Death (Former; Anime)
Death the Kid

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Episode 4

DWMA (死武専, Shibusen), standing for Death Weapon Meister Academy (死神武器職人専門学校, Shinigami Buki Shokunin Senmon Gakkō), is both a school and powerful organization founded by Death on April 2.[1]


Death Weapon Meister Academy, a.k.a DWMA or "Shibusen" could call it a school for heroes — an academy funded by taxes from around the world, dedicated to training meisters and their weapons in order to maintain world order. I guess you can say the people working for the DWMA are international government workers!

—Pamphlet , Soul Eater NOT! Chapter 1 (Yen Press Translation)

The DWMA serves a multitude of purposes. It exists to teach individuals from when they're young, as well as supervise them, to ensure the prevention of another Kishin rising[2] and maintain world order.[3] In addition, it is to teach Demon Weapons to control their power in an effort to prevent their power from accidentally hurting others as well as for them to properly integrate into society.[4]




Asura getting his skin ripped off by Shinigami

Eight hundred years ago, the Kishin, Asura defected from the legendary Eight Shinigami Legions cause and started consuming innocent human souls and even three of his comrades, including his demon weapon partner Vajra. After succeeding in becoming a Kishin, he and Death fought to a gruesome end. Pushed to the brink, Death skinned Asura alive and used it as a seal to kept his madness locked away from the world. The process however, also anchored Death to what would later be known as "Death City," now unable to leave the area in which Asura is sealed. In order to train meisters and weapons to avoid Asura and Vajra's fates, and to have soldiers to continue with his work now that he was immobile, Death founded the Death Weapon Meister Academy.

Post FoundingEdit

Eventually over the course of the eight hundred years, the DWMA would enter into a "war" of sorts against the witches with the school being on the defense against their malice. Witches were said to create various spells to counter the organization, with the weapons and meisters learning new methods to counter them.

Later, the DWMA were involved in World War, In the aftermath of the war, it's been mandated that the Prime Minister of Japan's requirement is to be a DWMA graduate.[5]

Star Clan ExterminationEdit

Thirteen years ago before , the assassin clan known as the Star Clan was destroyed by the DWMA due to its avarice and exorbitant violence. However, the DWMA and one of its members, 12-year-old Sid Barrett, allowed one survivor, who was then taken to the DWMA as a new student: the infant Black☆Star.[6] Although the Star Clan originated from the Hoshi Family, the families of its members such as Akane☆Hoshi[7] and possibly Ao Hoshino[8] were not targeted.

Traitor IncidentEdit

Due to the impeding threat from the Traitors, various members of the DWMA attempted to track the witch known as Shaula Gorgon, who was using her poisons to infect the NOT Class of the academy. However, she proved to be slippery in all attempts to bring her down, despite the hard work from Sid Barrett, the man responsible for her investigating her. He is killed whilst attempting to lure Shaula out and trap her. On the day of the Battle Festival, they're under attack. The Death Scythes, Death the kid, and Death himself respond. However, the leader of the Traitors is killed by three N.O.T students with the intervention of the Death Scythes, Death the Kid, and Death himself.

Revival of the KishinEdit

During the DWMA's anniversary, Medusa Gorgon launched her plans. She waited until Death himself, the headmaster and most powerful member of the DWMA, left his mirrors in order to trap him along with the academy students in Free's Independent Cube Spell.[9] However, Stein, Maka, Kid, Tsubaki, Liz, and Patty were able to escape prior to the completion of the spell thanks to Sid Barrett's and Mira Naigus's intervention.[9] Among those escaped were also Spirit Albarn.

With her army, she aimed to resurrect the kishin. They were met by the remaining members that were free, fighting the opposing threat though the gang tried to complete their objective in an hour. Despite the remaining DWMA member's efforts, they failed and the Kishin was successfully revived. After a fight with his former master, the Kishin then left Death City

School SystemEdit

See: DWMA (Schooling)


According to DWMA student Akane☆Hoshi, it is because of Death Weapon Meister Academy's profound power and absolute trust that the DWMA is very prosperous. Most of it's funding is received around the world in most countries.[10] Specifically, this money comes from taxes the countries give to the academy.[11]


DWMA Soldiers awaiting orders

Ordinary, DWMA soldier (South America Branch).

There's several ways within the academy each of it's members are ranked within the organization. Much like real armies and organizations, many members can attain military rank such as captain, general, chief, etc. It can be assumed these rankings are attained based on experience and capability.[12]

The NOT Class follow ordinary, school-leveling. With students being from Freshmen to Senior and staff members and instructors being up in the hierarchy of the school.[13] Instructors can even access Level 3 books within the DWMA library.[14]

By far the most powerful ranking of the DWMA comes from all it's EAT-Level operatives as well as EAT Class. This is done via a star ranking system presented with a ID Card with information on a select member of the DWMA.[15]:

Death the Kid's Student I.D Card

ID Card.

  • One-Star: The most basic ranking a student has upon entering the EAT Class. This ranking only allows individuals to participate on one-star level missions and access level one books.[14]
  • Two-Star: A high ranking than a One-Star that allows them to take on more dangerous missions. Despite this ranking, however, they're only still allowed to access level one books.[14]
  • Three-Star: The highest attained star ranking. These Meisters/Weapons are able to not only partake in the most dangerous of missions within the Academy, but also view materials in Levels 1-3[14]
Some of the Death Scythes and Stein

High ranking & elite members of DWMA.

Despite the Star Ranking, Select members are realized as Elite Meisters as well as Death Scythes. They're known to be at the pinniacle of the heirarchy and partake in many major operations and the most dangerous of missions. Often also having a three-star ranking, they're also able to access the highest level known material: Level 4 books.[14]

Death's Family stands another high-ranking and profiled family within the DWMA. Due to their affiliation with Death (in Kid's case, his father), they're granted special privileges that allows them to even access Level 4 material despite whatever ranking they have.[16]

Threat LevelsEdit

The DWMA has it's own method of labeling threats that conspire around the world in which is labelled by it's elite members. There's only two, known levels of ranking although it's assumed to a letter based ranking. The letter rank of "A" is known to be a dangerous level that incurred the entry of Spartoi and a elite DWMA Meister to deal with. However, the most severe ranking capable is "S", in which was only given to the Black Globes created by the Demon Swordmaster.[17]


There's a number branches within Death Weapon Meister Academy dedicated to specific tasks in which spreads all over the entire world:


Victories Stalemate/Inconclusive Defeats


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