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The Academy
Death Weapon Meister Academy
DWMA (SEN!) - (1)
Name Death Weapon Meister Academy
Alternate title(s) Shibusen
Organization Data
Location Death City, Nevada
Controlled by (?) Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Shinigami2 The DWMA
Debut Data
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Shibusen (死神武器職人専門学校, Shinigami Buki Shokunin Senmon Gakkō; Literally meaning "Shinigami Weapon Meister Vocational School"), or DWMA (死武専, Shibusen; Literally meaning "Death Military Department") for short, is an academy located in the fictional Death City, of Nevada[1] where Meisters and Weapons attend.

The school is run by Shinigami, the Shinigami himself, as a training facility for human wielders of those weapons, the Meisters.[1] Each Meister has at least one Demon Weapon companion which has both a Weapon and human form. Shinigami created the school as an organization that protects peace in order to prevent the rebirth of the "Kishin" (鬼神), an evil demon god that in the past, nearly destroyed everything by plunging the world into chaos. The Shibusen was founded on April the 1°.



At first glance, the Academy can be said to have a rather eccentric appearance, looking a bit like a large funhouse rather than a school. Standing on a large platform which can be accessed by a long line of white steps, the school is comprised of a collection of large black towers and spires patterned with white lines and the occasional Shinigami mask. The roofs of the towers are conical and bright red in colour. Enormous candles poke out of shafts along the circumference of the buildings. Strangely, the flames of these candles never go out, and the candles never shorten. The Academy's most distinguishing feature however, are the three large Shinigami skulls lined up at the entrance. The middle skull is the largest, and sports three blood red spikes going through its eye and nose holes. The skulls on the side are smaller and have slanted eyes. The gaps between the 'teeth' of these giant skulls serves as the school's main entrances. At the top of the school hover three strange black orbs, which may have something to do with the seal on Asura due to the way they reacted when he was released. However, it may also be due to the fact that the negative space of the sky, with the three orbs in the sky, looks like Shinigami's mask.

The Academy is completely symmetrical, which immediately impresses Death the Kid upon enrolling in the school.



Sid and Naigus in a hallway

The Academy is quite big and grand inside and contains many long corridors with arched ceilings and lamps to light the way and staircases. The corridors also have round windows looking out onto the school grounds. The Shibusen is infamous for its winding corridors, many passageways and long staircases. There is a long staircase leading up to the school itself. This structure is on purpose as the Academy seeks to improve its students physical fitness and strength in mind and soul even in everyday school life.


The school has a large cafeteria providing the students with food during the school day. It has a rich menu, serving meals from all around the world.


The Library is incredibly big, a large room that goes up to at least three floors, with bridges connecting the opposite sides of each floor, with shelves upon shelves of books and has desks with lit torches for study. The Library follows a rule which restricts some students to only be able to look at a limited number of books in the Library. The books are divided into four categories: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4. Meisters up to Two Stars in rank can have access to Level 1 books, but cannot have access to Level 2 books, which can be read by Three Star Meisters. Level 3 books can only be accessed by staff and the highest rank, Level 4, can only be availabe to Senior Meisters or Death Scythes. However, as seen with Death the Kid, who is a Shinigami, exceptions can be made.

Mission Bulletin and Reception

One of the lively places in the Academy, the Mission Bulletin is where Meisters get their missions to hunt Evil humans and get more Kishin Eggs to make their Weapons Death Scythes. Descriptions of each mission are written on cards and placed on the bulletin. Students are free to pick which mission they want, but the missions can have special requirements written on them as well, like the ability to sense souls. Some missions can be dangerous, and mainly include killing Evil humans. However, some do not involve Evil human and are just missions to create peace and help people in distress (e.g. Killik and Ox take on a mission to defeat a rampaging giant).

Near the bulletin is the Reception. Here, students who have chosen their missions take their mission cards to the receptionist who checks whether they are viable for the mission before actually assigning the mission to them. NOT students may complete Extracurricular Lesson Solicitation Committee duties at the Reception's Extracurricular Office. After changing into uniform, employees and NOT students stamp and complete all confidential EAT quest paperwork, and organize this paperwork by rank.


  • A Shibusen Classroom
  • Stein at the front of the class
  • Marie and students depressed

The classrooms are also wide and spacious and resemble lecture halls rather than classrooms, with pitched floors and conjoined desks and the blackboard and the teacher's desk in the center. There are also windows at the back which provide a view of the grounds. Each class has a homeroom teacher. Maka's class, called Class Crescent Moon, has Stein as their teacher. It seems that students have free access to the classrooms, even outside lessons. There are also special classrooms lit with aromatic candles. The candles' scent is made to agitate anyone who smells it, but it is used as a room where Meister and Weapon partners overcome their differences and thus create a stronger Soul Resonance in between them.


The area where sick or injured Meisters and Weapons are treated. While nurses like Naigus usually work here, Stein is known to assist as well, especially with operations such as Soul's injury.

The dispensary is a typical hospital room with several beds and an examining room, a doctor's office and a storeroom for all the medicine.

In the hospital wards, a couple of health posters can be seen.

  • Running track
  • Running track
  • Dojo
  • Running Track
Running Track

There is a running track located outside the school building used for Physical Education classes.

Shower Rooms

It is also revealed that the Academy has shower rooms for students to use after Physical Education classes.


The Academy also has its own dojo, where students, both Meister and Weapon, spar with each other, with Naigus as referee.

Dance Studio

Not really used for dancing, this room is usually used for beginner Meisters and their Weapons to improve their combat skills. The room is wide and spacious in order for plenty of movement for more than one person, and has some side benches and a locker area and changing rooms.

Shooting Range
  • Shooting Range targets
  • Patty practices

For students wielding gun-type Weapon partners, there is also a shooting range to improve their marksmanship skills. The targets are made to look like Kishin with Asura's three eye markings painted on them. Posters at the facility show more information about the painted targets and where head shots can be completed.


The restrooms are quite spacious and lavish. Some, like Sid and Maka, use the mirrors in the restrooms to contact Shinigami in the Death Room.

Death Room

Main article: Death Room

This is the room where Shinigami dwells, complete with a mirror as a medium of communication with Meisters and an observation screen.

Witch Counter Measure Headquarters
  • Sid meets with students in Headquarters
  • Witch Counter Measure Headquarters
  • Sid calls Stein

Hidden in the Academy's labyrinthian structure, this locked room is headquarters for Sid Barett and other members of Central Intelligence to research all topics pertaining to Witches and their history. This room contains numerous pieces of information about witches, including cases suspected or confirmed to have witches involved.

As this room is located away from the more popular rooms of the Academy and is locked, few persons enter the room: frequent visitors include Sid Barett, Akane Hoshi, Clay Sizemore, and Death Scythes such as Tezca Tlipoca and Justin Law. However, students have been known to get lost and stumble upon the room, such as NOT students Tsugumi Harudori, Anya Hepburn, and Meme Tatane. Shaula Gorgon, possessing the body of Meme Tatane, was able to acquire a key to allow Meme to unlock and enter the room to collect information about DWMA students to possess and other information critical to the DWMA.

  • Meisters practice in garden
  • Balcony
  • Front gate entrance
  • Balcony
  • Duel on grounds
  • Entrance
School Grounds

The Academy have wide balconies for students to access and the grounds in front of the entrance are also used as a makeshift battleground for training fights between students. During these battles, a member of staff must be present to view the fight. The area near Shibusen also seems to be a forest area, where some students like Maka and her team use it as a training ground.

School Gardens

Lush green gardens with many trees surround the school. It is a perfect place for various students to train individually.


Lockers are also seen in some parts of the corridors. In Soul's case, Meisters (all female) constantly send request letters into his locker for him to be their partner when he becomes a Death Scythe, much to his chagrin. A few lockers are decorated with stickers.


For students who do not live in rented accommodation, the Academy provides grand, luxurious dormitories. These accommodations are separated into single-sex dormitories, each run by a superintendent. The dormitories provide basic living facilities, but any other luxuries and food need to be paid for by the students.

The girls' dormitory is known for their luxurious layout, with furniture from the 1800s and Meissen crockery. Rooms include a living room with a television set, a fully stocked kitchen, and a bathhouse. Bedrooms tend to house two to three students, although when a student is ill, she is transferred to a separate contagion room, if space is available. No pets are permitted in the dormitory, although a tanuki or bat has been found inside. Students use the backyard for gardening, weapons practice and sparring practice, and various games such as baseball.

Like the rest of Death City, the girls' dormitory is decorated for Halloween.

Information Management Room

A confidential room only allowed by staff and highly trusted members of the Shibusen, this is where all confidential information is stored, such as files on past incidents regarding beings such as Witches and Kishin.

Visitor's Residence

Located in the underground of the Shibusen is the Visitor's Residence, where visitors of Shibusen can stay. This is where Crona stays whilst he goes to the Shibusen. Since it is underground, the rooms slightly lack a home-like atmosphere, with stone walls, a bed and table and a basin as well as a barred window.


DWMA Torture Room

Shibusen Torture Room

Although it is not used much, the Shibusen does have its own dungeon for holding various prisoners. There is also an interrogation room present within them.

The Secret Vault
Soul Eater Episode 38 - Buttataki at DWMA Secret Vault

Joe Buttataki at the entrance to the Secret Vault

A heavily guarded and hidden vault containing various Demon Tools made by Eibon and various pages from The Book of Eibon. Few are trusted enough to be allowed access to it. The Demon Tools and the pages acquired by Shibusen are sealed away in this vault.

The Sealed Shrine

The shrine located deep underground containing the sealed Kishin Asura. Long and surprisingly grand corridors lead up to the shrine, with various ominous-looking statues with an eye theme, befitting Asura's three eyes. Most of it, for some unknown reasons, are in ruins. The shrine itself is a large room with a great shintai, or statue of worship, which, due to Asura's madness, has turned into a twisted statue resembling Asura. In front of the shrine is the large bag of skin with three eyes emblazoned on it bound up by chains with exorcist charms containing Asura. Because Asura's madness is so strong, even though he is sealed away, people who are even near the shrine can sense his madness.


  • The three orbs at the top the academy are arranged so that they resemble the holes in Shinigami mask, whilst the gaps in between the towers directly below the three orbs form the outline of the mask's 'teeth.' These three dots appear on other materials associated with the DWMA, such as Hero's uniform.


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