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Shibusen (死神武器職人専門学校, Shinigami Buki Shokunin Senmon Gakkō; literaly meaning "Shinigami Weapon Meister Vocational School") or also alternating as the acronym "DWMA" (Death Weapon Meister Academy), is an organization in which the base of operations is located in the United States, in Nevada[1] set within the fictitious city of Death City.

Founded on April 1st by Death, the famed Grim Reaper, the organizations aims to prevent the rebirth of a Kishin[2] but also acts as a world power and main



See also: Grim Times

Eight hundred years ago, the demon God, Asura defected from the legendary 'Eight Powerful Warriors' and started consuming innocent human souls and even 3 of his comrades. After succeeding in becoming a Kishin, he and the grim reaper fought to a grusome end. Push to the brink, Death skinned Asura alive and used it as a seal to kept his madness locked away from the world. The process however, also sealed Death to what would later be known as 'Death City'.

Ending of the Grim Times

After the establishment of the academy, it is presumed the era of the grim times came to an end. Eventually over the course of the 800 years, the Shibusen would enter into a "war" of sorts against the witches with the school being on the defense against their malice. Witches were said to create various spells to counter the organization, with the weapons and meisters learning new methods to counter them.

Star Clan Extermination 

Thirteen years ago before the main Storyline, The Clan known as the Star Clan were assassins known to do anything for the sake of money(In the anime, they also consumed souls). Eventually, Shibusen wiped out the clan[sourcing needed], the few known survivors being Black☆StarAkane☆Hoshi, and possibly Ao Hoshino

Attack On Death City

Revival of the Kishin

Battle for Brew

Operation: Baba Yaga Castle

Arachophobia vs Shibusen (Anime)

Spartoi Formation

Battle on the Moon


The main goal of the Academy is to protect the world from evil and preserve peace. In the world, there are humans that may abandon their life as a human and go on the path of an Evil human, a process that happens If one committed murder or violated the various rules of Shibusen[sourcing needed].

In the anime, this is slightly different. Evil Human's souls become Kishin Eggs and are able to eat human souls, when enough souls are consumed, the Evil human can transform into an incredibly dangerous being called a Kishin[sourcing needed]. To stop this, the Shibusen trains people to combat against these Evil humans, by training their students from a young age to fight and kill these beings.

Shibusen trains these Meisters and Weapons to fight against Evil Humans. However, they also battle Witches, which also threaten the peace of the world. Many students are motivated into fighting against the Evil humans/K and Witches with their main goal: making or becoming a Death scythe. When a Demon Weapon has consumed a certain amount of souls in a particular order (99 Evil human souls and 1 Witch Soul) they gain extraordinary power and can be used by Shinigami himself. Creating a Death scythe is thus known to be a hard and difficult process, and many Meisters are respected for creating a Death scythe, and Death scythes themselves are respected among the students as well.

As well as an organization to protect the peace in the world, Shibusen is also a philanthropic organization, donating a lot of its money in order to help with the upkeep of the world. In turn, the Academy runs on global tax.



Military Structure

Shibusen has various Divisions in which has different responsibilities and tasks. While Shibusen fuctions as a school, it also functions very similarly to a military organization:

  • Oceania DivisionThis Division seems to be in charge of controlling the Oceania area of the World. Formerly, Marie Mjölnir was the Division's Commander but she was succeeded by Azusa Yumi.
  • Africa DivisionThis Division seems to be in charge of controlling Africa. The Division Commanders are most likely Ding Diingaand Alexander.
  • South America DivisionThis Division seems to be mainly in charge of controlling the Southern American region. The Division Commanders is most likely Tezca Tlipoca.
  • Europe DivisionThis Divisions seems to be in charge of controlling the Eurpoean Area of the World. This Division Commanders are most likely Tsar Pushka & Feodor.
  • West Asia DivisionThis Division seems to be in charge of controlling West Asia. The Diision Commanders are more likely Djinn Galland and Zubaidah.
  • Shibusen Central Intelligence AgencyMuch like the Real World's CIA, Shibusen CIA specializes in gathering information. Sid Barrett seems to be a Leading Figure within the Division.
  • Internal AffairsMost likely like it's real world counterpart, the agency investigates lawbreaking & possible professional misconduct within Shibusen. The Leading Investigator of this Division is Joe Buttataki in the manga.
  • Oceania Technology DevelopmentThough not much is known, it can be assumed that those working in this branch develop the various technology used in Shibusen. In the anime, Joe Buttataki is the Adviser of this Division.

The Meister students and staff in the Academy are separated into a three tiered ranking system denoted by "stars". Meisters of One-Star rank are considered rookies who make up the majority of the student body. Above this level are the Two-Star Meisters, the most advanced students like the members of Spartoi. The Three-Star rank is given to the most powerful Meisters in the organization and as such this rank is primarily associated with Academy professors like Sid and Stein. There is also the rank of a Death Scythe Meister, a Meister who has made their partner a Death Scythe. Although they are held in high regard Death Scythe Meister are not necessarily Three-Stars, as the protagonist Maka, has made her partner Soul into a Death Scythe and is still a Two-Star Meister.

At times, the collection of volumes found in the Shibusen library seem to require a certain rank to be checked out. For example, books with secret information will require the status of Death Scythe. However, some exceptions are made, since Kid as a member of the Death family was capable of checking out a book normally off limits to Shibusen students.

Demon Weapons are not included in the Star ranking system, and are only placed into two categories: a normal Demon Weapon or a Death Scythe though the differences in strength between Weapons can vary as much as it does for Meisters. It can be assumed they achieve the rank of whatever their Meister has respecitvely earned. Instructors at the Shibusen serve a multitude of roles from classroom teachers to elite operatives used on special missions by Shinigami. The remainder of the Academy staff is filled by employees in more logistic roles as nurses, receptionists, and librarians.

The students are split into two main categories: the Demon Weapons and Meisters. Meisters are humans who show great potential in combat and physical fitness, giving them an advantage in a fight. Demon Weapons are humans with the unique ability to transform their bodies into weapons. The Shibusen pairs up different Weapons and Meisters together to form partnerships between them, in order to make powerful teams to stand against the evil humans, with the Meister wielding the Demon Weapon. Many students at the Shibusen are gifted with an abnormal amount of power, and because of this, they are sometimes shunned from normal society. The Shibusen takes them in and teaches them on how to control their power, so they can be respected more by people around them. The Shibusen also trains its students to use their unique abilities to fight for the safety of humanity and mankind.

However, pairing a Weapon and a Meister together is not easy, as their Soul Wavelengths (for more information on Soul Wavelengths, see the article, Souls) need to be compatible with each other. Therefore, the Shibusen often holds large gatherings, where students gather together wearing badges indicating whether they are a Demon Weapon or a Meister and try to find the partner they are compatible with. It seems possible that even after accepting a partner, one can change partners if they wish to. Meisters or Weapons who are popular with more than one person can make 'sponsored partnerships' with others.

However, it is also essential to have knowledge of the enemies one is up against. This is when the Shibusen acts like a regular school, giving the Meisters and Weapons lessons inside classrooms, as well as homework essays and exams While not in lessons, students live either in rented apartments or school dormitories (first year students are required to stay in dormitories as part of their joining the school). Each student receives a weekly stipend of $200. However, if for some reason, they spend all of it, they will not be able to get any more money until the next week. Because of the large amount of students that end up penniless, many shops in Death City cater for students wanting to work part-time to earn money.

There is no set uniform for the students. However, there are a variety of uniforms one can choose from, and one can match any top with any bottom. Casual clothes are also accepted.

Shibusen is a rather special school in that students can actually change their names upon entering. These names are known as 'pseudonyms' (芸名 Gei Mei in Japanese). For example, the protagonist, Soul, changes his name from Soul Evans to Soul Eater. Once a student has changed their name, they are stuck with the same name for a minimum of two years.

Every year, Shibusen also hosts a grand party for all students and staff, commemorating the founding of the Academy, called the 'Foundation Day Eve' (創立記念日前夜祭 Souritsu Kinenbi Zen Yasai in Japanese) which means that it takes place the night before the actual day the academy was founded.

Learning Structure

In the academy, There are two courses one can take while enrolling at the academy, they are divided to suit what each student would like to take from at the shibusen, as well there are basic class all have to take such as history, P.E. & track, and the study of meisters and weapons for meisters and weapons respectivly. There are also two types of lessons a student could potientally be invovled in. The usual lessons that take place in classrooms and the extracurricular lessons, lessons in which are basic missions that students undertake but, failure result in expulsion.

E.A.T Class

E.A.T (Īto) is a acronym standing for Especially Advantaged Talent which is a structural course that envolves the student to undertake various missions to go out onto the field and reclaim tainted souls along with collecting 100 souls in total. Being in this class however, is a very difficult task to be managed as only 10% of the student body are exceptional enough to perform at this high level. Students are required to potentially risks their lifes on every outing to rid the world of more harm. The combatants of the course are also known as agents. Some high-level Meister and Weapon teams are sometimes called upon to take part in large battles against separate societies that are declaring war with the Shibusen.

E.A.T students seem to enjoy a high level of authority in the world. Various world leaders such as the Japanese prime minister are actually required to be Shibusen graduates. Even the students of the Shibusen are well-respected by most people, and they are actually able to break various rules because of their status (for example, Soul rides his motorcycle with Maka and Crona, which is against the law as one is not allowed to have three people on a motorcycle at one time).

N.O.T Class
NOT Icon

"NOT Class"

 (しない, Shinai) stands for Normally Overcome Target which is a course that holds roughly 90% of the other students at the school. The "N.O.T" Class is for people or specifically weapons whom want to control their budding weapon abilities but do not want to risk their lives on the battlefield, being in N.O.T is strictly for mastering the basics and maturing one's own individual talents. They are the ones who are more "normal" in a sense than their E.A.T counterparts as they don't have much collectively much power, making them less of warriors and more run of the mill students. Additionaly, this class was the target of Shaula Gorgon, an evil, magicial woman who used the entire N.O.T student body to throw Death City into chaos through mind control.
Standard Lessons

The class lessons are based mostly around on the subject of 'Soul Studies' (魂学 Tamashii Gaku translated as Phasmology in the English dub) as knowledge of souls are important for the students.

Extracurricular Lessons

Extracurricular or supplementary lessons (課外授業 Kagai Jugyou) involve fighting and are quite dangerous. Various missions on offer are ranked and have specific requirements. Students must have their chosen mission approved by the receptionist. The Evil human souls collected are tallied. Students who purposely do not collect any Evil human souls on their missions are often punished by having to do school chores. Also, if a Meister and Weapon pair accidentally acquire neither an evil or witch soul or cause massive damage in a particular area, all of the souls they have collected are confiscated by Shinigami.

List of members

High Ranking Members

E.A.T Students

N.O.T Students

Staff Members


List of known bases


  • The three orbs at the top the academy are arranged so that they resemble the holes in Shinigami mask, whilst the gaps in between the towers directly below the three orbs form the outline of the mask's 'teeth.'
  • There are many disputes as to what day the Shibusen was founded. Although various names of the Chapters in the manga made people think that it was Christmas Eve, apparently this is not so, as Kid later states that the 'Foundation Day Eve' party was held on April 1st, on April Fools. However, since the party is held on the eve of the Academy's commemoration day, then the actual day the Shibusen was founded was April 2nd. The reason why the party celebrating its commemoration is the day before is probably due to the fact that it is April Fools, and that due to Shinigami's eccentricity and love of jokes, the Academy celebrates its commemoration on April Fools, the day before the actual day, in the manner of a joke.


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