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Please note that this is the Soul Eater Wiki's article on the "Death scythe" class of Weapons in the Soul Eater universe, if you are looking for the article on the character Spirit also known as "Death Scythe" then you should head to Spirit.
4DS Stein

Four Death Scythes and Stein

Death scythes (デス サイズ, desu saizu) are the most powerful Demon Weapons in Soul Eater. They are weapons that have earned the right and qualifications to be wielded by Death.

World Power

In light of the sealing of Asura, Death cannot travel, prompting Death Scythes to be stationed all around the world, so they can maintain the peace and be used by high level meisters, if need be. So far in the story, there are a total of nine Death Scythes, with eight each in charge of a different part of the world, one of which is stationed with Death at Shibusen. All eight regions are known: Europe, Oceania, East Asia, West Asia, North America, South America, Russia, and Africa. As of Chapter 90, we know all of the Death scythes stationed around the world...

Achieving Death Scythe Status

For a weapon to become a death scythe, they must quest and eat 99 Souls that are on Death's list and one Witch Soul. The Witch Soul is the hardest soul to capture and so is normally done last. If a Witch Soul is captured before gaining the other required souls, it is held within Shibusen until the correct number is met. If a soul other than a Witch Soul is eaten last, such as a Cat's Soul (In Maka and Soul Eater's cases), all the previous souls will be confiscated and the quest must be restarted. Once a weapon has achieved Death Scythe status, the weapon in question will undergo a few changes in weapon form.

Justin Law was once known as the youngest Death Scythe and is so far the only weapon to become a death scythe without a Meister partner.

In the anime there is no list, instead the weapons have to eat 99 souls that are on their way to becoming a Kishin. This fact lead to some changes, for example, Mifune not being stated as having a Strong Soul. Instead Black Star was supposed to collect the 99 souls of Alcapone's gang which Mifune had killed after they attacked him.

Special Abilities

By consuming the final witch's soul a Death Scythe is granted numerous powerful abilities. This is achieved by the advanced wavelength control gained from the witch's soul that has been obtained, which can give rise to magical abilities, manifesting further special abilities.

Among these abilities, form manipulation is noted as not only a standard trait but also one of the most basic. This allows a Death Scythe to change the shape of their Weapon form. However, it can give rise to powerful and useful techniques such as when Soul demonstrated the power to create wings of light, for flight, by focusing on achieving the same goal as Maka.

Death Scythes also gain special abilities depending on the Witch's Soul they eat. For instances Soul is able to use "Adagio of the Soul" using a net to distribute the music, because he ate Arachne's Soul. The other Death Scythes seem to portray special abilities as well that may have developed when they themselves consumed a witch's soul, such as Marie's electrical abilities and Azusa's Senrigan.

The witch's soul seems to increase the basic performance of the weapons normal ability thus making it stronger. An example is the Weapon's ability to perform partial transformations. Normal Weapons have to replace an existing body part to perform a partial transformation. Death Scythes can "sprout" weapon parts from their body, without any replacing.

Significance with Death

Each Death scythe automatically becomes an official instrument of Death's upon their transformation, as they have achieved the qualifications to partner with him. These qualifications, of course, are the complete consumption of 99 Kishin Egg Souls and 1 Witch's soul. The reason behind the specific qualifications is because Death does not have the ability to use a normal Weapon. This is due to the incredible god-level Wavelength Death has, so he requires a much more advanced Weapon, fit specifically to able to match the Soul Wavelength of a full Shinigami.

There is also a significant importance in Death scythes who are actual Scythes. It is possible that a Death scythe is called such because Death is at his maximum potential when wielding one who is an actual Scythe. He takes this into such consideration that he specifically chose Spirit (an actual Scythe), to be his personal weapon partner.

Part in the story

Post Kishin's Revival

After the Kishin, Asura, was revived, Shinigami called back all the incumbent Death Scythes to Shibusen. Only three of the seven contacted Death Scythes made an appearance. The Death Scythe in charge of Africa refused the call, the Death Scythe of South America--later revealed to be the Death Scythe's Meister--was unable to speak with them, and the Death Scythes of South-West Asia and Russia were on important missions and thus unable to come. In the end, Justin Law of Europe, Yumi Azusa of East Asia and Marie Mjolnir of Oceania convened at Shibusen, along with Spirit who is stationed in that area. There, he prohibited Spirit from leaving Shibusen and replaced him with Marie as Stein's weapon. Shinigami then ordered Azusa to use her visionary powers to search for the Kishin and to take over Marie's position as Death Scythe of Australia. He had no special task for Justin but to "live happily with a sense to kill". With this done, he dismissed the Death Scythes.

Post Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's Castle

Soul, after obtaining his ninety-ninth evil human soul, consumes a witch's soul, becomes Shibusen's newest Death Scythe, alongside forming the elite group Spartoi. After becoming a Death Scythe, Soul and Maka begin training to master the abilities afforded by a Death Scythe.

Battle Against the Kishin

It appears that all the death scythes including the ones in charge of Africa and West Asia have arrived.

Known Death Scythes

In the start of the series, there were only 8 Death Scythes but since then that number has increased to 9 due to Maka Albarn creating one, and the number as decreased back to 8 with the succumbing to madness of Justin Law, and further decreased to 7 with the death of Tsar Pushka by Crona.


  • Spirit and Soul are the only two Death scythes to be actual scythes.
  • One of the two characters revealed aiding the attack on Noah's base, had been confirmed to be Death scythe Tezca Tlipoca, it was originally thought to be the monkey, Enrique, as Sid could not understand the death scythe from South America. However, this was false as Enrique was in fact Tezca Tlipoca's meister.
  • It is known that there were eight death scythes at the start of the series but only four were seen in anime.

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