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Death and Spirit make a deal with Medusa Can you prove this information of yours isn't false?

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This article pertains to the subject "Death Scythe" of the demon weapon class. If you're looking for the individual known as "Death Scythe", see Spirit Albarn.

Death, Kid, and the DeathScythes

Death, Death the Kid, and the original eight Death Scythes.

Death Scythes (デス サイズ, desu saizu) are the most powerful Demon Weapons in Soul Eater. They are weapons that have earned the right and qualifications to be wielded by DeathThe reason behind the specific qualifications is because Death does not have the ability to use a normal Weapon. This is due to the incredible god-level Wavelength Death has, so he requires a much more advanced Weapon, fit specifically to able to match the Soul Wavelength of a full Shinigami.

For a weapon to become a death scythe, they must quest and eat 99 Souls that are on Death's list and one Witch Soul. In the anime, there is no list; instead, the weapons have to eat 99 kishin eggs and one witch soul. 

By consuming the final witch's soul, a Death Scythe is granted numerous powerful abilities. This is achieved by the advanced wavelength control gained from the witch's soul obtained, which can increase magical abilities and manifest additional special abilities.

Among these abilities is form manipulation, which allows a Death Scythe to change the shape of their Weapon form. This ability is noted as not only a standard trait but also one of the most basic. However, form manipulation can give rise to powerful and useful techniques, such as when Soul demonstrated the power to create wings of light, for flight, by focusing on achieving the same goal as Maka.

Death Scythes can also "sprout" weapon parts from their body, without having to replace any of those body parts.

List of Death Scythes


  • Spirit and Soul are the only two Death Scythes to be actual scythes.
  • One of the two characters revealed aiding the attack on Noah's base had been confirmed to be Death Scythe Tezca Tlipoca. It was originally thought to be the monkey, Enrique, as Sid could not understand the death scythe from South America. However, this was false as Enrique was in fact Tezca Tlipoca's meister.
  • It is known that there were eight death scythes at the start of the series, but only four were seen in anime.

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