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The term "Death Scythe" may refer to:

  • Spirit Albarn: The father of Maka Albarn and the late Death's weapon partner as well as the Death Scythe in charge of presumably North America. He goes by the nickname "Death Scythe" due to the fact he is the most powerful out of all Death Scythes.
  • Death Scythe (Class): The weapon class known as a "Death Scythe", these are Demon Weapons who have achieved consuming 99 evil human souls (Kishin Eggs in the anime) and one Witch soul. Nine are present in Soul Eater. In Yen Press's translation, this is instead dubbed "Death Weapon" perhaps to avoid confusion.
  • Death Scythe (Form): Like those who are nicknamed by their weapon transformations, Spirit's transformation into the scythe is also referred to as "Death Scythe" and is earned due to the fact he is the most powerful out of all the Death Scythes.