Chapter 78 - Kid attacks Black Star with Mad Crime stance
Death God Taijutsu

Shishin Taijutsu


Martial Way


Death the Kid[1]

Manga Debut

Chapter 13

Anime Debut

Episode 16

Death God Taijutsu (死神体術, Shishin Taijutsu) is the Martial Way practiced and mastered[2] by the Death God, Death the Kid.[3]


This Martial Way seems to focus on utilizing different stances, augmenting the user's offense or defense depending on the stance. It also utilizes a great amount of speed, agility, and flexibility in contrast to a "gorilla" fighting style like Black☆Star and Auntie, who use their speed and tremendous strength to trounce their opponents. This martial art is also usable with the Demon Twin Guns, which are used like tonfas.[4]



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