Maka and Black Star fighting in the Battle Festival

Maka and Black Star fighting in the Battle Festival in the anime.

The Death Festival (Shibusai,Death Fest for short), known as the Battle Festival in the anime, is an annual tournament held every year on Halloween in Death City. Only the EAT Class are allowed to participate in the tournament. It is also known as the biggest event of the year in the DWMA.


A tournament held every October 31 on Halloween,[1] the participants are exclusively EAT Students as they compete for the champion title. Those who win the championship get to meet Death in person.[2]

In addition, unlike regular tournaments, 2 fights can be going on at the same time.[3]


While not much is known about the rules, It is known that outside disturbances are not tolerated.[3] In addition, tournament participants seem to emphasize the use of a weapon/mesiter combination.[2]

Previous Tournaments

In the past, the weapon-meister pair, Black☆Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, won the championship.[2] The next year, there was no champion due to the intervention of the witch, Shaula Gorgon .[3]


There are two areas in which it seems the participants of the Battle Festival compete at:

Grassy Area

SEN! - Episode 11 Screencap - (1)

The Grassy Area

This area is where the Meisters Ox Ford and Tom fought shortly before being ambushed. Surrounded by buildings, a large,grassy circle can be seen. Outside the circle is where people who're spectating the battle watch from as the participants battle within the confines of the circle


Battle Festival Arena

The Colosseum

The second arena is location in the entrance of a large building not far from where they host their Death Bazaar. Surrounded by a body of water and having what seems to be stone tile and a bridge connecting to the battle area, this area is far more spatial then the Grassy Area. This is where both Maka Albarn and Black☆Star battled before being interrupted.


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