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The Death Fest Arc is the final phase of Soul Eater Not!'s total narrative as it tells the events of the main antagonist Shaula's  succession with overthrowing the DWMA (or Shibusen), while Tsugumi must finally chose her Meister Partner, a plot thread since the beginning of the series. 

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Ao Hoshino


Flying Halberd (Anime Only)
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The Seasonal Change of the Annual ShibusaiEdit

Soul Eater NOT Episode 10 HD - Meme regrets her memory loss

Meme regrets forgetting

The Shibusai, or Battle Festival, is a Death City tournament, exclusive to EAT Students, held annually on October 31, Halloween. On this day, Tsugumi must make a choice to decide on her Meister Candidate between her two best friends, Meme and Anya as the two suggested. As the seasons change from summer to fall, The holiday of October comes quicker than expected however back in Japan, Tsugumi's family informs her of Pochi's death via letter which causes a dispution across nations betwixt her friends and family. Tsugumi grieves for days but, Meme doesn't remember this even after hearing it which warrants an outrage in Tsugumi's book that theoretically 'splits' them apart; Meme is disappointed in herself as well as her capacity of remembrance. This ailment stems from Shaula Gorgon's mind control, explaining not only Meme's forgetfullness but also her somnambulism or 'Sleepwalking'. Meme, when sleepwalking, goes to very confidential areas of the Shibusen and reads information crucial to the academy and relays it to her handler unwittingly.

Mayhem at the Battle FestivalEdit

Shaula infects Sid

Shaula infects Sid

Meme is rightfully suspected of begin Shaula's pawn and is put in civilized captivity under heavy surveillance, Tsugumi and Anya reply to Meme's attempt to reach out and break into her locked room. Tsugumi comes along because she insulted her friend of her memory problems never knowing that this was against Meme's own will. They open the door only to be assulted by the under control Meme, She along with Shaula, gets away after causing panic in the night and also killing Sid Barrett, courtesy of the scorpion maiden herself. On the night of this incident, Anya is revealed to be an actual princess only using "Anya" as a pseudonym, Anastasia Yngling is her birthname and additionally, Clay and Akane have been her secret bodyguards under the service of her family. They say that under Sid's dying wish, they would take her back her home of anything had happen. So with that said, Tsugumi is nations away from her family, each one of her friends are dealing with their own problems and death reins supreme.

The day of the Shibusai arrives and what is supposed to be a healthy sporting event turns into the site of a massive invasion of the city by Shaula's hand and while trying to leave the city, Anastasia alongside Akane and Clay are in a vehicle stopped in the outbreak traffic. The outbreak means that poison tipped Finger Claw weapons Shaula's minions use converts others into mindless puppets of which riots the city. Meanwhile, Tsugumi is recovering from previous injuries from the Meme incident in her room alone, a room guarding by Kim Diehl and Jacqueline because Tsugumi is grounded for her acts. The city is under a state of emergency while the school remains on look down, Tsugumi gets the okay to leave from House super intendent, Misery.

Finding AnyaEdit

Before Tsugumi leaves the girls' dorm, Jacqueline notices that Tsugumi's feelings toward Anya resemble the fabled Soul Resonance and upon meeting Anya with transportation provided by the workers at Deathbucks Cafee, Tsugumi and Anya reunite. Upon learning from Akane that Franken Stein is developing a cure against Shaula's possession, the two leave for Death City (in the anime, by Anya's Soul Resonance turning Tsugumi into a Flying Halberd, and in the manga, by Anya and Tsugumi riding Master's moped into town). Upon arriving at Tsugihagi Research Laboratory, Stein claims to have only one sample of the antidote, which Mira Naigus says is needed to produce a larger sample to cure all the infected—but which will apparently take weeks. Stein, supporting the girls, tosses them the antidote and encourages them to escape. Holding onto the cure, Tsugumi and Meme release the bat in their dormitory sent by Meme earlier to contact them. Track the bat to Meme's current location, they find Shaula with her as well.

Rescuing MemeEdit

Having successfully tracked down both Meme and Shaula, Tsugumi and Anya prepare to do whatever it takes to bring Meme back to their side. As Shaula mocks Tsugumi and Anya, she then threatens to kill Meme, ordering their possessed friend to kill the two girls. As Anya battles with Meme, Tsugumi administers Stein's anti-venom cure by putting the cure into her mouth, then administering it to Meme through a kiss. The cure fails to completely remove Shaula's possession over Meme, who stabs Tsugumi in the shoulder. However, Tsugumi confesses Meme's importance to her and apologizes for the hurtful things she told her. The apology reinvigorates Meme's own will, breaking her mind control from Shaula.

Irritated by Tsugumi's success, Shaula attempts to convince Meme to join her side. Meme responds by throwing a blade at Shaula and informing her that she still cherishes the memories of her friends, Anya and Tsugumi, and intends to defeat this witch.

Defeating the Witch ShaulaEdit

While attempting to disable the possessed Traitors, Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore both notice the bell tower striking. Akane's Soul Perception alerts him that Tsugumi and her peers are facing Shaula.

At this bell tower, Tsugumi finally decides her meister: she chooses both Meme and Anya, as each is proficient with one of her weapon abilities. The trio fight Shaula, yet her counterattacks are too much to handle alone. At this moment, Akane arrives and, despite his protests that these NOT students escape, joins them to kill this witch. When Tsugumi questions how, Akane reveals to her that she has a bladed edge. She is surprised to find she was able to finally sport a blade.

Shaula stabs her hair into the ground, summoning around the courtyard scorpion tails out of the ground that strike at the heroes. The meisters dodge and strike down the tails. Following Akane's attacks against the witch, Anya attacks with Tsugumi, and Meme attacks Shaula directly with her own hands. Shaula again attempts to persuade Meme that partnering with Tsugumi and Anya will weaken Meme, but again Shaula’s words fail to convince her.

Realizing she is outnumbered, Shaula leaps to the top of the building to escape, intending to leave her possessed soldiers to eliminate Tsugumi and hte others. Refusing to allow Shaula to escape, Anya and Meme both seize Tsugumi, and with the Soul Resonance of not two but three partners succeed in drawing out a new weapon form in Tsugumi: a lance. Leaping forward, Anya and Meme practically fly towards Shaula, aiming to cut through the witch.

Shaula mocks the NOT students, claiming they cannot defeat her, until she is distracted by a sight that leaves her in fear. Standing atop the building are all of the Death Scythes: Spirit Albarn, Dengu Dinga, Tsar Pushka, Marie Mjolnir, Azusa Yumi, Tezca Tlipoca, Jinn Galland, and Justin Law. Leading the Death Scythes are Death the Kid and Death. Shaula realizes she stands no chance against all of the Death Scythes, and especially against Death. The NOT students are able to tear through the distracted Shaula (in the anime, this defeat happens with only Tsugumi, Anya, and Meme defeating Shaula alone, without Akane or Death). Shaula's body dissipates, leaving behind only her soul, which is collected by Kid (in the anime, her soul is collected by Tsugumi, who carries it to the DWMA tied to a string like a balloon before being handed to Akane, with Maka Albarn and Soul Eater watching this soul delivery).

Clay congratulates Tsugumi and her meisters, as Akane reminds them that they have answered that “partner question” that has plagued them for so long.

In the months after Shaula’s defeat, Dr. Franken Stein treats the previously possessed students, including Meme, and Anya returns to her parents’ castle, leaving Tsugumi without a partner. In the anime, Tsugumi is shown training over the winter in track and weapons training alongside Hao, Raid, and Aaron, under the supervision of Mira Naigus.

In the spring, Tsugumi returns to the DWMA, where she reunites with Anya and Meme, both now returned to their classes and ready to renew their partnership with their weapon. However, Tsugumi has a surprise: she introduces Anya and Meme to Ao Hoshino, a NOT student who specializes in Tsugumi’s scythe form, effectively turning their trio into a quartet. The series ends as the series began, with Anya and Meme frustrated that their weapon cannot commit.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • This arc's order of events differ between the manga and anime versions of Soul Eater NOT! Additionally, some side characters' roles in the manga are reduced or omitted in the anime adaptation.
  • Tsugumi and Anya's travel from the outskirts of Death City back to Patchwork Lab differ: whereas in the manga Tsugumi and Anya borrow Master's moped from Liz and Patty, in the anime Tsugumi gains the ability to transform into a Flying Halberd. Tsugumi uses this Flying Halberd form later to transport Anya and Meme to Shaula's location and to defeat the witch, whereas this ability is never used in the manga.
  • In the anime, some weapons appear—and in one case, even fight—in their human form, including Soul Eater, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, and Harvar D. Eclair. In the manga, Soul and Tsubaki remain in weapon forms throughout and do not speak, and Harvar speaks but appears only in the reflection of his weapon.
  • In the manga, after lending Master's moped to Tsugumi and Anya, Liz and Patty return to Death City by unknown means and assist in disabling Traitors. In the anime, Liz and Patty ride Master's moped to the Girls' Dormitory to disable Traitors, and the anime shows the Thompsons and Kid encountering Tsugumi at the DWMA in the spring semester.
  • In the anime, Anya and Meme use Tsugumi's Flying Halberd capabilities, exclusive to the anime, to defeat Shaula by themselves. In the manga, the Trio have assistance. First, Akane, using Clay in weapon form, pushes back Shaula until she is ready to retreat. Second, as the Trio make a last strike at Shaula, the witch is distracted by the arrival of Death, Death the Kid, and all eight Death Weapons. Recognizing she cannot win against Lord Death himself, Shaula is killed by the Trio's attack.
  • The manga introduces two characters: an EAT meister named Tom, who during his duel with Ox Ford is possessed by Shaula; and Ao Hoshino, who becomes Tsugumi's temporary partner during Anya and Meme's absence from the DWMA.
  • The anime features a post-credit sequence showing Sid's resurrection from his grave at Hooks Cemetery, whereas the manga features no additional scene showing his reanimation. This stinger was featured in the Japanese broadcast but not in the Funimation United States online and home video releases.


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