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Death the Kid[2]

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Chapter 22

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Episode 24

Death Claw[3] (死神クロー, Shinigami Kurō) is a technique utilized by the Death God for a variety of purposes.[1]


Offensive Form

The attack version allows the user to four black tendrils of energy, resembling skulls with elongated teeth that resemble claws. In the anime, these claws form beginning with a blast of energy in the shape of Death's earlier mask.[4] These arms are capable of shredding an opponent's body and was implied to have been the tehcnique used to flail Asura of all his skin.[4]

Supportive Form

Alternatively the arms can be used to draw objects towards the user and even reattach a body part previously severed.[2]


Soul Eater Episode 24 HD - Death Claws rejected

The Death Claws seem to react emotionally

  • Shadow Skull Arms's appearance has a similar appearance to Shotaro's arms when using his "Guard Dog of Hades: Bones of Kerberos" ability from Atsushi's earlier series B. Ichi.
  • When the Death Claws are unable to reach Asura, their eyeholes change, as if they feel either pain at knocking into the limits of Death's soul or reject at their failure to stop Asura.[4]


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