The Death City Robot is only featured in Anime and is the final result of the collaboration of Joe Buttataki, Death, and the usage of Eibon's demon tools, including his most acclaimed creation, Brew.[1]


The Death City Robot is a powerful demon tool, with the combine might of many other demon tools as well as brew. Death used this creation, in which is solely rooted to his soul, in order to participate in the Battle with Arachnopobia. He fought this against Arachnophobia's own Baba Yaga Spider Mech.[1]

When used, Death City will move about with a outer metal shell being protected, powerful enough to shield the city and it's occupants from the Baba Yaga Spider Mech's lasers. It is controlled from the Secret Vault, in which acts as it's control room and extends even into the Death Room. Magic mirrors provide the screen, fitting the theme of Death and mirrors.[1]


Death City Mech's unknown ability

Death City's adopting a sort of avatar controlled by Death.

Unlike Arachnopobia's Spider mech, It's abilities are purely physical and rooted to the soul of Death. Using the Eternal Spring as a power source, it is virtually limitless in power. It is incredibly strong, each step creating breaks in the ground. The outer shell is impervious, able to resist the lasers from the Baba Yaga spider mech,[1] in which is power by Asura's madness.

It should be noted whatever damage go to the mech is felt by Death while hes in on the controls, in which the response is so heated even his hands feel.[1] The index finger of the mech also contains an array of smaller hands, opened by a hatch and is able to grab onto small targets.[1]

In addition, Death is able to use the mech to adopt it into some sort of avatar, in which it was able to consume Asura into the Death Room.[1]


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