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Death Cannon
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Technique Data
English Title
Alternate Title(s)
Derived Magic
User(s) Death the Kid
Class Attack
Real World Data
Manga Debut Chapter #3
Anime Debut Episode 6

Death Cannon (デス・キャノン, Desu Kyanon) is a Soul Resonance move used by Death the Kid and his twin guns Patty and Liz in Kid's Execution Mode. The move charges Kid's wavelength and after a countdown fires a huge ball of energy at his opponent from his twin cannons which explodes when it reaches the target and leaves nothing but a plume of skull shaped smoke. The extent of the blast is so powerful that the resulting recoil, is enough to blow Kid several inches back.

In the anime, in episode 6 Kid's Death Cannon wasn't fatal to Soul and Black Star, since he didn't use Death Cannon like in a real battle.

Once again in the anime, during the final fight against the Kishin, Asura, Kid uses a variant of this technique after the all three of The Lines of Sanzu connect. Instead of the usual two cannons that form on his arms, two large barrels appear. They are much larger in size, gold and stand on the end tips of the skulls (that looks similar to Shinigami's mask) that are located on the outer side of each. Due to it's size and the fact that it requires these 'feet' to stand, this is a one-hit attack. The attack itself involves firing two powerful beams at the target, one red and the other green. However, even with all three Sanzu Lines connected and the immense energy this technique fires, it was still unsuccessful in destroying the Kishin, but manged to force him to revert to his true form rather than the large form he had assumed previously.

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