Soul Eater NOT Episode 7 - Death Bazaar 3

Death Bazaar

The Death Bazaar (デスバーザー, Desubāza) is a special occurrence in which takes place within the culture of Death City. Done on the Death Pain Square section of the city, it is a major event in which the section became a large flea market, residents selling items at reasonable to cheaper prices.[1]


Eternal Feather Incident

During the previous Death Bazaar, the residents around Death City became attacked by a mind controlled DWMA student, Eternal Feather. Controlled by Shaula Gorgon with her poison and Manipulation Magic, she attack other individuals, even attempting at the life of NOT student Anya Hepburn. However, the intervention of Maka Albarn and Soul Eater stopped the attack. Eternal Feather was then order to kill herself, critically injuring herself and ending the event.[2]


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