As powerful as he may be, his quest for peace and his humbleness has earned the respect of those who side with DWMA.

Death's quest for peace and achieving balance is very well known in Soul Eater. He is held in high regard by enemies and allies alike. Being the Headmaster of DWMA, many of its students and staff respect Death, but many of his foes dislike him as a result of his rules he established around the world.


Death the KidEdit

Death the Kid is Shinigami's son and heir Shinigami.
Death seems to get along well with Kid and encourages him and his partners to succeed. Shinigami is confused by Kid's obsessions, but tends to ignore them. Shinigami is confident enough in his son's skills to - if a little reluctantly - assign a three-star mission to him at the start of the series. Despite their differences, Shinigami loves his son.
Unknown to Kid till his fight with Asura, Death had taken precautions to ensure Kid's upbringing will be much different then how Asura was raised. When he created Kid by fragmenting his soul, he did not create him and had him personify an emotion like Asura, who personifies his fears. He also made him an incomplete Shinigami and help him learned the value of humans and the worth in asissting them. He also taught Kid the real importance of a Shinigami, in which is to uphold balance. 
As the manga progresses, he continues to show confidence in Kid and takes great pride in him growing to be a Shinigami. When discussing his sons with Excalibur, he shows great pride in Kid becoming a fully realized Shinigami and is confident that he will be a fantastic one. Though Death often keeps secrets, he tells Kid whenever he starts questioning him. In Chapter 110, Shinigami 'dies' when Kid becomes a real God, but he cheered him on as he connected the final Sanzu Line. 
Lord Death and Death the Kid

At times, Kid's trust in his father can be swayed when he suspects his father's plans to be sinister, only to be surprised when it's not.

In the Anime version, however, their relationship is slightly strained when Kid gets supspicious of what Shinigami is planning to do with the Demon Tools. This causes Kid to slightly distrust him and so he also becomes withdrawn and distant towards Shinigami. Kid later in the series begun to distrust him more when Shinigami made a deal with Medusa, making Kid more withdrawn and distant towards Shinigami. Shinigami started to feel sadden over Kid not trusting him, with that reason being the only time he shed a tear in the anime version. Kid stopped feeling distrust towards him when Shinigami finally revealed what he planned on using the Demon Tools for. In the end, Kid felt gulity for not trusting him and felt partially responsible for Shinigami losing to Asura, since it was because Shinigami used his own body as a shield to protect Kid from Asura's attack that he lost.
It should be noted, however, comments from Liz and Soul upon meeting him hint that Death may have spoiled his son.[1]


You low-life pig!!! I'll rip your skin off again!!!

Shinigami, To Asura[2]

Despite Asura being his son, Shinigami has a very powerful hatred towards Asura, and the two treat each other as mortal enemies. Originally, however, the two were once great comrades, and Asura has even recounted a friendship between them prior to his Kishinizing (Possibly a normal father/son relationship). Shinigami saw Asura as a very valuable part of his personal guard and saw him as the most skilled and powerful out of all the The Eight Warlords. However, he also acknowledged him as the most frightened one as well, and the one most obsessed with power.

Shinigami skinning Asura

When Asura succeeded in becoming the first Kishin, Shinigami hunted him down and defeated him without hesitation. As a punishment he skinned him and sealed him in a bag made from his skin and rooted his soul to spot where he hid him. However, Shinigami seem to feel regret for putting all his fear into Asura and stated that he has no right to judge Medusa as he used his own son for an experiment. Also, Death admitted that he once believed that together, fear and order, they could have created the perfect order.
Nevertheless, Death finds his older son and his actions ireedemable. This seems to make him furious. So much so that he even starts spouting out vulgar phrases, even calling him a "piece of shit" and "bastard" in the manga.[3] When referring to Asura, Shinigami still believes that he is a coward and knows that he is reluctant to do any damage individually. The two also have completely opposite opinions of humanity, peace, and how the world should function. While Asura believes that mankind's greatest weakness is their imagination, Shinigami believes that it is their greatest strength, for example. Shinigami's opinion towards Asura's view of these ideals is that of believing that they would drown mankind in despair, and that they are of useless nonsense of no other significant outcome to following them but destruction, recklessness, and even more fear.
When Asura is revived, the two do not actually jump into battle immediately, and Shinigami decides to first have a friendly conversation with the Kishin. Even Asura participates for a short time. However, Shinigami then cuts the politeness and engages Asura. When in battle with Asura, Shinigami completely drops his usual demeanor, uses his real voice, and looks at Asura with a fiercely angry expression on his mask. Ultimately the two are complete opposites, and Shinigami feels nothing but disgust and betrayal from Asura. The only time Shinigami has ever been shown to be so enraged that he actually becomes frightening is when he is in battle with Asura.


Spirit, aka. Death ScytheEdit

Spirit partially transforming

Death explains to Spirit why he shouldn't intervene in Maka's fight with Blair.

Spirit is Shinigami's Weapon partner, the current Death Scythe. Shinigami is disapproving of Spirit's flirtatious behavior and occasionally reprimands him by way of a Shinigami Chop. They do seem to share a sense of humor however, shown during their meeting with Medusa in which they ignored the witch - much to her distaste - in favor of discussing children's underwear. When Spirit was panicking about being fired following Asura's escape, Shinigami told him he needed to have more confidence in himself.
Spirit is one of the few individuals to know of The Sanzu Lines and their true nature. As such, whenver Kid connected the Sanzu Lines, he showed concern for his meister. However, he always encouraged him not to look down and should know what it's like for a father to see his child progress in the world. With them both being single fathers, it seems they have a great understanding of each other. In addition, Spirit is most likely aware of the various secrets Death does keep, such as knowing how DWMA was founded and possibly the Kishin being underneath the school as well as the Sanzu Lines and their connection to Death.

Death ScythesEdit

Many students in DWMA join to become heroes. Those in the E.A.T Class work to become or to create a Death Scythe. Those who gain the status of Death Scythe are considered one of "Death's instruments"[sourcing needed] and, as such, are also considered partners of Death himself due to the fact they're the only individuals who can resonate with him.

Azusa YumiEdit

Death seems to value Azusa as an ally, much like how he values all his Death Scythes. He also shows much confidence in her abilities and never hesitates to ask her to use her skills to assist DWMA, in which she obliges all the time. In turn, Azusa makes sure to be of full use for Death, following his orders to what seems to be the letter.
However, unlike most of his Death Scythes, she does question Death's decisions from time to time, as seen in the anime, though she does so respectfully. However, even she can occasionally get frustrated of his easygoing nature and has called him out on it (along with Spirit). It's shown to some degree that even Death fears Azusa. 

The Eight WarlordsEdit


Shinigami and Eibon have only ever been shown acting formally and friendly to one another. Shinigami is familiar with a lot of Eibon's past, and seems to acknowledge that he has been through much unhappiness.
In the anime, Shinigami seemed to be concerned for Eibon, and pleaded with him to not try to achieve immortality for his dying wife, and that even if he did so that he would find nothing but grief and sorrow after his triumphal over death. Eibon then ignored Shinigami and found as much, and forever resented not taking his advice. The two still appear to share a friendship, and Eibon even assists Shinigami in trying to stop Asura. Shinigami seems to be very secretive about his relationship with Eibon, and usually avoids speaking about it. It is possible that he does this in an effort to not have others find out that he befriended someone who is commonly viewed as an ally of Witches.


Shinigami does not actually see Excalibur as very annoying as others do, rather, as an old ally and acquaintance. This is probably because Excalibur acts substantially more seriously and rationally around Shinigami. Evidently, his trust in Excalibur is the reason why Shinigami asks him to look over Kid after the battle with Asura, after he is gone.


Maka AlbarnEdit

Maka seems to be the meister at DWMA who Shinigami respects the most. He has shown to have great confidence and pride in her, often trusting her with important tasks, and gets annoyed with Spirit when he makes irritating comments regarding her. He always congratulates Maka on her achievements and is very proud of her hard work at the academy, of her highly advanced Soul Perception abilities, and of her ability to master and learn difficult techniques, such as the Devil-Hunt Slash. He even compares Maka to her mother sometimes.[4]
However, he is not beyond punishing her once she has done something wrong, such as when she takes a level four book from the library to research Medusa and the Black Blood. Although, it is never actually shown how he punishes her, and he still respects her enough to reserve her punishment until later so she can help with saving Kid. It may even be possible he forgave her, as she is never shown going through any punishment after Kid's rescue.


Arachne Edit

While much of their history is unknown, Arachne is one of the few witches known to personally fight Death and survive. He seems to show hostility to her like any opponents 800 years ago and even called her a "whorish swine", showing vulgarity that contrasts to his present attitude. While they may be enemies, he surprisingly was somewhat concerned for her well-being, stating that she was very damaged and was probably dying at one point. He also showed a concerned face. It is unknown why he showed such concern toward Arachne.

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