Special Abilities

Death God-related Powers

Soul Eater Chapter 110 - Death's Lines of Sanzu

Death's Lines of Sanzu.

Lines of Sanzu (ザ ライン オブ サンズ, Za Rain obu Sanzu):Being a Death Death God, Death himself possess all three of the Lines of Sanzu connected, in which gives him his powers as well as the status of a True Death God.[1]

  • True Death God (真の死神, Shin no Shinigami): Having all three of the Lines of Sanzu connected, Death is given special capabilities thanks to his status as a True Death God. From this status, he is able to judge and tell a good soul from an evil one in which is indistinguishable otherwise. However, by doing so, he adds them to the Shinigami's List in which he maintains and for some unknown reason, those under the list have a quality change in their soul and can be tracked by a user of Soul Perception.[2][3](This ability, however, is not present in the anime due to the Kishin Egg concept)
  • Confiscation (没収, Bosshū): Death can also confiscate the Soul Collection of a Demon Weapon, in which will render them back to their state prior to collecting souls, whether they're evil or pure. However, this doesn't change their status they may have attained such as that of a Demon Sword[4]
  • Madness Wavelength (狂気の波長, Kyōki no hachō): As a Great Old One and True Death God, Death has an godly level Madness Wavelength that is equal to Asura's own.[1] His existence is capable of turning men to Madness and can even spread his Madness through the whole world to affect it at a global scale like that of his fellow Great Old Ones.[5]
  • Madness of Order (規律の狂気, Kiritsu no kyōki): This madness in particular, according to Death the Kid, is so intense it has the ability to eclipse all human emotion and leave only a mechanical cycle of birth and death.[6] This is known as a Death God's "true power" and is connected to the Lines of Sanzu.[1] According Asura's comments, the Madness of Order has the ability to effectively counteract even his Madness of Fear at the expense of taking away humanity's emotions.[7] Death's fate in humanity, however, makes him voluntarily not use this power.[1]

Shinigami Powers (死神の力, Shinigami no Chikara): Due to his Lines of Sanzu, Death possesses incredibly powerful, latent divine powers and techniques.[8] Some of the unnamed powers he possesses includes spontaneously materialize objects such as a mandolin and is often used in his humor and to comedic effect.[9] He also once materialized Crona's contract too  He can also interact with mirrors and magical-like mirror mediums like the Shinigami's Mirror, able to talk to others like that of a phone or spectate like that of a Crystal Ball. He can also reside within the Mirrors occasionally.[10]

Episode 24 -Death's Seals

Death's contingency seals ensaring Asura.

  • Sealing (封印, Fūin): Death is highly capable at sealing other individuals, as he was able to seal away even a being as powerful as Asura by using the Kishin's skin as a sealing bag and binding his soul to prevent Asura from being able to move freely at the expense of his own freedom. However, while he can keep active seals for centuries, a setback is that it grows weaker after a certain amount of time if he does not reinforce it. A newly resurrected Asura after eight hundred years was shown to bypass his contingency seals by tearing them off like paper.[8]
  • Flight (フライト, Furaito):Death is capable of freely levitating off the ground and flying at high speeds even without his jets.[11]
Episode 24 - Death Claw

Death Claw.

  • Death Claw (死神クロー, Shinigami Kurō): Death calls out four shadowy claws from his body, with black skulls at the end of them. The nature of this attack is mostly unknown, though it can be assumed that the attack slashes or grabs an opponent as well as being capable of ripping the skin off of it's target.[12]
  • Shape-Shift (形体変化(けい たいへん), Kei Taihen): Death is capable of changing the properties of his own body. These capabilities includes altering his body to appear less menacing.[13] He can also change his hands into that of catpaws as well as maintain a form of a giant skull during the depiction of the battle between himself and Asura that resulted in his sealing.[14] At times, it seems that Death also possess some ability to alter the size of his body, reaching the height of the long Death Room Mirror (in which varies in size). It's unknown, however, exactly how large he can make himself, though has been seen to be far larger then Spirit Albarn, Marie Mjolnir, and Franken Stein.[15]
  • Shield (シールド, Shīrudo) :Death can creates a powerful shield that resembles his mask to protect himself that was strong enough to briefly keep Asura at bay using Vajra as a drill, although he was eventually overpowered. He can also use the shield offensively, as he used it to try and crush Asura in his fight with him.[8]
  • Barrier (結界, Kekka):Death is able to create a barrier capable of trapping Kishin Asura in the Death Room. Arachne Gorgon stated that her power could do nothing to dispel it..[11]
  • Collect (回収, Kaishū): As a Death God, Death is capable of collecting souls and storing it into his body.[16]

Shinigami Shockwave.

  • Katsu (喝, Katsu): A powerful yell in which allows Death to channel powerful energy around him, powerful enough to destroy Asura's Skin Wrappings.[8]
  • Shinigami Shockwave (死神衝撃波, Shinigami shōgekiha): A followup to Katsu, Death attacks with electrical-like shock waves powerful enough to destroy Asura's Skin Wrappings.[8]
  • Teleportation (瞬間移動, Shunkanidō): Death has shown the capability of teleportation from a position to inside a Pyramid within Lost Island.[17]
  • Doll (人形, Ningyō): Dolls are animated beings in which can be created by Death. Resembling himself in appearance, these dolls are often used as training dummies in Death Weapon Meister Academy. Their abilities, depending on the type of doll, are seemingly derived from some of Death's own capabilities, such as the usage of large gloves and the ability to create and utilize Poison Needles.[18]

General Skills

Wavelength Control (波長コントロール, Hachō Kontorōru): Death's level of control over his Soul Wavelength is great that only a Death's Weapon can fit being his weapon.[19]His control over his Wavelength can create powerful and graceful blue winds able to clash with Asura's own.[11]

Utility Meister (万能職人, Ban'nō Shokunin): Death is inferred to be an incredibly advanced and powerful Meister, presumably having full mastery and knowledge in how to use almost all, if not all types of weapons that exists as almost all of the Demon Weapons within the academy aspire to be his Death Scythe and is supposedly able to easily utilize anyone attaining the ranking of Death Scythe with an unknown level of skill.[19] [11]

Episode 48 - Death brandishes Death Scythe against Asura

Death uses Death Scythe against Asura.

  • Scythe-Meister (鎌職人, Kama Shokunin): Death is mostly known for sporting a scythe as his main weapon. He is perhaps the most powerful Scythe-Meister in the world. He claims that he could kill Blair with a simple swing of Death Scythe. With the use of his Death Scythe, he was able to not only fight on equal footing against Asura but was even able to overwhelm and nearly defeat him, only prevented from achieving victory by Asura's leveraging of Kid, Azusa, and the Thompson sisters's lives. He is also advanced enough to effectively utilize the most powerful tehcnique of the Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister with enough power to kill even Immortal beings.[11]
Episode 48 - Death pummels Asura

Death physically pummels Asura.

Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Death is exceptionally proficient in unarmed close combat, indeed he is perhaps the most powerful martial artist in the world, as he is not only capable of easily besting and critically injuring Arachne during their battle without sustaining any injuries[20] but he was even the only one who was ever able to defeat Asura alone without a weapon on hand (while the other had Vajra) on one occasion that led to him being sealed away and he also managed to seemingly maintain the upper hand over Asura in their second fight despite holding back to not destroy Death City, although Asura was eventually able to escape due to Death not having the means to kill him.[21] In his third battle with him (in the anime), with his elastic ability and great strength combined, he is capable of pummeling Asura during battle.[11] Death was also confident that he could instantly kill Blair with a single attack.

Death God Physiology: Death's physiology is far more advanced than most races. As a Death God, his body repels everything, including the likes of poison and dye.[22] He's also able to stretch out his body parts such as his arms and hand as well as contort his body to enable himself to move faster.[11] He also showcase the ability to regenerate his body after Asura drilled through the latter in seconds (this wasn't present in the anime, however).[8]

  • Immortality (不死, Fushi): As a True Death God, Death is immortal and has lived for over 800 years.[8] It is possible this immortality is similar to Asura's own, who inherited his immortality from Death due to being the embodiment of his fears (and fear itself as a result).[23]

Enhanced Durability: Death has shown tremendous levels of durability, having been able to take and survive multiple hits hits from the likes of Vajra while in Asura's usage, with the explosions being so powerful both Death the Kid and Azusa Yumi found the level being far greater then what they're able to handle, despite the latter being a Death Scythe and the former being a Death God.[11] and also survived the powerful explosion of Lost Island, in which was powerful enough to lay waste to the entire island and created a demonic anomaly. Death possesses has a healing factor in which allows any wounds he sustains to heal instantly.[8]

Enhanced Strength: He also possess a tremendous level of strength, enough to effortlessly chop Asura into the ground with enough force to create craters as well as his punches able to do so. He even claims that he could kill Blair with one chop. He was also seen able to easily lift Asura off his feet with his strength. He also managed to gain the upper-hand in a struggle between his Death Block and Asura's own, in which was somewhat a struggle of strength.[11]

High-Level Intellect: Being the Death God, he has a high amount of knowledge of Souls. He is also the one who is able to judge them before putting evil souls on a list. He normally, along with Stein, is the character who provides the explanations of anything related to the topic. He was able to thoroughly explain how the Demon Weapons were created,, displaying much intelligence in the subject. He is also shown to be knowledgeable in several types of magic, such as Soul Protect and the Spatial Magic used to trap him, able to thoroughly explain how they works.[24] and was even aware of Eibon's Chapters in the Book of Eibon.[25][26]

Spatial Sense: Death is capable of sensing space when he explained to Kilik the effects of the Independent Cube.


Soul Eater Episode 24 HD - Death Claws reach limit

Death Claw reaching the limit of Death's soul.

According to Franken Stein, due to the sealing of Asura via rooting his soul, Death is unable to travel beyond the realms of his own soul, which encompasses the entirety of Death City. For Death to move, it would require the movement of the entire city itself, even If Asura is released.[28] This fact was later used by Asura to escape from his fight with him.[29]

In addition, Death also doubted his own power to finish off Asura without Death Scythe on hand,[30] in which case is most likely due to the latter's Immortality. Also, when Asura suddenly fired a powerful blast from Vajra to Death The Kid,Thompson Sisters,and Azusa Yumi and forced Death to protect them with his body as they would have certainly been killed, it is shown that if caught off guard and forced to take a sufficiently powerful attack, Death could be incapacitated and even critically injured.[11]



Death's Cloak: A long, dark, and jagged cloak worn by Death. It has transformative-like properties in which allows him to appear less menacing compared to his appearance from 800 years ago. It can also repair itself from damage (this capability is not present in the anime).[8]

Episode 48 - Death defends from Vajra with his hand

Death enlarges his glove for defense.

Death's Gloves: Death's special, white foam finger-like gloves that is used to cover his skull fingers[31] and is used as a weapon and is connected to Death's being. It's capable of having writing on it such as "Stop" on Death's whim.[32] In the anime, he's capable of enlarging it's size to defend himself from Vajra's laser as well as increase his striking strength enough to injure Asura.[11]

  • Shinigami Chop (脳天直撃死神チョップ, Shinigami Choppu): One of Death's signature moves, he executes a powerful karate chop capable of not only injuring the Kishin Asura[33] but even speculated to be capable of ending Blair in one hit.[34]

Death's Mask: A special skull mask used to cover Death's real face in which is capable of conveying his emotions.[35] He also appears to have a special connection to it, cracking for each of the Lines of Sanzu connected by Death the Kid.[36]


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