Death's Family

Death's Family is a powerful and immensely wealthy family in Death City that consists only of Death Gods and are connected to Death Weapon Meister Academy.[1]



As seen with Death the Kid's status, this family seems to be highly influential and especially well-known within DWMA, Death City, and even the entire world. It is known that this family is extremely rich, as Liz Thompson and Patty Thompson conspired to be his Weapon partners to take advantage of this wealth.[2] Even E.A.T DWMA student Soul Eater comments to Death the Kid about his rich status, mentioning Kid riding on his parent's coattails and how he wishes he was as lucky,[3] despite coming from a rich and wealthy background himself.

Prior to attending DWMA schooling system, Kid himself was still considered a member of the organization, known as an important member (called a V.I.P in the anime).[4] Despite being a one-star meister at the time, his status allows him to even checkout Level 4 Books, something that only high-level ranking Meisters and Death Scythes are allowed.[5]

Members of Death's FamilyEdit

Name Position Status
Death the KidSonActive

Note:In the anime, Death is alive. While Asura is known to be a son of Death himself, it is unknown how he is considered in Death's Family,


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