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Episode 9 - Death's faction long ago
Death's Faction




Death's Faction is the group of Meisters and Demon Weapons led by Death long ago to protect world order, predating Death Weapon Meister Academy.[1]


Long time ago, Meisters and Weapons served under the rule of Lord Death himself in his quest to protect and maintain the world order, following his instructions and being trained to have the necessary skills to do so. However, despite this, many Meisters could not bear the fear they felt as they fought countless battles and feared imminent death. They secretly fed their weapons innocent souls in hopes of gaining power, but sacrificed their weapon's humanity as a result and created a Kishin.[1] At some point, this faction dissolved and was replaced by DWMA after the Kishin Asura's defeat.[2]



According to Spirit, the faction's goal was to preserve the world order as well as forbid and kill those who hunted for souls, succeeding to the point that the forbidding of hunting and killing innocent humans for their souls became a natural moral.[1]


This faction's most crucial rule was the forbidding of the hunting and consumption of an innocent human soul due to the the effects in which while empowers a weapon with more power, costs an individual sanity as well as their humanity altogether.[1]


Death's Faction was at least a formidable and power faction, being led and trained presumably by Death himself, a powerful True God of Death, and had won countless battles.[1] It's very well possible that this faction's power was also aided by the inclusion of Death's personal guards, the Eight Guardians of Death (known as the Eight Shinigami Legions in the manga)[1][3]


Name Position Status

Eight Guardians of Death

Main article: Eight Shinigami Legions Along with Death was an elite team of Weapons and Meisters in which acted as his personal guards known as the "Eight Guardians of Death", a team in which acted directly under Death and followed his command. It's highly possible that they were once considered a part of this faction as well.[3]


  • The inclusion of this group is questionable. While obviously referenced in Episode 9, the anime (in which this group only exists in) claims the Kishin to have risen from a group of Meisters. However, Episode 19's explanation of Asura's origins as the first and only Kishin and being formerly of the Eight Guardians of Death (Eight Shinigami Legions in the manga) later contradicts this and follows the manga's story. In addition, the exact' relationship between the Eight Guardians of Death and this faction isn't fully known.


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