Deaths Cloak
Death's Cloak

Clothing (via Shinigami Powers)


Death the Kid

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Chapter 1

Anime Debut

Episode 1

Death's Cloak is the cloak in which Death himself sports. His son and sucessor, Death the Kid, took the cloak as his own after his death.[1][2]


The cloak appears as a dark and jagged cloak with a hood, a large zig-zag line protruding from it on top.[1]


The cloak is unique in it's ability to obscure a wearer's entire figure, also adapting to different shapes and sizes while in use. When used by Death, it's nature can have more jagged and monstrous lines to look more intimidating or more straight and smoother ones. The cloak was capable of covering Death from head to toe while in Kid's case, the cloak went up not too far down from his hips.[3][1][2]

The cloak can also self repair.[4]


  • The cloak's ability to self repair is not present in the anime.


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