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The Deal Arc is the fourteenth story arc in the manga Soul Eater. In this arc, members of the DWMA, still reeling from the defection of Crona, Kim Diehl, and Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré, are then surprised to learn that Medusa Gorgon, who has survived, is responsible for their loss--and now has come to Death to propose a truce.

While this arc has similarities to the anime-only arc Arachnophobia vs DWMA, this arc is exclusive to the manga.


Kim's worriesEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 44 - JacKim

Jacqueline pledges herself to Kim

Kim Diehl and Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupre have changed out of their Witch Mass attire and into their DWMA uniforms. After Kim worries what would happen if the Witch Order learned of her enrollment, and if the DWMA learned she was a witch, she would be excommunicated from the witches and hunted by the DWMA. Jacqueline takes Kim's hand, promising that she will never abandon her. With that, the two fly "back home to DWMA."[1]

Witches discovered in Death CityEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 44 - Risa versus Sid

As Risa is about to release Soul Protect, Sid disables her

Sid Barett and Spirit Albarn visit Chupa♡Cabra's to meet with its proprietors Risa and Arisa. What they do not know is that the two witches were just speaking via a Crystal Ball with Arachnophobia's Mosquito at Baba Yaga Castle. But they are surprised when Spirit announces that Risa and Arisa are now under DWMA custody under suspicion of being witches. Risa prepares to unleash her magic—-but Sid removes a nearby ice picket, telling her that Death the Kid and DWMA security has surrounded the building, and he is willing to cut her neck if both witches do not cooperate.[1]

As the witches are taken to the DWMA, Spirit is forced to admit to Sid that their informant's intelligence was correct, which means the informant's other accusation is correct: Kim Diehl is a witch. Spirit and Sid agree that they must first keep an open mind to listen to Kim to determine her loyalties.[1]

Kim and Jacqueline defect from the DWMAEdit

Maka Albarn and Soul Eater return from their mission at the Borscht Seven Factory, where they catch up with Ox Ford, Kilik Rung, and their weapons. Ox describes how his team managed to defeat the Wrath Giant by joining in a naked dance, while Maka ruminates about the new form of the Witch-Hunt Slash, the Devil-Hunt Slash, and how it may be able to defeat Medusa Gorgon.[1]

Soul Eater Chapter 44 - Kim leaves the DWMA

Kim leaves the DWMA

Maka and Ox's groups then see Kim and Jacqueline return. Their reunion is interrupted by Mira Naigus and DWMA security, who ask Kim and Jackie to come with them. When Jacqueline asks for an explanation, one security officer seizes her by the arm. Realizing Kim's identity has been compromised, she flies away on Jacqueline, tears falling down her face. Naigus seizes the security guard and throws him down for mistreating their own students.[1]

Soul Eater Chapter 45 - Kilik confronts Kid and Ox

Ox and Kilik argue regarding Kim's defection.

Ox asks Naigus to explain what has happened. Kid, having just returned to the Academy, intervenes and asks to explain what his father told him: Kim is a witch. Kilik is upset, claiming Kid should have informed their friends rather than letting Naigus and security attempt to arrest her. Ox, however, tries to be pragmatic, claiming it would not be proper to interfere with DWMA decisions. Kilik eventually apologizes and walks away with Soul, Fire, and Thunder to calm down. Maka, however, thinks how sad Kim looked, almost as sad as Crona was when they were struggling with their loyalties to the DWMA and to Medusa. Therefore, Maka asks who informed the DWMA that Kim was a witch. Initially hesitant, Kid admits that the information came from the still living witch, Medusa Gorgon, who has turned herself over to DWMA custody.[2]

Ox defends KimEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 45 - Ox defends Kim

Ox defends Kim

The next day, after gym in the boys' shower room, Ox is quiet, overhearing his classmates gossip about the recent news that Kim was a witch and referring to her as having always been scum. Furious, Ox challenges two boys to a fight outside—and gets punched right there. Even as the boys continues to beat him until he is down the shower floor, Ox continues to defend Kim as "a wonderful person."[2]

Maka confronts MedusaEdit

After finishing gym class, Maka and Soul sneak out of study hall to go to the DWMA dungeon to confront Medusa and demand Crona's location. Soul, however, is concerned how Maka lied to get her father's Death Weapon ID card to enter this restricted area, wondering whether she has broken such rules before. Once they arrive at her cell, however, Medusa refuses to comply, feigning helplessness. Soul advises Maka that Medusa will never tell the truth, guiding her away as Maka calls back to the "bitch" to expect to hear from the students again. When the students are away from her cell, Medusa chuckles, as she knows the DWMA will have no choice but to agree to her deal.[2]

Death and Spirit meet with MedusaEdit

Death receives reports from Azusa Yumi that Arachnophobia has been emboldened by its acquisition of BREW on Lost Island, now attacking the DWMA directly at its East Asian and African branches. Death decides they must locate Arachnophobia's headquarters.[1]

Soul Eater Chapter 45 - Shinigami Chop

Death Shinigami Chops Medusa.

Meanwhile, Spirit brings Medusa to meet with Death. Facing Death, Medusa looks around nervously upon her entrance, claiming this is her first time encountering Death "face-to-face." Death then unleashes a Shinigami Chop on her, prompting pain, fear, and annoyance at how adorable Spirit finds her pumpkin bloomers to be. Once she gets Death and Spirit to focus, she explains that she has a deal to propose: she will provide the actual BREW and will reveal the location of Arachnophobia's headquarters at Baba Yaga Castle, including how to capture the castle, if and only if she is given full command of a DWMA operation to assassinate Arachne. Spirit is outraged, but Medusa makes two points: first, she possesses Rachel Boyd, effectively holding her hostage, and second, she is the only one who knows Arachne's location.[2]

Kim and Jacqueline join ArachnophobiaEdit

Once Kim and Jacqueline are far from Death City, they realize that Kim has nowhere to go: they have lost their home. They then spot a spider and realize it is one of Arachne Gorgon's sentries. Jacqueline prepares to burn it, when they are interrupted by a voice coming from a luxury automobile that, out of nowhere, has driven into the forest. The driver, Mosquito, offers to escort the two to Arachne, who can protect Kim and Jacqueline from both the Witch Order and the DWMA. Jacqueline leaves the decision to Kim, who agrees to follow.[1]

At Baba Yaga Castle, Arachnophobia soldiers (including Free in disguise) guide Kim and Jacqueline to the Morality Manipulation Machine. Kim and Jacqueline try to escape, but they are overwhelmed by the strength of Mosquito's 100 Years Ago form and forcibly taken to the Machine to be brainwashed as new Arachnophobia agents.[2]

Arachne grows strongerEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 45 - Arachne augments her power

Arachne's magic increases.

Mosquito learns from a technician that Arachne is practicing her magic and has "progressed to the third stage." Elsewhere, Arachne closes her eyes, while there appears a spider web of swirling lines, some resembling arrows and some resembling eyes.[2]


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