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Staff & Faculty
Episode 18 - Death and Sid talking about student gangs

The headmaster conversing with one of the teachers about "student gangs".

Death Scythe Meister Academy, as a school, not only possesses a student body but also its own staff and faculty. They run the day-to-day operations of the school facility. There's various jobs within the academy for the staff, in which mostly either participate in teaching or are charge of some of the administrative portions of the school.



  • Maka contacting the Headmaster
  • Kid speaking to his father about a mission
  • A student calling the headmaster for advice
  • Death watching Student progress on a mission

The Headmaster has perhaps the most power in the entire school. A headmaster seems responsible for the student register,[1] has the ability to decide whether or not students should take a remedial class,[2] and supervises student progress[2] as well as make the final decisions on the lessons that are taken.[3]

It seems that the position of Headmaster is exclusive to those who are Death Gods, in which includes the new headmaster even adopting the "Shinigami-sama" title, which was addressed to Death in a form of respect.[4] There's a special ceremony in which is known as the New Shinigami Coronation in which a new Death God is officially known as the new headmaster of Death Scythe Meister Academy.[4]

Name Position Status
Death*1st HeadmasterDeceased
Death the Kid*2nd HeadmasterActive

(*) In the anime, Death remains as the school's headmaster, having not been killed in the anime adaption of Soul Eater.


In the academy, it seems that all individuals who teach classes, especially those who teach within the EAT Curriculum, are known as three-star meisters/weapons and are highly ranked[2] They're responsible for teaching the class the subject in question and have a variety of responsibilities.

  • Spirit looking through the attendance for Soul.
  • Spirit giving Soul the lowest grade in Evaluation.
  • Mira Naigus teaching a class
  • Stein announcing.
  • Stein doing a dissection.

Teachers seem to have a responsibility of taking attendances though may skip doing so.[2] However, when taking attendance, there's also a grade in which they can input depending on how a student behaves (their "Evaluation").[2] The lowest grade for this is "E", in which means "Evil".[2] They're also responsible for teaching the class and are able to do so however they see fit.[2] However, when urged by the headmaster, they abide by his wishes.[3]

Teachers are allowed to formally discipline the students, whether it be physical or giving them a chore to do.[5]

Name Position Ranking
Franken SteinTeacherSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarHRM
Sid BarrettTeacherSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarHRM
Mira NaigusTeacherSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarHRW
Marie MjolnirTeacherSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarDS
Spirit AlbarnSubstitute TeacherSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarSoul Eater Wiki Icon - StarDS
Mifune (anime only)TeacherNone

HRW = High Ranking Weapon
HRM = High Ranking Meister
DS = Death Scythe

Other PositionsEdit

Dormitory SuperintendentEdit

Dormitory superintendents are staff members who reside within the various dormitories of the DWMA, implied to have the responsbility of managing and taking care of the building, including its students.[6] They also seem to have access to official files of the school, though may not have sensitive information on higher-up faculty members such as Sid Barrett.[7]

Name Position
MiseryDormitory Superintendent for the Girls' Dormitories[8]



Auntie at her post.

The receptionist is the person in charge of managing the quests that can be undertaken by the DWMA's EAT Class students. Their main priority is organizing the tasks by rank (using a 1 to 3 star ranking). In addition to that, they also manage Committee members, teaching them how to do some of the receptionist duties. Overall, the Receptionist's main task is being the individual who allows and disallows quests to certain individuals.[9]

Name Position
Auntie* (Formerly)Receptionist

(*) Auntie is alive within the anime. However, she is deceased in the manga.


Soul Eater Episode 28 - Nurse Naigus

The current Interim School Nurse: Mira Naigus.

Within the academy, the DWMA also retains staff members in which are especially equipped in dealing with medical assistance. Those held in these position are seen as important, holding sensitive medical information and files on students within the school.[10] The Medical positions is held in high regard, with those in DWMA and Death City alike being familar with those who hold such positions.

Name Position Status
Doctor MedusaSchool Nurse[11]Defected
Mira NaigusInterim School Nurse[12]Active
Franken SteinSchool Doctor[12]Active


The librarian is the person who has to take care of the immense library within the school building. This includes regular library work, but the librarian is also to act as gatekeeper for the four levels of books. All students and personnel have access to Level 1 books, but higher levels require higher ranks. The librarian is to make sure no one leaves with books that are above their station.[13] Occasionally, the librarian receives assistance from students.[14]

Name Position

Overnight Security GuardsEdit


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