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Chapter 90

DWMA Central Intelligence Agency (死武専中央情報局, Shibusen Chūō Jōhōkyoku) is a branch of Death Weapon Meister Academy dedicated to the handling of the organization's intelligence as well as investigation of Witches.[1]


House Yngling

After Anastasia Yngling ran away from her home country and adopted the alias "Anya Hepburn", House Yngling contacted Death Weapon Meister Academy and established an agreement with it's Central Intelligence Agency in which specifies should Anastasia be in real danger, that they escort her back to her home country.[2]

The Traitors

Battle on the Moon



DWMA's Central Intelligence has some technology and Demon Tools in which they utilize. Some of these includes:

  • Incom (隠会無, Inkamu): DWMA CIA agents possess incredible, customed made headsets. Seeming standard for active field agents to have[3], the Demon Tool is noted for the amount of clarity it possess. However, it can be jammed by a powerful Madness Wavelength.[4]
  • Witch Tracking Computer: Central Intelligence also has the capability of remotely tracking the soul of a Witch within the city. Such tracking capability, however, can be jammed by the spreading of Manipulation Magic.[5]

List of DWMA CIA Agents

Name Position Status
Akane☆HoshiEAT Class Agent[6]Active
Clay SizemoreEAT Class Agent[6]Active
Sid BarrettUndercover Agent[7]/CommanderActive
Mira NaigusCommanderActive
DWMA CIA GuardGuard/Assistant[8] Active


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