Students in a classroom

Students in a classroom.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, while a military organization, also functions as its own separate school, with unique curricula and structure. Part of the Academy's purpose is to teach and supervise young Meisters and Demon Weapons to prevent the uprising of another Kishin.[1]


Episode 1 (NOT!) - Tsugumi exporing the halls of DWMA

Students within the academy.

There seems to be some sort of age requirement for joining the DWMA,[2] though special exceptions may arise such as Black☆Star[2] joining and possibly Fire and Thunder being included. However, it seems that the those even in middle school in grade are eligible to join the DWMA.[3] Individuals even as young as twelve years old may join the academy. Prior to joining the academy, however, students must sign an Academy agreement that specifies that students must follow it's rules.[4]

Upon joining the DWMA, the student starts in the NOT curriculum seemingly goes to a class in which they go and pick a meister, though it's noted that the student isn't rushed. In addition, the student, if they have difficulty picking an weapon or meister, can visit various social events are held such as a "Feeling Partner" game to further assist them in finding a partner.[5]


Per being a school, there's various rules to the school:

  • If two Meisters are dueling on school grounds, at least one of the faculty members must be present to witness.[6]
  • Taking souls not on Shinigami's List is forbidden.[6]
  • Taking too many souls is forbidden.[6]
  • Rule #118: In the event of an emergency, students are allowed to walk into the Death Room without permission.[7]


Soul Eater Episode 39 HD - Lord Death hears about Crona

An academy agreement.

According to Death, the DWMA's Headmaster, those who join the DWMA sign an academy agreement and If violated, they're expelled. Exceptions aren't made, as he also expressed that doing so with one individual would undermine the entire stability of the school.[8] There's several ways to result of expulsion in the Academy:

Both the Headmaster of the DWMA and experienced teachers of the Academy are also capable of expelling students either on certain criteria on a special assignment such as a remedial lesson or even on the spot by automatically failing them in all classes.[11]


In the Academy, there are two general advancement curriculum:

NOT ClassEdit

Main article: NOT Class The N.O.T (しない, Shinai) curriculum standing for Normally Overcome Target, is the curriculum for non-combatants. Ninety percent of the students in the DWMA make up and follow this curriculum.[12]

EAT ClassEdit

Main article: EAT Class The E.A.T. (Īto) curriculum, standing for Especially Advantaged Talent, which is the curriculum that involves the student to use their power to fight against evil. The last 10% of the student body make up and follow this curriculum.[13]

Staff & FacultyEdit

Main article: DWMA Staff and Faculty

Student LifeEdit

Housing and Living ExpensesEdit

While not in lessons, students live either in rented apartments or school dormitories (first year students are required to stay in dormitories as part of their joining the school). Each student receives a "weekly allowance" of $200. However, if for some reason, they spend all of it, they will not be able to get any more money until the next week.[14] Because of the large amount of students that end up penniless, many shops in Death City cater for students wanting to work part-time to earn money.[14]


Death City has various part-time job shifts available for students, especially those who have spent all their weekly allowances from the DWMA. Jobs offered to the DWMA students are paid by the day due to the high job demand of penniless students seeking employment. Students seeking part-time work must submit an employment form to the DWMA.[15]

Jobs include waitress at Deathbucks Café, delivery at Death Shipping, cleaning the city's community pool, and working at other positions at Death Records, Restaurant Munehisa, and drugstores.[16]


  • Uniform tops and bottoms
  • Reception uniforms

The DWMA is a academy in which has no set uniform. However, there are a variety of preset uniforms one can choose from, and one can match any top with any bottom. While a student within the academy can select the uniforms and switch around match to their liking, they're also allowed to wear their own clothes.[17]

Students have additional uniforms specific to certain tasks, whether related to schooling, such as for physical education classes, dojo training, and extracurricular work at the Reception, or related to military missions, such as the Spartoi uniforms. Students working in Reception wear dark knee-length pants, light-colored high-length socks and light-colored shoes, checkerboard vests with ties held by skull brooches, and pill hats. These Reception vests also include skull-shaped belts on the back to provide a slimmer figure and curves to female employees. Dojo uniforms include a gii with dark pants, shoes if desired, and headbands if desired with skull logos. Physical education uniforms are similar for both male and female students. Students wear sleeveless shirts and gym shorts, with a zipped-up warm-up jacket featuring a skull logo on the breast and on the jacket's back. Spartoi uniforms vary across all members but are united in by color scheme and the Spartoi logo on some uniforms.[18]

Stage NamesEdit

Eternal Feather - -6

Stage Name change form

In addition, the DWMA is a rather special school in that students may actually change their names upon entering into a stage name. Once a student has changed their name, they are stuck with the same name for a minimum of two years. Some examples include Eternal Feather and Soul Eater.[19]


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