Cyclopes (サイクロプス, Saikuropusu) are a mythical race of Giants in which are renown for having only one eye.[1][2]


Not much is known about the general race of the Cyclopes. However, as observed from The Cyclops presented from Noah (Greed)'s Book of Eibon, Cyclopes are enormous creatures in which only possess one eye.[2]


As observed by The Cyclops, the Cyclopes are most likely well known for it's strength, the latter even using it's own wight to attempt to crush Black☆Star.[2] However, Black☆Star was able to easily push the Cyclops aside with his strength while under the influence of the Madness of Power and had initiated Madness Takehold prior to the attempted crushing.[2]

Cyclopes in Soul EaterEdit


  • The Cyclopes in Greek and Roman mythology are mythical monsters in which were feared by even the gods for their sheer brute strength and pigheaded stubbornness.[3]


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