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Special AbilitiesEdit

Wavelength Control (波長コントロール, Hachō Kontorōru): As a Meister, Crona is capable of controlling their own Soul Wavelength.[1]

  • Scream Resonance (悲鳴共鳴, Himei Kyōmei): A special type of Soul Resonance that functions ordinarily like usual Soul Resonance, except that the result instead is a high pitch scream that gives Crona's weapon (such as Ragnarok) increased cutting power through vibrations.[1]
  • Teamwise Soul Resonance (チームでの魂の共鳴, Chīmu de no Tamashī no Kyōmei): In the anime, Crona is capable of performing a Teamwise Soul Resonance with Marie Mjolnir.[2]
Episode 20 - Crona manipulates Black Blood

Crona manipulates Black Blood.

Black Blood (黒血, Kokketsu): A powerful, modified substance in which the blood within Crona is black. Resulting from the Black Blood replacing Crona's natural blood at a young age (in which contained the melted Ragnarok), this gives Crona various unique capabilities. One such is a unique bonding between them and Ragnarok which allows them to gain power after Ragnarok eats souls.[3]They can also control and manipulate their own blood by hardening it or liquefying it themselves, making them more dangerous to especially opponents who use bladed weapons. They're also supported by Ragnarok in the manipulation.[3]

  • Black Blood's Madness (黒血の発狂, Kurodji no Hakkyō):According to the Little Ogre, this Madness allows Crona to be unable to feel fear and "deny" both their own soul and opponent's soul. This gives birth to a more erratic nature and fighting style.[4]
  • Bloody Needle (ブラッディー・ニードル, Buraddī Nīdoru): A technique in which Crona can use spilt blood and turn them into needles, usually to surprising the opponents and skewer them.[5]
  • Bloody Slicer (ブラッディスライサー, Buraddi Suraisā): A curved projectile create after slitting their own wrist and throwing the blood and hardening it into a curved weapon.[6]
  • Ragnarok (ラグナロク, Ragunaroku): Due to their bond after being melted in a pot of Black Blood and and the mixture poured into Crona's bloodstream, Ragnarok and Crona share a powerful bond of Meister and Demon Weapon. [3] Maka remarked that it's because of Ragnarok's support over their muscle system along with their movements is that Crona can perform extraordinary, strength-related feats such as blocking the Witch-Hunt with a single arm.[7] He also regulates Crona's blood and hardens it to prevent it from damaging Crona. This capability is powerful enough to block out attacks from the Demon Scythe.[8]
  • Transformation (変身, Henshin): Using the Black Blood's manipulation abilities, Ragnarok can morph the Black Blood into transformations.
Soul Eater Episode 16 - Ragnarok and Crona fly away

Real Black Dragon.

  • Real Black Dragon (真の黒龍, Shin no Kokuryū): A special transformation of Rangarok's own with the Black Blood after absorbing the souls on the Ghost Ship Nidhogg (in which was called the Black Dragon). Seemingly modelling from the experience, Ragnarok transformed into a vaguely, dragon-like creature. For Crona, this allows them to have wings for flight.[9]
Chapter 105 - Crona locks in combat with Black Star

Crona and Black Star battle.

Sword Master (剣士, Kenshi): Crona is an extremely adept swordsman, having been able easily and swiftly kill the entire Materazzi gang and battle the likes of Maka Albarn with the Demon Scythe (Soul Eater) on more then one occasion, proving to be the superior opponent in one instance. Crona's style is characterized by an erratic and crazed style in which overwhelms opponents.[10] Crona's skill later improved and after absorbing Asura, they were skillfully capable of hold their own with Black☆Star and Maka Albarn simultaneously.[11]

Fusion-related abilitiesEdit

Madness Fusion (狂気融合, Kyōki Yūgō): Crona can fuse with other beings and creatures of Madness.[12]

  • Black Clown & Ragnarok Fusion: Fusing with the Black Clown, Crona's Black Blood-related abilities expand exponentially compared to them in normal situations as well as their power and two extra sets of arms to use in battle.[13]
Chapter 68 - Crona attacks Black Star with the Three Sword Style

Crona using the Three-Sword Style

  • Three-Sword Style: As revealed by Black☆Star's observation, Crona uses the Three-Sword Style in this form, making use of the additional two pair of arms in battle.[13]
  • Enhanced Madness Wavelength: After the fusion, the power of Crona's Madness Wavelength increases. Maka Albarn described the Black Spheres made up of Black Blood from Crona "intense" and was easily able to render members of the DWMA's Eastern European Branch insane.[14]
  • Enhanced Black Blood: The fusion with the Black Clown allows for Crona to possess more powerful and refined techniques with the Black Blood.[14]
Bloody Lance

Bloody Lance

  • Bloody Lance (ブラッディランス, Buraddi Ransu): Utilizing a considerable quantity of the black blood granted after previously conducting a Madness Fusion with the Black Clown, Crona fabricates a substantial and hollow cone that tapers into a single sharpened point, which is subsequently launched towards an adversary with tremendous velocity.[15]
  • Bloody Coat (ブラッディコート, Buraddi Koto):Utilizing one of the wing-like projections composed entirely from a significant quantity of Black Blood, which is only made possibly after previously conducting a Madness Fusion with the The Black Clown, Crona wraps one of their wings around their body to form a rather thin physical barrier between themselves and an adversary's attack. It is powerful enough to have survived an enormous collision with the attack of the Death Scythe Tsar Pushka, seemingly without suffering any visible damage.[14]
Soul Eater Chapter 84 - Ukraine Black Blood

Crona's usage of Mad Blood covers an entire town.

  • Mad Blood (狂血, Kyōketsu): A extremely powerful technique executed only during Madness Fusion with the Black Clown. Crona unleashes an great tidal wave of Black Blood that engulfs and encapsulates any opposition within the darkened depths of a gigantic globe. Once consumed by the torrent of Black Blood, the opponent is assaulted by "shadows" made from Black Blood, which enters their bodies and causes their entire physical body structure to melt into Black Blood. Once they have melted, the Black Blood hardens into a large sphere.[14] The extent of this technique can cover an entire town like the Ukraine and "killed" the likes of Tsar Pushka and Feodor, with the Black Globes created from Mad Blood being impenetrable.[16]
  • Thorn (ソーン, Sōn): A special ability developed presumably from Black Blood manipulations in which allow for Crona to utilize these "thorns" in a manner similar to Medusa's Vector Arrow spells from her Snake Magic for both offensive and defensive purposes. These Thorns also carries a special kind of poison in which spreads from their emotions, causing those struck by it to be unable to sync their Soul Wavelength with their respective Demon Weapon (unless a Bond is involved).[11]
Chapter 104 - Crona and Ragnarok after absorbing Asura

Crona's Soul after absorbing Asura.

  • Black Clown + Ragnarok + Asura Fusion: Using the Black Blood's abilities, Crona was capable of absorbing Asura into their body, tremendously increasing the intensity of their own power and prowess thanks to the power the Kishin possesses. The increase in power made Crona confident in destroying the world.[17]
  • Enhanced Soul Wavelength: When Ragnarok uses Crona's own Wavelength to send forth a powerful scream, the scream in question was intense enough for Franken Stein to remark on it's power. In addition, the wavelength was powerful enough to literally crush those with a weaker Soul Wavelength.[17]
  • Madness Wavelength (狂気の波長, Kyōki no hachō): In this state, Crona not only possess their own form of Madness (Black Blood's Madness) but also Asura's Madness Wavelength.[17]
  • Madness of Fear (恐怖の狂気, Kyōfu no kyōki): Crona stated themselves to have possess Asura's form of Madness, the Madness of Fear. Although possessing this ability, Crona did not demonstrate it's usage in battle, leaving it unknownnin how proficient they're capable of using this form of Madness.[17]
  • Enhanced Thorn: During this state, Crona's thorns became powerful enough to have pulled down one of the Moon's large teeth.[11]
Chapter 105 - Crona performs Rose Thorns Storm

Rose Thorns Storm.

  • Rose Thorns Storm (ローズソーンズストーム, Rōzu Sōnzu Sutōmu): A technique manifest a large number of vine-like tentacles from their body. The tentacles then rise towards the sky, forming what appear to be black rose blossoms at their ends. The force with which Crona raises their tentacles in the air creates a powerful shockwave before finally landing on their opponents with incredible force, crushing them on the ground or blowing them away with the fierce wind. This technique carries the poison in which causes a disruption in a Meister/Weapon's resonance sync.[11]
  • Thorn Defense (ソーンディフェンス, Sōn Difensu): A defensive technique in which thorns line up similar to that of a fence to defend Crona from powerful attacks, although Maka and Spirit's Witch-Hunt and Demon-Hunt succession attacks was capable of downing the defensive technique.[18]
Chapter 105 - Crona enhanced Screech Alpha after absorbing Asura

Enhanced Screech α.

  • Enhanced Screech α: In this fusion, Crona is capable of performing a much more powerful version of their original Screech α. Using the three blades instead of one and dragging it across the ground, they send a monstrous face in which is much larger then their previously displayed Screech Alpha.[11]
  • Enhanced Durability: In this fusion, Crona was easily able to withstand attacks from both blunt attacks from Maka Albarn and her usage of the Demon Scythe as well as Black☆Star's physical attacks.[11]
  • Enhanced Strength: Crona's strength became great enough to push back Black☆Star in a battle of strength, much to his own surprise.[11]


Chapter 112 - Crona uses BREW

Crona uses "BREW".

"BREW" (BREW(ブリュー), Buryū): After witnessing the usage of "BREW" by Noah (Wrath), Crona came to understand the true power of "BREW" in creating powerful combinations. Using "BREW", Crona was able to combined the power of the Black Blood and "BREW" to further increase their power.[19]

  • Enhanced Mad Blood: Crona's Mad Blood technique became far more powerful, "BREW" enabling them to have the power to surround it around the Moon itself and suppress Asura and his Madness as well as the power of the Great Old One of Power lurking with the Book of Eibon.[19]
  • Kishin (鬼神, Kishin): The usage of "BREW" resulted in Crona's wavelength amplified in power to become a Kishin, evident in when they gained a third eye in the center of their forehead much like that of Asura.[19]
Chapter 113 - Patty feeling Liz's breasts due to Madness of Boobs.

Patty under the effects of the Madness of Boobs.

  • Madness Wavelength (狂気の波長, Kyōki no hachō): In becoming a Kishin thanks to "BREW", Crona gains a unique type of Madness Wavelength capable of spreading all over the world.[20]
  • Madness of Boobs (おっぱいの狂気, Oppai no kyōki): This strange Madness was born from Crona becoming a Kishin using "BREW". Because Crona's yearning for breasts (metaphorically as a symbol of motherhood rather then perverseness) from the lack of Medusa's love, this Madness was created onto the world. It's effects includes making both men and women alike (even as powerful as Death the Kid after connecting the third Lines of Sanzu) have a sudden fixation and preference for breasts.[20]
via Ragnarok due to Black Blood
Soul Eater Episode 26 HD - Crona wields Ragnarok

Crona holding the Black Sword.

Black Sword (暗黒剤(あんこくけん), Ankoku Ken): Ragnarok's weapon transformation allows him to takee the form of a long, large, black Scandinavian broadsword with a grey hilt, a white stripe down the middle and spikes around the guard which resemble those on Ragnarok's ordinary body. Such a transformation is powerful enough to easily cut through human flesh as well as have special techniques.[8]

  • Scream Resonance (悲鳴共鳴, Himei Kyōmei): A special type of Soul Resonance in which utilizes a high-pitched scream during the resonance process emitted from Ragnarok's moth. This sound wave makes Ragnarok vibrate like an electric saw, increasing his cutting power, and can also radiate through the air causing internal damage to an opponent even weapons within their Demon Weapon form. Only a powerful Death Scythe like Spirit Albarn can face the Screech Resonance without any pain.[1]
Episode 6 - Screech Alpha

Screech Alpha.

  • Screech α (スクリーチ「α(アルファ)」), Sukurīchi "Arufa"; also "Screech Alpha"): A technique that throws a disfigured, face-like projectile. Capable of being performed both in on the ground and in the air, this technique is powerful enough to split Ghost Ship Nidhogg in half.[9]
  • Screech β (スクリーチ「β(ベータ), Sukurīchi "Bēta"; also "Screech Beta"): Similar to that of Screech Alpha, this attack in stead is performed in either a upward or downward slash, in which creates the same disfigure face-like figure in an attempt to critically injure an opponent.[9]
  • Screech γ (スクリーチ「γ(ガンマ), Sukurīchi "Ganma"; also "Screech Gamma"): A technique that changes the form of Ragnarok's sword into resembling the disfigured, face-like figure with a mouth and a purple aura. Working somewhat similar to that of Witch-Hunt, the technique enhances the attacks from the weapon as well as being sufficiently capable enough to block the Witch-Hunt. The mouth on it can grip an opponent's weapon.[4]
Chapter 87 - Crona stabbing Medusa with Darkness

Crona using Abyss of Despair and Uncleanliness.

Abyss of Despair & Uncleanliness: A new transformation, Crona is granted two long blades originating with a similar color scheme to Ragnarok's own dubbed "The Abyss of Despair" and "The Uncleanliness". These can be controlled by either Ragnarok himself while Crona wields the Darkness[13] or Crona themselves. The swords are capable of easily cutting into Witch (and presumably Human) flesh.[21]

via Madness Fusion with Black Clown + Ragnarok
Chapter 105- Crona's appearance with Madness Fusion with Black Clown later

Crona hold the Darkness on hand with Rangarok holding the Abyss of Despair and Uncleanliness.

Darkness: With the Black Clown, Crona has access to it's weapon form, a type of short sword with a black and white color scheme that looks similar to that of Ragnarok's own as well as a guard. Part of the blade has the Black Clown's mouth at the lower end of it.[13]

  • Screech δ (スクリーチ「δ」, Sukurīchi δ; also "Screech Delta"): A powerful technique performed by Crona with the Darkness blade on hand and the Abyss of Despair & Uncleanliness held by Ragnarok, taking advantage of their new Three-Sword fighting style. Similar to Screech α in usage, Crona sends the Screech-related technique's "mouth" in three, different directions in a single swipe. This technique was capable of stopping the likes of Shadow☆Star Third Form: "Severed Shadow"'s after-images in one execution.[13]

Black Blood Armor (黒血の鎧, Kurodji no yoroi): From the fusion with the Black Clown, Crona has the additional ability of using their own form of Black Blood armor to increase their level of defense. This armor is capable of defense against the likes of Tsar Pushka's own attacks, even when assisted by the likes of an Anti-Demon Wavelength.[14]


Much of Crona's special powers and abilities is dependent on their Black Blood, in which is vulnerable to Wavelength Control related attacks such as that of Soul Menace. The usage of such technique can not only penetrate through the Black Bloods defense for internal damage[8] but also even temporarily shutdown Crona's control over the Black Blood.[citation needed] Those granted with immense, physical strength (such as Giriko) have also proven proficient enough to have cracked and broken through Crona's Black Blood.[22]

Attacks originating from an Anti-Demon Wavelength is also considerable against Crona's Black Blood, attacks from this special Wavelength causing burning-like sensations from the Black Blood as well as some evaporation. However, Crona's own strength would later eliminate this weakness, their Black Blood proving powerful enough to withstand such attacks.[14]

Due to the power of Madness Fusion, Crona can use the Black Blood to absorb individuals. Should their will prove more powerful, however, Crona can lose being the dominant fusee and be promptly replaced. This proved true when after absorbing Asura, he easily dominated their fusion and instead had him absorbed into him.[23]


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