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If you have any questions about the wikia or what to do or whatver, be sure to contact the Administrators on this wikia! You can also use our Forums!

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Alright you Editor Maggots! This is what needs to be done! ASAP! Pay attention and read carefully! Before moving any further, be familiar with the wikia's Policies & Guidelines! We're going to whip this wikia back into shape and make it better then ever! Here's what needs to be done!

  • Infoboxes Updating: It is vital that we get around the wikia and update as many infoboxes as possible too! We're doing a good job of updating many characters! However, we're not through with all of them! Help us out, solider! We need all hands on deck on this one!
  • Updating the Soul Eater Chapters: Alas, one of the problems of the Wikia's last management is that they did not keep up with the releases of the chapters or Episodes of Soul Eater! Meaning we must go back and update ALL the episodes and chapters into a corect format while provideing the necessary information! Alas, this will take a while!
  • Creating a Community: The bigger the community the better! We need more soldiers on board! Get any recruits you can! And make sure you get good, knowledgeable ones! Translators are especially appreciated!
  • Vandalism Protection: Keep your eyes out for them Vandalizing scum! They're all around us! They'll strike quickly and without warning! Undo any edits from them and warn an active administrator!
  • Keeping up with the Soul Eater Not! Series: We're doing an excellent job with this! Keep up with the Soul Eater Not! Manga and Anime! whenever an chapter or episode shows it's head, tackling it and write an article one it!

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