Command Cossack (コマンドコッサク, Komando Kossaku) is the unique and signature fighting style employed by the meister Feodor, when circumstances result in him being unable to utilize his respective death scythe weapon partner, Tsar Pushka.


The style itself features a distinctive cross-armed stance, which results in the technique comprising exclusively from energetic kick sequences when Feodor preforms offensive maneuvers. However, by incorporating various gymnastics movements such as flips and headstands, which make the most of his proficient agility and dexterity, the style becomes extremely versatile by retaining the capability to launch devastating blows from unusual angles.

This quality is aptly demonstrated during the style's first appearance where Feodor, confronting a defiant and hardened Crona, initiates the technique via an assured headstand, conducted just moments after a charge. Using the prior momentum to continue into a roll, he lands a powerful strike against his adversary's face with his feet, before firmly landing on the snow laden ground below. He then immediately proceeds to leap back into the air, in order to deliver a precise yet powerful kick to the exact same spot he had just connected with moments before. This blow was dealt with enough force to knock back Crona's small frame a good distance away.[1]


  • This fighting style is reminiscent of numerous traditional dancing styles developed both in Russia and the surrounding territories. More specifically, it could be influenced by kozachok, whose name is also derived from the word "Cossack".


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