Although a nervous person, Clay manages to stay calm in combat and is passionate about protecting his seniors and colleagues, making him a capable weapon for the cool-headed Akane☆Hoshi and a protective friend to Tsugumi Harudori and Meme Tatane, as well as a cautious undercover bodyguard to Anya Hepburn. As an EAT student, he is familiar with Maka Albarn, Soul Eater, and Ox Ford, and he is valued by Sid Barett and Mira Naigus for his contributions to the DWMA in combat and in intelligence gathering.

Weapon PartnerEdit

Clay SizemoreEdit

Soul Eater NOT Episode 10 HD - Akane and Clay investigate break in

Akane and Clay work together

Clay is Akane's Demon Weapon partner and because of this, the two are most often observed together rather than individually, even upon their arrival at the DWMA's entrance ceremony. Despite their different personalities and skills, Akane and Clay's differences actually allow them to complement each other. The duo achieve a strong resonance, the meister able to wield the weapon effectively without obvious problems guiding the sizemore's weight and length. This strong partnership allows the two to be a powerful team, which allowed them to join the EAT program and even DWMA CIA. The pair share a respectful relationship, confident in their partnership. However, Akane remains the more assertive of the two and often uses Clay as an excuse for numerous circumstances, such as their money problems and unexpected absences; much to the latter's chagrin.

As Akane's partner, Clay claims he knows intimate details about his meister, including his fear of Halloween and related subjects such as monsters. While this statement initially seems fallacious, given his inability to scare Akane himself, it proves ultimately accurate as he was able to use Tsugumi in the same mask to terrify Akane.[1]

Occasionally, differences appear in their personalities, though. Akane often holds Clay back when he thinks he is acting a little too brashly, and Clay tends to be concerned when Akane does not seem to take their undercover work in Central Intelligence seriously. For example, Clay will warn Akane not to "overdo it" during their NOT athletic test, whether because he out-ran Clay or because of the admiration he receives from their female classmates.[2]

Whereas Clay is analytical and sometimes inflexible, trying to follow DWMA rules absolutely, calm and observant Akane tends to balance him out by being pragmatic and flexible, responding to new circumstances by changing plans if necessary. He is surprised when Akane is willing to let Anya and Tsugumi duel on their first day of classes, despite the girls' status as NOT students and Akane and Clay's own responsibility as Anya's bodyguards.[3] He is frustrated when Akane repeatedly refers to him as wasting his money and time in arcades as an alibi for their undercover work, as it makes him look irresponsible to other people. As well, whereas Clay intended to follow DWMA orders to keep secret Stein's antidote to Shaula's mind control and to escort Anya out of Death City, Akane told her and Tsugumi about this antidote and let them leave their custody to help rescue Meme from Shaula. Whereas Clay was annoyed that Akane did not stick to their plan, Akane explains he broke the rules because, after Anya crashed their vehicle on way to the airport, they would not have been able to stop her from re-joining Tsugumi to save Meme, based on her despair over Sid's death. As well, Akane wanted to give them Stein's antidote against Shaula, rather than sending them into battle unprotected.[4]

The two are willing to criticize, tease, or prank each other. Akane will mock Clay for being "simple-minded," such as when he is pleased to wear his Deathbucks waiter uniform to "feel the part."[5] When Akane uses Clay as a scapegoat as a cover for their undercover work, he is willing to get vengeance on Akane for his teasing, albeit being furtive in his desires as he tries to appear calm and professional in front of their classmates.[5]

Despite their differences, the two share common goals. In battle, the two cooperate with each other well. Despite Akane's teasing of Clay, he demonstrates confidence in his abilities, as Clay does in Akane. As well, although the two bicker as well as prank each other, they demonstrate a calm friendship with each other, engaging in banter. Clay refers to Akane informally, such as referring to him as "man."[2] Despite Clay's hesitance to break DWMA rules, he is willing to do so alongside Akane, such as when their shared desire for vengeance against Shaula for Sid's death motivates them to ignore Mira's orders and to return to Death City to assist Tsugumi's group in assassinating the witch.[4]

When they were undercover as NOT students, Clay and Akane dressed alike. Both wore slacks, dress shirts, and ties, showing similar styles of dress. However, differences in their attire emphasize their different personalities: whereas Akane is able to appear relaxed in his blazer and his collar and tie secured around his neck, even in warm temperatures, Clay is a bit more informal, not wearing a blazer and leaving his collar and tie loosened.


Tsugumi Harudori, Meme Tatane and Anya Hepburn Edit

Clay can be seen as slightly protective of the trio, sometimes worrying about them and how they will get on in the DWMA. He tries to intervene between the fight between some male students and Tsugumi and Anya, although like Sid and Akane he still wants to be a spectator to their duel.[6] He also worries about how the NOT trio will handle working at Deathbucks. As well, during Meme's infiltration of the Anti-Witch Headquarters while under Shaula's possession, Clay stays with Anya and Tsugumi, following Akane's orders and determining that the two NOT students should not be left unprotected and alone. When Meme's escape is prolonged, Clay tries to have security stay with Anya and Tsugumi to make sure they are safely escorted back to the Girls' Dormitory.[7]

Tsugumi, Meme, and Anya recognize Clay as a capable weapon to Akane, although they are amused by some of his behavior. For example, Meme and Tsugumi initially think of Clay as trying to be mature in class, until noticing how nervous he is at their waitering job at Deathbucks, at which point they acknowledge that he can be clumsy with taking and bringing out orders.[8] Likewise, Clay gets some amusement from seeing Tsugumi's initial nervousness slowly bringing orders to tables and Meme's inability to remember orders.[5]

Although as a Central Intelligence officer he will hide information from the girls, Clay can be direct with them. When Meme attacks the DWMA, Clay reveals pertinent information to Anya and Tsugumi about Meme's possession, intending for his explanation to calm down their concerns.[7]

Tsugumi Harudori Edit

During a lesson for Demon Weapons only, Clay sat next to Tsugumi, implying that they are friendly. However, during this lesson, Tsugumi claims she has spent little time alone with Clay.[9] Despite her impression of distance between the two, Clay is rather close to her and her meisters, expressing concern for their safety, such as during her duel against Raid and Hao[6]

While he claimed he was attracted to Tsugumi, this was a lie, a poorly thought cover story he tried to use to hide his and Akane's role as Anya's undercover bodyguards and does not reflect any actual attraction to her.[10]

Anya Hepburn Edit

As her secret bodyguards, Clay and Akane express concern for Anya's well-being. Although he can be cautious about her safety, he is aware of some of her more humorous qualities brought about by her fixation on commoners' lives. Nevertheless, when he thinks Anya is in danger, Clay's concern can lead him to be terse with and dismissive of her. Clay knew Anya was actually Princess Anastasia Yngling when he and Akane were assigned by her nation and the DWMA to serve as her undercover bodyguards. Before this revelation to Anya, the two were familiar with each other and seemed to get along. After this revelation, coupled with Clay's refusal to let her stay in Death City after Shaula and Meme killed Sid, their regard for each other grows more antagonistic, Clay defying her desires for the sake of her safety, and Anya frustrated with his dismissiveness and seeming lack of confidence in her and Tsugumi.

Before Sid's death, Clay expresses some bemusement at seeing Anya's over-the-top enjoyment with her job at Deathbucks, even as Akane mocked him for his own desire to get into the part.[5] Likewise, as she behaves to many of her "common" peers, Anya was initially haughty towards Akane and Clay before learning that they were her undercover bodyguards. When they first introduced themselves by name as NOT classmates working at Deathbucks, Anya referred to Akane and Clay as "foolish" for already spending their allowance and having to take this part-time job--when she as well spent all of her allowance and had to take the same part-time job.[11]

After Sid's death, Clay is more impatient with her when she refuses to follow his instructions to leave Death City due to the fatal threat that Shaula Gorgon poses. He expresses annoyance at her insistence to stay in Death City to comfort and assist Tsugumi.[12] While his curtness with her is not wholly personal, as he is following Sid and Mira Naigus's instructions, he does have an outburst at her due to his personal frustration that he could not save Sid. Despite his outburst at Anya, he is quick to apologize and seems embarrassed at his anger at her, turning away from her.[13] He also takes offense when Anya suggests he and Akane feel no grief over Sid's death.[4]

Despite his guilt over Sid's death potentially compromising his reason, Clay tries to be reasonable in advising Anya. He remains focused on her safety, preventing her from opening the door to their car to the Traitors, even if that means leaving Ox Ford to face them alone.[13] He also expresses concern that Tsugumi and Anya may get killed--or end up killing Meme--if they fail to destroy Shaula's mind control.[4]

In response to Clay and Akane's refusal to let her stay in Death City to help Tsugumi rescue Meme, Anya becomes equally dismissive and annoyed, glaring at the two and referring to their behavior as "stupid," perhaps because she thinks they are trying to cover themselves.[14]

Meme Tatane Edit

Whereas Sid was keen on trapping Shaula and using Meme as that opportunity, Clay expressed some concern for her safety. Based on his research at Central Intelligence, Clay suspects for some time that Meme is possessed by Shaula, his research helping him determine along with Sid and Akane how the witch used a higher form of mind possession to control Meme without her losing her emotions but with the side effect of memory loss. Clay was also one of the first people to discover her secret identity as Texas Mask, finding the disguise in Meme's Halloween costume bag that she brought with her during her nighttime break-in at the Anti-Witch Headquarters.[7]

However, Clay is ambivalent with Sid's plan to use Meme as "bait" to draw out Shaula, as he reassures Anya and Tsugumi that he wants to have her brought safely into DWMA custody first.[7]

In his fraudulent flow-chart for their relationship--poorly improvised to cover his and Akane's undercover security detail for Anya--Clay lists Akane and Meme as "secretly trying to kill each other," perhaps Atsushi Okubo's foreshadowing of the revelation that Meme is one of Shaula Gorgon's Traitors.[15]

Under Shaula's possession, Meme attacked Clay to escape the Anti-Witch Headquarters and the Death Weapon Meister Academy.[7]

Sid Barrett Edit

Despite his seeming strictness with Clay, Sid trusts both him and his meister Akane as EAT members of Central Intelligence, capable in combat and in research. While Clay will try to appear calm in front of Sid and appreciates his complicates, he also can be nervous around him. Clay was devastated by Sid's death, and after Sid's resurrection as a zombie, Clay continued to work well with him in combat and battle strategy. Sid demonstrates confidence in Clay and Akane, bringing them with him on Central Intelligence assignments, whether investigating Traitor (Prototype 1) at his jail cell and tracking his killer,[16] monitoring and tracking Meme during her possession by Shaula, confronting Shaula in combat, or joining the DWMA Death Weapon mission on the Moon to battle Asura.[17]

When he was alive and leading Clay and Akane's investigation of Shaula Gorgon, Sid seemed amused by Clay's behavior as well as impressed with his research skills, while trying to advise him how to improve as a DWMA member. He laughs when Clay is mocked by Akane for his nervous slowness at doing simple arithmetic and advises that he keep "a cool-headed partner" like Akane to make up for his nervousness.[18] Sid appreciates Clay's analytical skills, especially in reviewing decades' if not centuries' worth of DWMA files on witches,[19] and giving up his weekends to assist in investigations.[20] However, as Clay and Akane are undercover as NOT students and may miss classes while on EAT missions, Sid has to feign annoyance with Clay upon his return from class, on the pretense that Clay and Akane were skipping classes while at arcades.[21] Sid also can share some of Akane's annoyances when Clay is too complex in making excuses for mistakes.[22]

Like Akane, Anya, and Tsugumi, Clay is shocked by Sid's death.[7] However, Clay was in some ways more open in his grief over Sid's death, yelling at Anya when she initially refused to return to her home nation, clenching his teeth, and seeming close to the point of crying.[13]

Before and after Sid's death, Clay tries to appear calm in Sid's presence, such as reassuring him that he and Akane can handle Traitors by demonstrating a show of their strength.[23]. Nevertheless, Clay can be nervous around Sid, as he blushes when thanking him for compliments[19] or struggles to imagine excuses for controversial actions, such as allying with DWMA enemies Noah and Gopher.[22] Clay also can disagree with some of Sid's decisions, expressing concern when he is willing to let Tsugumi and Anya duel against Hao and Raid on their first day of classes despite being only NOT students. He even refers to Sid's intervention as "pouring gas on the fire."[3]

Sid sees himself as Clay and Akane's senior, referring to them informally as "boys."[17] Therefore, Sid tries to watch out for Clay and Akane's well-being. He orders the two to stay on the Moon's surface while he enters the nose to confront Asura, protecting them from potential harm from the Kishin but also so that his backup can follow a contingency plan in case Sid dies.[24] He warns the two students to be careful when facing Traitors.[21] He also encourages the two students to enjoy their leisure time, such as at the Death Bazaar,[20] and to get rest.[25]

Mira Naigus Edit

Upon taking over Sid's command of Central Intelligence and the investigation of Shaula Gorgon, Mira cautions Clay and Akane not to seek revenge on Shaula, or else they will let their emotions compromise their mission to escort Anya to the airport and out of Death City. She does show appreciation for Clay and Akane's work, telling them that she and the rest in Central Intelligence need their help to ensure Anya's safety.[13]

Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Edit

As Clay and Akane are EAT students, Maka and Soul already recognize them during their investigation into Eternal Feather's attack at the Death Bazaar. While Soul and Akane seem to have similar mischievousness, such as negotiating bribes for unreleased leads for extra-credit missions, Clay shares Maka's surprise that their partners are willing to break DWMA rules for personal gain.[26] It is not clear how long Maka and Soul have known that Clay and Akane are actually EAT students working for Central Intelligence; if Maka and Soul know that Clay and Akane are acting undercover as NOT students, none of them make that apparent when Maka and Soul help Sid teach Clay and Akane's classes.[27][28]

Ox Ford Edit

Like Maka and Soul, Clay and Akane know Ox because they are all EAT students. If Ox knew Clay and Akane were acting undercover when they were pretending to be NOT students, he does not out them in front of other students, such as when he meets them during a Death Shipping delivery to Deathbucks.[29] Clay also was present at the Death Festival when Traitors surrounded and attacked Ox. Whereas Anya wanted to open her vehicle to let Ox in and escape, Clay refused, on orders from the DWMA to get her out of Death City. Therefore, Clay seems to have confidence that Ox either can handle his fight against Traitors or knows his responsibilities as an EAT meister to follow DWMA instructions are more important than his safety.[13]

Master Edit

As one of Master's part-time employees for a short time at Deathbucks, Clay expresses moderate respect for his boss. While Akane referred to Master's coffee as "fantastic," Clay claimed he did not notice, dismissing Deathbucks because he thought a cafe could not be very good if it was hiring students as employees.[5]

Franken Stein Edit

Clay and Akane joined Stein as part of their mission to the Moon to defeat Asura. Stein compliments Clay and Akane for protecting the Demon Airship's Eternal Spring against White Rabbit, a member of Asura's Clown Army.[30]

Aaron Edit

Even though they both attend Sid's NOT classes, Clay's interactions with Aaron are limited. Nevertheless, as his classmate, Clay is aware of Aaron's frequent inability to control his weapon transformations, referring to Aaron as half-transforming "again."[31]


Shaula Gorgon Edit


This section of the article is incomplete and requires more information before it can be considered complete.

Traitors Edit

Initially, Clay treated Traitor (Prototype 1) and Traitor (Prototype 2) as minor threats, thinking they are more like a simple mission for EAT students to handle with a show of strength. He demonstrates little fear in these initial encounters.[32] However, following the possession of Eternal Feather and Meme Tatane, as well as other DWMA students, Clay shows considerable concern for the Traitor's safety and the threat that their master, Shaula Gorgon, poses.

Clay has considerable knowledge about the Traitors' abilities and tendencies, and anticipates their master's strategy. Clay's research on the Traitors allowed him to determine Shaula was controlling them through mind control,[33] and he tracked their patterns of attacks on Death City, anticipating ominous signs, such as when he noticed that Traitor attacks had slowed down, potentially foreshadowing that Shaula was planning a new attack.[34]

During Shaula's city-wide attack on Death City, Clay demonstrates caution when battling both possessed NOT and possessed CIA members, trying to disable only, not kill.

Noah (Greed) and Gopher Edit

Akane and Clay enter into a tenuous alliance with Noah and Gopher, deciding it is better to monitor the two DWMA enemies rather than risk attacking them, which would only delay their mission on the Moon and risk revealing Sid's location to Asura and the Clowns during his hunt for the Kishin. For his part, Noah refers to Akane and Clay as "DWMA saps" not worth his time.[35] Even in their alliance, Akane and Clay do not trust Noah and Gopher, as Akane arms himself with Clay as soon as the DWMA enemies appear on the Moon.[35]

Asura and his Clown Army Edit

Clay and Akane faced the clown White Rabbit in the Demon Airship's Engine Room. White Rabbit focused his taunts towards Akane more so than Clay, yet intent on killing both meister and weapon in order to destroy Eternal Spring engine and crash the Airship. As a member of the DWMA, Clay intended to fulfill his mission with Akane, risking their lives to protect the Eternal Spring before Stein decimated the clown.[30]


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