Clay Sizemore (クレイ・サイズモア, Kurei Saizumoa) is a Demon Weapon, an E.A.T Class agent of the DWMA Central Intelligence Agency, and weapon partner of Akane☆Hoshi.[4] He is one of the major supporting characters in Soul Eater NOT! as well as a supporting character in Soul Eater


Clay tries to present himself as a capable EAT Central Intelligence member. In his leisure time, his nervousness and clumsiness betray that calm demeanor. But in combat, he shares with Akane a largely cool-headed demeanor, even in battle.

In combat, Clay is rather laid back, in contrast to the slightly more serious Akane. He is almost always smiling, and seems to be quite confident in his and Akane's skills as a Weapon and Meister, not panicking when fighting, even if the opponent is a Traitor.[5]

Despite his laidback nature, he is still formal to his peers and his seniors, not hesitating to be of help. He cares for the people around him though, as he only gets worried when other people might be in trouble, and often does not hesitate to intervene. Clay tries to introduce himself as calm and informal in front of the NOT trio, looking relaxed as he simply introduces himself with "Yo."[6] But he can be more emphatic than Akane, not only due to his nervousness but, especially after Shaula kills Sid, concern for Anya's safety and those at the DWMA battling Shaula.

Although he is observant, Clay's analytical skills are limited by certain circumstances. He seems to lack the same level of observance as Akane, tending to be gullible or taking circumstances at face value. For example, he believes Akane's offer for the two of them to dress as witches for Trick or Treating and hunting witches on Halloween.[7] As well, when Akane compliments the taste of the Master's coffee, Clay admits that he cannot tell whether the taste is good or not, and that he thought that the Master's shop would not be so well-run due to it accepting part-time DWMA students. Even when Shaula was right in front of him, disguised as one of many vendors before the Halloween Death Festival, Clay did not spot her, although this may be because he never saw her face-to-face before, instead relying on a police sketch of her and the fact that she was dressed as in a common witch Halloween costume, like many other vendors.[8]

Clay's enthusiasm and nervousness can be raised quite easily, making it more difficult for him to think of alibis, stay undercover, and focus on tasks. When he felt enthusiastic about working at Deathbucks, after getting changed into his waiter's uniform, Akane jokingly called him "simple-minded."[9] Such high energy causes him to misspeak at times, as Akane calls him "smart, but [...] not very quick on your feet."[10] He is surprised how well Akane can improvise successful abilis that do not seem convincing to him,[11] and how Akane can observe objects nearby that he can use as cover stories, such as a box of donuts to excuse his visit to Sid's Anti-Witch Headquarters.[12] In contrast, Clay tends to sweat and struggle to speak.[11][12][13]

Clay's tendency to speak before he thinks can lead him to over-complicate a simple topic, such as his complex flow-chart of their friends' relationships to cover for his and Akane's undercover security detail on Anya,[11] or can demonstrate his failure to anticipate ramifications of his words, such as his inadvertent insult towards the indecisive Tsugumi when noticing that it is rare for a weapon to have two meisters.[12] Clay can feel so overwhelmed by such difficulties that he forgets how he caused such problems, feeling humiliated and apologetic.[11][13]


Clay is relatively tall and slender in stature, while noticeably older than Tsugumi Harudori and the majority of his fellow classmates. His age has been estimated to be around that of a high school student, making him anywhere in between sixteen and eighteen years old. He also features spiky and light-colored hair.

While taking courses as a NOT student, his typical attire consists of a simple pair of black trousers accompanied by a white shirt, usually left unbuttoned at the collar, and solid black tie, which is further adorned by the presence of a small Shinigami mask icon near its tip. This clothing is completed by a simple pair of black leather shoes and a light-colored belt, which occasionally has a small pouch attached to it on Clay's right side. The combination of this formal attire and Clay's natural physical proportions can falsely give the impression that he is a senior at the DWMA, rather than his actual position as a freshman.[14] While Akane tends to wear a full suit with his tie properly pulled to his collar, Clay tends to wear his collar unbuttoned and his tie loosened.[15]

During the brief period that he serves as a waiter at a Death City café, Clay adopts the typical uniform of the establishment, which is comprised of a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves that is accentuated by a black bow tie, as well as a dark waistcoat with pockets holding a few pens and trousers. Due to the nature of the profession, he also wears a black apron that is tied at the waist and features a small Shinigami emblem.[16]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Full-Weapon Transformation (全身武器, Zenshin Buki): As a Demon Weapon, Clay is capable of transforming between his human form and his weapon form at will.[17]

Episode 4 (Not!) - Clay transform to Demon Great Sword

Clay transforming to Demon Great Sword.

  • Demon Great Sword (魔大剣, Madaiken): In his fully transformed state, Clay assumes the form of an elegantly crafted and slender great sword that features a solid black blade, surrounded in its entirety by a narrow white cutting-edge. However, the most unusual portion of this weapon is its hilt, which consists of a completely smooth cylindrical handle, attached by an unconventional arrangement of two small diamonds that form its guard. The tip of this sword is incredibly sharp, requiring only the slightest of pressure to pierce human flesh.[18]

Analytical Skills: Clay possess amazing analytical skills and earned praise even a fellow CIA member and three-star Meister Sid Barrett, who also told him his skills in analysis was something required and valued within the DWMA-CIA.[19] Clay's research skills allowed him to narrow down the identity of the Traitors' leader to Shaula Gorgon, instrumental to locating and defeating her.[20] Clay is also skilled at tracking patterns of attacks on Death City and anticipating ominous signs, such as when he noticed that Traitor attacks had slowed down, potentially foreshadowing that Shaula was planning a new attack.[7]

Trained Conditioning: Clay is in excellent shape, able to run the track within nearly four seconds behind of Akane. Sid refers to Clay as being at the top of the NOT class along with his Meister.[21]


Introduction ArcEdit

Attending a brief entrance ceremony upon his arrival at the DWMA, Clay places himself in one of the corners of the spacious room, accompanied by the presence of a single seated other NOT (Normally Overcome Target) student. Upon his dismissal after Sid Barrett's introduction, Clay chances upon a small skirmish occurring in the corridor, where he immediately attempts to intervene but is prevented from doing so by his fellow student, forcing him to simply observe the confrontation instead. He then proceeds to watch the fight in its entirety due to Sid's reluctance to interfere, however, after the fights conclusion, Clay volunteers to alert Medusa Gorgon about the status of the injured party.[23]

Choosing to seek employment at a café within Death City, Akane and Clay are greeted with the familiar faces of Tsugumi Harudori, Meme Tatane and Anya Hepburn, where the pair then exchange introductions with their fellow students. Questioned about their reasons for attending a part-time job, Akane asserts that Clay had spent their entire allowance on playing games at an arcade, something which Clay attempts to refute but is prevented from doing so due to a quick glance from his Meister. After changing into their respective waiter uniforms, the motivated pair begin to attend to their duties, while remaining worried about both Tsugumi's and Meme's attempts at work, although he is rather impressed by Anya's incredible enthusiasm. During a short coffee break; Akane remarks about the deliciousness of the Master's coffee, resulting in Clay's admittance that he couldn't tell and instead believed that the café would be rather shoddy due simply to its hiring of part-timers, however, this thought is interrupted by the arrival of Ox Ford.[24]

Seeing out the rest of the uneventful week, both Akane and Clay receive their pay and thanks from the café's Master at the jobs conclusion.[25]

Traitors ArcEdit

Akane and Traitor

Akane confronts one of the Traitors, with Clay in hand

Overhearing Sid's conversation about several occurrences of incidents involving Traitors over the past month, Clay proposes that he and Akane demonstrate their strength in order to drive away these unwanted individuals, which Akane agrees to as they are both free until the afternoon. Patrolling the streets of the city, the pair quickly identifies their target after the abnormal person asks the bemusing question of, "did you sleep well last night?" Intending to use intimidation alone to scare off the opposition, Clay assumes his weapon form to become the required deterrent but when the target replies by driving his head onto the tip of his blade, Akane is instead forced to deliver an incapacitating blow.[26]

Arriving late to their scheduled class, Clay apologizes for their delay after Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans's performance concludes, just before Akane blames their tardiness being caused by Clay goofing around at the game centre once again, much to the latter's annoyance.[27]

Appearing just in time to prevent the infliction of further injury upon his fellow NOT students, Akane makes a dramatic entrance from above in order to intercept the charge of another Traitor, with Clay's fully transformed state in hand. As Clay remarks upon how today has just been one thing after another, Akane identifies that both they and the nearby girls are not combat operatives of the DWMA, before kindly asking the assailant to temporarily retreat. Fortunately, this course of action succeeds and once the individual has left rather quietly, both Akane and Clay volunteer to accompany the girls back to their dormitory.[28]

JOT ArcEdit

Preparations! ArcEdit

Death Fest ArcEdit

Hunt ArcEdit

Chapter 90 - Akane and Clay CIA

Akane and Clay, now members of the DWMA Central Intelligence Agency

After a disembodied Tezca Tlipoca identifies the moon as a potential place of residence for the Kishin, Asura, and with the confirmation of this suspicion due to Maka Albarn's Soul Perception ability, Shinigami orders that preparations be undertaken in anticipation for the final confrontation. With Franken Stein assuming command over the entire operation, Sid instead goes and instructs both Akane and Clay to provide assistance.

He and Akane encounter into Noah and Gopher, neither knew who they were. After ignoring them, Akane decides to go in the cave with Noah and Gopher behind them which Clay said is a bad idea. He and Clay met up with Sid with Noah and Gopher behind them, which shocked Sid. Clay made up some excuse which only angered Sid. Akane explained he brought them to "use" them (Noah and Gopher says the opposite). While walking to the end of the cave, they found a huge pitch black pit. Sid dropped a flare only to wake up Asura. However, it was only a hallucination; hence proving Asura is there.

War on the Moon ArcEdit

Dark Side of the Moon ArcEdit


  • Both Clay's name and his respective weapon form are an allusion to a claymore (クレイモア, kureimoa), a traditional two-handed longsword used by the Scottish Highlanders in Scotland.


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