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Japan: July 12, 2011

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Chapter 87: "Just a Simple Story about Killing a Person" Chapter 89: "Look Up and You'll See Him"
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Maka Albarn and Black☆Star join in a whale hunting expedition. After Maka senses madness seeming to come from the sky above, she receives news that Death has issued a death warrant onto Crona.

Hunt (猟, Ryō) is the eighty-eighth serialized chapter of the manga. It was released July 12, 2011, and it was collected as part of Volume 21.

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Sea Shepherd Village

Great Old Ones



Sea Shepherd VillageEdit

Maka Albarn and Soul Eater are discussing how much time they have until their prey comes while looking at the sky. A villager comes over and asks about a large black pole like thing that stretches above the clouds. Black☆Star is attached to the other end. He asks Tsubaki Nakatsukasa if that counts as flying, and she says that it’s more like stretching. He yells that the details don’t mater, and that he has now conquered the sky in addition to the land. Still on the ground, Soul comments that Black☆Star is still as crazy as usual. Demon Ballista Ahab and his new meister Heming go over to greet Soul and Maka and apologies for keeping them waiting, saying that they were doing cold water ablutions. Ahab tells them that they need their help because his usual meister collapsed, and Heming is not experienced. He disagrees, saying he could do it himself. Maka asks if they just need to herd the prey in the sky, and Ahab agrees, saying that if they can get one, the village will have plenty for one year. Heming says that they will be counting on Maka’s group.

Maka and Soul go to meet up with Black☆Star and Tsubaki in the sky. Black☆Star asks if it’s almost time, and Soul and Maka say yes. He then asks if they only need to herd for the hunt, which is a boring job. Maka points out that it’s good flight practice, and Soul says that that it’s debatable whether he and Tsubaki are even flying.

Chapter 88 - Black Star with his shadow stretched with Maka and Soul

Black Star "Flying" from a stretched shadow.

Tsubaki agrees, but Black☆Star takes as everyone liking him. Soul notices that something seems to be bothering Maka and he asks what wrong. She says that something in the sky is giving her chills. Back on the ground, Ahab comments that city girls are cute. Heming calls him a pervert and tells him to hurry up. He then comments that the hunt would be easier if they could also fly, and Ahab calls him a lazy brat and to hurry up. Ahab transforms into a Ballista and the two leave as the villagers tell them to do their best. Back in the sky, Soul asks if the sky giving Maka chills is a sign that their prey is close. Maka says it might be. Heming notices that the clouds are getting thick and that that is a sign that it’s coming. There is a load whale sound and Maka and Black☆Star are blown back. Ahab shouts that it’s coming and a giant sky whale shows up. Black☆Star says it’s bigger than he imagined. Soul asks how they’re suppose to herd a giant thing like that to a place where Ahab and Heming can shoot it, and Maka says they should follow it for now as it dives under the clouds. As they are following it, Black☆Star asks if they can just attack it and bring it down. Maka asks if he was even listening to the briefing and that the hunt is a village tradition so they can’t directly harm it. Ahab and Heming follow on the ground. Heming says that he can’t see it because the clouds are too thick and Ahab tells him to feel it, not follow it with his eyes. Black☆Star says that he’s surprised that the sky whale can fly because it’s so big, but adds that he’s big and flying too. Tsubaki says that sky whales are usually at higher altitudes, but come lower during the annual ebb tides. The whale then blows out something from its blow hole. Black☆Star thinks it’s water, but Maka realizes it’s madness. She realizes that it has a higher concentration in the sky and tries to think of why.

Lost IslandEdit


The flower dissolving and resetting

Eibon is leading Kid somewhere and he asks where and says that he came to ask about the Kishin’s location. He asks if Eibon knows anything about it. He says he doesn’t, but corrects himself, saying he wasn’t made to know. He adds that that is the kind of existence of the The Eight Warlords, and that even “that idiot” understands, referring to Excalibur. Kid tells him that the DWMA cannot relax and asks if there is anyway to tell him. Eibon tells him that there is no need to rush and that the answer is almost there. Kid is surprised and asks for clarification. Eibon says that Kid’s friends will know. He says that the collapse has begun. He explains that in the magnetic field, one hour is repeated forever. He tells Kid to look at a flower. The flower is there, shrivels away, then returns to its first appearance. He asks if the flower, which is always in order, pleases Kid, who values order. Kid says that it’s not productive, just like the nothingness from the Book of Eibon. Eibon says that Kid will learn if Death is the cause of madness. He adds that Kid is no longer a partial shinigami.

The SkyEdit

Sound attack

Maka and Soul's sound attack

Maka, Soul, Black☆Star, and Tsubaki continue to chase after the sky whale. Black☆Star tells Maka to leave whatever she was feeling for later, and she agrees. Soul steps into the Black Room and tells Maka he realized something when he heard about the mission. Maka asks what it is, and he tells her sound. He says that sky whales are sensitive to sound and that that is what he’ll use to herd it. The Little Ogre is there as he begins playing the piano and send out a sound attack. The whale sends out its own sound and sent the attack back at Maka and Soul. Soul sends out more sound waves at the whale. Black☆Star asks what they’re doing and Tsubaki says that she and Black☆Star can’t hear it because it’s an ultrasound battle.

Still chasing the sky whale from the ground, Heming begins doubting Maka and Black☆Star. Ahab tells him to believe in them and to be ready to shoot. Heming then sees the sky whale. He gets ready to shoot. Ahab reminds him to kill it in one shoot so it doesn’t suffer. He shoots and it hit’s the whale and takes it down. However, it also cut through what Black☆Star was using to stay in the sky and he comes crashing down, landing head first in the dirt. Heming sees the whale come down and says that the village prosper for a year. He then sees Black☆Star in the dirt, who says it won’t prosper because he will destroy it. Tsubaki tells him to stop and begs Maka and Soul to stop him. After that, Maka begins to think about the madness in the sky and Asura

Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

Maka, Soul, Black☆Star and Tsubaki are talking about the mission. Black☆Star says it was easy, but Soul reminds him that he only tried to destroy the village, while Tsubaki is thinking about writing an apology letter. Marie come up to them and tells to stay calm and listen. She tells them than Crona has been added to Shinigami’s list and Spartoi has been ordered to kill him/her.

Trivia Edit

  • This chapter's title may have multiple meanings. At the beginning of the chapter, the title refers to Maka and Black☆Star joining the hunt for the whale. At the end of the chapter, the title may refer to Death's new assignment for Spartoi to hunt Crona.

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