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Crona's attack on Moscow requires the arrival of Franken Stein and his students to investigate and tend to the injured. But as Maka Albarn confronts the damage Crona has caused, her partner is drawn into madness.

Mad Blood is the eighty-third chapter of the manga Soul Eater. It is collected as part of Volume 20.

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Moscow, Russia Edit

Mad Blood

Crona traps Feodor in Mad Blood

Black Blood rising up from their cut wrist, Crona stands across from Feodor and Tsar Pushka. Feodor leaps again to perform Command Cossack to distract Crona, while Tsar charges his Anti-Demon Wavelength to fire a cannon shot at Medusa’s child, the wavelength counteracting Crona’s Black Blood. Regardless of these Eastern European Branch members’ skills, Ragnarok comments that Feodor’s attacks have the speed but not the strength of Black☆Star’s. Hearing Medusa explain Tsar’s Anti-Demon abilities, Crona realizing that this test is the obstacle remaining before the Black Blood may be perfected, to stand against Anti-Demon powers themselves.

Crona resolves to overwhelm Tsar in black, allowing the Black Blood to pour from the wrist to form a spire, Bloody Lance. But Feodor kicks Tsar, in Demon Cannon form, in time to allow Tsar to perform Purification, which Medusa defines as Feodor’s physical prowess and Tsar’s Anti-Demon Wavelength to dissolve the Black Blood. Yet, Medusa realizes, Bloody Needles remain, locking Tsar in place in the ground and following upward at the leaping Feodor. Although Feodor crashes to the ground, he recovers to pull Tsar back to perform one more attack, launching himself forward.

As Medusa realizes Feodor is attempting to evaporate all of the Black Blood, and Crona with it, in one Full Force attack, Crona mocks the opponent: the Black Blood overwhelms any ray of light. And upon remembering Maka Albarn, Crona adds, “Even the light of that smile” cannot repel the blackness to unleash.

Tsar senses something wrong, trying to warn Feodor, but it is too late: Crona has improved the Black Blood to perform Mad Blood, as the blood assumes humanoid forms, monsters forms, and Kishin eyes, like waves of water leaping from Crona’s feet and curving through the air, about to descend upon the approaching Feodor.

Soul and Maka's Apartment, Death City Edit

As Crona fight persists, Soul Eater clutches his chest, feeling pain at the scar Crona gave him long ago. He sits on the couch as Maka Albarn asks what is wrong. She is interrupted by a phone call, reporting to her Crona’s actions in Moscow. Maka agrees that she and Soul will arrive as soon as possible.

Moscow Edit

Soul Eater Chapter 83 - Madness possesses Soul

Madness overwhelms Soul

The Eastern European Branch welcomes Franken Stein and his students: Maka, Soul, Jacqueline O’Lantern Dupre, and Kim Diehl. It is the arrival of this witch that impresses Branch members, especially based on her cuteness and regeneration magic, which they assign Kim to perform on their catatonic teammates who are overwhelmed by madness. Meanwhile, other Branch members with Anti-Demon Wavelengths guard the vault where Feodor and Tsar are located. As Stein is unable to enter due to some difficulty (but hinted to be the feeling of madness), he instructs Maka and Soul to enter. The students resonate, even as Soul looks as unnerved as Stein, and enter.

A breeze of madness breaks through the vault, as Soul and Maka, hand in hand, struggle to walk inside—and are shocked at what they see. The Little Ogre chuckles, confirming to Soul that what he sees indeed is what the Black Blood is really capable of: Feodor and Tsar, or at least their living souls, are contained into large Black Blood globs. As Soul says, “Those globs are the Death Weapon and his meister.” Maka confirms she can sense “living souls” within the globs, so “there are definitely people in there.” As Soul, transformed into his Death Scythe form, asks whether they can break through, Maka attempts as such with Devil-Hunt Slash.

Meanwhile, with a smile and sweetness, Kim tends to recovering Branch agents, her magic awakening them from madness. But her partner interrupts, finding Kim’s behavior too cutesy for such serious work. Annoyed with Jackie, Kim turns to Stein to ask whether Maka and Soul have returned. Stein assumes the work is time-consuming just because of its difficulty.

The vault’s doors open, and Stein and his students are shocked to see Soul, clutching his chest with one hand—and clutching Maka’s pigtail with the other. Maka tries to explain that Soul began to act as such as soon as he touched the black sphere, before he shoves her into the vault’s door.

The Little Ogre chuckles. Soul screams of his pain, as a blast of energy erupts from his chest’s scar, as if an eye opening.


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